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Can I marry secretly to a girl with whom I am living like a married couple?

What is the process of secret marriage in Islam?


My unforgiving lies

I feel Allah has punished me for lying to my parents and for committing zina.

Is it denial? Should I marry her or not?

I found out that she was sending images to another man and receiving them as well… Now I’m stuck in limbo.

Marriage but only partial family approval

Although we’ve been married two years, his father and his family in Egypt don’t know about our marriage. He’s afraid to tell his father.

Mom’s affair

She had extramarital affair with a young guy. What should be my approach towards this matter?

Hidden past of my wife

Can I trust her anymore…?

Secret marriage – my husband ignores me

I can’t leave him, I love him. I don’t know why.

Confused about my marriage.

Should I forgive her? Should I sacrifice for the sake of our kids?

Struggles of a revert (loneliness and catholic family monitoring)

I cannot tell them the truth yet.

My Muslim boyfriend is no more… I want to embrace Islam

My boyfriend was Muslim. Recently he embraced martyred. I want to embrace Islam but if I convert my family will reject me forever.