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I’m so scared that I’m going to face the wrath of Allah.

I want to go to my husband, waiting for my visa! Now I feel like I won’t get my visa ever. I ruined everything myself.

Can we process my husband’s US visa by staying in Pakistan?

I am American citizen and my husband works in Dubai. It looks problem for me to go to US alone and apply for my husband.

Divorce or stay?

I am confused… I do not have much time as within a month his visa would be current and I wouldn’t want him using me for that only if he wouldn’t stay.

Husband does not want contact with me or our daughter

Do I have a chance that he will ever change? Or should I proceed with separation or divorce?

Is my husband using me, what should I do?

He is a very ambitious person and very focused on his future, but I feel that ultimately I am not a a part of it even though he says I am.

Wife not allowing sex because I can’t afford her

My wife cleared all my bills with her credit card… But after that she has stopped sex with me until I get back in a financial position to afford her

Love or no love? Is this right in Islam?

My husband was refused a visa where we met and now is in a different country, where he has another woman and she is going to be his wife. He asks me for money and I got upset… he asked me for the rent where they are going to live together!

Does he really love me, or does he just want a visa?

I want to believe he loves me and cares for me, but I don’t know… I don’t want my heart broken again.

Marriage argument, now he’s ignoring me

After our conversation I sent him a message that he doesn’t have a right to shout at me and disrespect me like that just because I asked him that. It’s been now two weeks since that incident, and he hasn’t called or texted me ever since. Please, I beg you to give me advice on this matter.

Why is my mother-in-law keeping us apart? What are my rights here?

My husband says I should not go to my parents without his permission. My mother-in-law now says to stop my job and do all the work of home. She has stopped her son arranging my visa.