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Family dysfunction has resulted in a scarcity of suitable marriage proposals

My father married thrice, which has made my goal of finding a suitable spouse extremely difficult. We have no connections, no money. I have simply not been lucky in matters of love.

Istikhara prayer and effects of sihr

I’ve been told that I have symptoms of sir and someone also said that istikhara turns out wrong because of it. I want to know if that is actually true??

He won’t ask his parents and my parents won’t wait for me to get married

My parents have given me a warning that by the end of this year they will get me hooked with any proposal they get.

I need her to take khula so I can marry the girl I love

It’s been 4 months since I told my uncle that I could not continue nikah till now he did not sent me the khula paper..

Confusion between two marriage proposals

What should my next step be? How should I perform istikhara? Taking whom into consideration?

Istikhara to choose between marriage proposals

I did istikhara… I slept and “NONE OF THEM” came to my mind.

Need advice on picking between proposals

I did istikhara and I got the boy from mom’s side and a molvi did it and he got the same results as me. Now I’m very confused because I want to follow istikhara but I don’t know what to do.

I can’t forget her

But, I can’t still forget her. At times, when I miss her, I feel pain in my chest and find it very hard to breathe.

I am struck with marriage problems in my life

I was thinking that after 3.5 years of hell maybe I will get good life without any problems.. But again I am facing the same problems…

Happily engaged, now forced to marry someone else!!

I wanted to know if a man and woman happily get engaged, should either of them consider someone else for marriage if their parents/guardians or ANYONE else tell/force them to?