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Stressed and depressed

I just don’t get how he did this and why would he assure me and do so much for me all the time and even meet my family when there on the back he was with that other girl the same way he was with me.

Afraid of istikhara

If it goes negative will I not be able to marry him?

Desperate need for guidance!

Should I choose my family or leave them at this stage and go live my dream with my previous love?

I want to marry him for his deen and character, but my parents are refusing to allow it!

After meeting the family my parents have said they do not want me to get married yet and that the boy is not as beautiful as me. And that the boy is too skinny.

Ready for marriage but still single

I’v always wanted to be married by 24, however I just can’t find the right person. Do you have any suggestions? Any wazifas for marriage?

I need a powerful wazifa for my friend

He wants more dowry so he don’t want to marry their daughter. Her father and mother are crying a lot for this dhoka. My friend is in very bad condition because she truly loves him. She has attempted for suicide also.

Engaged in childhood, now there are family problems… should I wait for him?

My dad has never talked to me that I am engaged to my cousin and in our culture girl’s willingness is not considered very necessary unfortunately.. But through my mom I came to know this all.

How to find a Rishta for an ahmedi boy converted to Muslim???

He is like a son to me… Need your help, if we can get proposals from the muslims who understand…

Before yes, now no! One lie can change everything?

One lie changed everything. My family’s point of view completely changed… they started hating him and his family. When we did istikhara now it came no, so my mother broke the rishta… But he wants to try again after one year.

I lost the real me

I really hate myself for pushing people away that love me and then trying to bring in the people who don’t. I can’t handle all these pains in one go: mum’s health, family arguments, my broken heart and loneliness. I cry everyday while I pray during namaz; I can’t concentrate and I soon breakdown.