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I am a teenage boy. I am facing adult sexual problems. I don't like to describe them but my problem is completely opposite to any Islamic role. (Please just understand it.)

I need a Quranic solution such as surah or dua.

Please can anybody help me to completely eliminate them and make the best of my future.(it is my first experience in internet and sorry for any mistake.)


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  1. Assalamualaikum brother Sali,

    Until you mention clearly what the problem is, we can not answer it clearly. Please mention the problem and don't worry, this is an anonymous forum, your identity will remain secret as long as you reveal it yourself.

    Abu Abdul Bari Editor

  2. Hi Brother,

    Asaalam, please feel free to express your problem, explain it as u want till u feel light. are you trying to meant that you only attract to same sex partner? forgive me if am wrong but i 90% sure.

    Allah bless u

  3. Asalamwalaikum Brother. Whatever the problem may be that you have and you do not feel comfortable with sharing it with us, then do not hesitate at all. Things can be left as annoymous here but remember that all of us brother's and sister's are here to share it all amongst each other and to receive good knowledge and help. Whenever you should pray namaz which will make you feel close to Allah and after your namaz whilst you are in sajdah, you should make Dua to Allah and include forgiveness for what you may have done and guidance so that Allah is able to direct you into the right path in shaa Allah. When you start to pray and focus on Allah as well as your deen, in shaa Allah the sexual problems you may have will slowly slowly be less approacable in shaa Allah Ameen.

  4. Urges to watch or do sinful stuff?

  5. Assalaamualaikam

    Without knowing what sexual problems you are experiencing, it is difficult to give specific advice, but hopefully this might help.

    Firstly, you say that you are a teenage boy. It is common for people (male and female) to experience confusions about sex, sexuality or gender identity during their teenage years - and this can be extremely distressing or even lead people to commit haram acts. There are a number of reasons why people might have these problems - early exposure to harmful material on TV/movies/music, seeing people carrying out these acts, peer pressure, mental health issues, physical illness, previous personal trauma... Most people, however, go on to be able to either stop feeling this confusion, or overcome it and set it aside.

    Alhamdulillah, you have already shown maturity in deciding that you do not want to act on these thoughts and feelings, and instead want to live in accordance with Islam. This is a very important decision to have made, and if you hold tight to this, inshaAllah you should be able to overcome these problems.

    Try to fill your time with constructive activities which will bring you closer to Allah - concentrate on your studies of Islam and schoolwork, ensure you are getting plenty of exercise and healthy diet, avoid alcohol and drugs, and involve yourself in activities to help others (eg. charity work, volunteering at a school or a club, helping your family...). Work to ensure that your practice of Islam is as good as you can make it - make sure you're doing all your prayers, frequent remembrance of Allah, fasting as recommended...

    If you are experiencing distress which is not resolving, it might help to discuss your problems with someone you trust - a supportive imam, for example, or a doctor. They might be able to give you more specific advice. It can be scary to start talking about sex and sexual problems, but the vast majority of experienced professionals in these fields will have heard it all before, and their priority will be to help you stay on the straight path and overcome these challenges.

    May Allah help you overcome these trials.

    Midnightmoon editor

  6. actually there is a dua that u can read for masturbaton just go on google and type dua for masterbation

    that should yield results 🙂

  7. yes dear i know what u mean,some advice dont watch songs fils dramas etc,they make u worse,how old are u may i ask,u should pray 5 times a day to keep shaitaan away and not give u bad thoughts or not spend too much time alone keep busy do islamic thing ,work etc,and if u want to get married why not finda good partner for ur self or a arranged marriage by ur parents.may allah give u peace and strong iman ameen

  8. Dont watch porn.

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