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ED and Other Marriage Issues

Life is so messed up…

Husband will leave me if I don’t have anal sex.

From last month onwards I’m worried! Because of some problem in our sexual life- for example, he wants anal sex.!! But I’m not interested and as an Muslim, won’t it be seen as an unacceptable act in Islam???

Sexual problems opposite to Islamic values

I am facing sexual problems that are completely opposite to any Islamic role. Please help me eliminate them.

Fed up with being married

i cant stand all this haraam stuff..i come from a very religious background…i pray all the five zakat…why me?…i didnt say anything that time…i left it…then we had a big fight..he abused me..i locked him out..he hit me…my life was shattered.

Attitude towards Parents and Kegel Exercises

I have to do kegel exercises sometims to avoid urinary incontinence. Specially before prayers in Mosque bcz if I dont do that, my urine drops leak. But for me to do these exercises , I have to keep my private part erect , other wise this does not work for me and urine leaks.

I Am In The Fitnah of Women, Please Help

I really need help in controlling my gaze. I’ve quit watching movies, tv etc. but the fitnah is so much widespread that I cant escape from it. In the college, on the roads and my family didn’t quit watching tv so all the filth from there also finds its way to my eyes.

Afraid of my Sexual Problems; Please sugget a Du’a and Medicine

i have some sex problem, i am really afraid of this problem , when i having sex my sperm gets out within 2 minute, also once happen then i do not having sex again with my wife. Also my sperm having less quantity due to this my wife not yet pregnant

Getting intimate with unwashed wife?

I would like to know the religious perspective on kissing your wife in the morning before she has brushed her teeth and bathed etc., and continuing intimate actions.

Please, give me reasons not to kill myself

I never wanted to be a lesbian. I didn’t choose this. For the past six years I’ve been hurting myself physically such as cutting and starving myself because I felt like I needed to punish myself because of me being gay.

Do I have to take a ghusal?

aslam o alikum I want to ask a question that I have heard- that ghusal is compulsory after intercourse with wife but my question is that during sexual arousal or watching sex movies a sticky fluid comes out! In that condition is ghusal mandatory or just to wash that particular part of cloth and organ is […]