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My parents want me to marry my cousin… who’s my ex.

He is not a good person. I know it’s all punishment of my sins which I have done in past but I want to marry a good human being and a good Muslim.

Will Allah forgive me for my sins?

I have made many sins and now am very confused with my life.

Confused and struggling to overcome my negative thoughts

I have some strange questions in my mind. Please don’t judge me by asking these questions.

I need Allah’s forgiveness

I am afraid of ALLAH’s anger and think that he will not forgive me as I am doing it again and again….

Suffering from severe illness at Eid

I think Allah(swt) is punishing me for the sins that I have committed in my life. I read a few articles published on this site, and I was very inspired by them. This is the reason I’m here. I want to know whether there is anything that I should do in order to earn back Allah’s(swt) love.

Allah is angry on me – Help me out

My face color is dull now. My eyes have been fainted. My cheeks are so thick and rough. Allah is extremely angry on me. He is taking my looks back.

I have sexual problems and a rare illness

Now one of my sisters with whom I argue a lot told me that I was evil and sick and that’s why I am ill- that God is punishing me and that I should kill myself.

Oral sex with another man’s wife, is it zinaa?

The man is very tense and he asked forgiveness from Almighty Allah. He is interested to know about the punishment for this on the judgement day and in the world.

Will Allah punish me for being suspicious of my husband when I have every reason to?

My question is that every time I have looked in his cell phone, I have found messages to and from other girls or women, where he is referring to these women as princess, telling them that he is thinking about them, and things like that.

I have been a serious sinner; how do I get my deen back?

I hate the way shaythan is intruding my lives again. I want to be a deeni person. So brothers and sisters..,kindly tell me what i must do for forgiveness for these deadly sins