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Wife suspects me of cheating with brother’s wife but I did not

My wife is so suspicious that she think I had relationship with my brother’s wife, but honestly I have no affection or relation with her.

My husband keeps going out at night

My husband is going out late at night and he will not tell me why and where he is going. I’m thinking of talking to his mother about this since he refuses to tell me. I have warned him and he didn’t seem to care and went out anyway.

Jealous Problem about past event

This fight continues, and it has gone to attempt to die or divorce.

Girlfriend (sihr-magic) and marriage

I’m starting to think this sihr was maybe done by my parents to lie to me leaving my girlfriend because they didnt have any other way, but they ruined my life.

Past issues are affecting my relationship with my fiance

Nothing seems to be working. He is insecure about my past and I don’t know how to make him stop.

Hard time dealing with Married Life

I did istikhara before deciding to tie a knot. And I initially consider everything will of Allah. It is getting worse now.

Online “Lovers”

I am having doubts about his real intentions on me… Is it possible that he has a wife already?

My wife met with a guy when home alone

Once there was no-one at home at my In-Laws’ house, a man came in the house and spend time with my wife. After that my wife has continued talking with that man when I left for the office. I am very disturbed.

How to deal with shakk? It’s ruining my life…

I believe no woman is loyal, but her case was different because I thought if she becomes a Muslim I wouldn’t have any problem but now I have doubts in my head most of the time. If she is cheating on me or something then how can I know and be sure about it?

How should his ex act around him?

His ex wife has also put me in a tight spot. She told me things about when she married to him- how his acts with her were. She told me she only married him at that time to get out of the house. She also revealed to me that she never wanted to be a mother at a young age, and she kept telling me he is like his father who I do not know.