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I’m so scared that I’m going to face the wrath of Allah.

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Salam everyone!

Idk where to start but I'm feeling so scared that im going to face the wrath of Allah (SWT). I repented few days ago that I won't do this act ever again, and ya Allah please give me whatever Im asking for or if I do this ever again, do not give me the thing I'm asking for. But today I did it again and im feeling like Allah (SWT) will show his wrath and will never give that to me. I want to go to my husband, waiting for my visa! Now I feel like I won't get my visa ever. I ruined everything myself. I won't do this ever again I made this promise just to stop myself. What can I do now? I'm making tawbah as much as I can! I really Wont do this ever! 🙁 I'm so depressed and scared :'( how can I ask his ( Allah SWT) forgiveness?

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  1. You have a remorse feeling of sorrow and guilty and a firm beleive of never ever in life you will going to do this again. H
    Thats something the conditions of sincere Taubah.. as far I know you have been forgiven in sha Allah.

    Coz Allah likes sincere Taubah.
    Watch videos of Taubah in YouTube . You'll feel more happier sister.

    And pray for me also..


  2. .The prophet sallallahu alayhim wassalam said every single child of Adam are sinners, and the best of those sinners are those who repent.

    There is a noaration about a woman who came to the great noble companion Abu Huraira of the allahu anhu, after he had prayed salah with the prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam in the masjid. She came to him and said "I've come to you, Oh Abu Harraira, I came to yuou because I wanted to ask you a question about an action that I did. She mentioned the action to him; she said " is there a repentance for what I have done, Will I be forgiven for what I have done, what I have done is so evil, will Allah (swt) forgive me for this. She then reveals her sin; I slept with a man , a man who isn't her husband and not only that after she had slept with him. She became pregnant with him and gave birth to a boy. During that time everyone would've found out about the baby so what she did was, she killed the baby who was born. So to just clarify - this woman not only did she commit adultery but also she committed murder of a child ( different types of levels when it comes to murdering and killing a child is the worst) which is the second worst kind of sin of mankind. It's ranked after worshiping someone beside of god. The woman asked Abu Huraira if there would be a chance that she would be forgiven for the sins that she had done. The companion Abu huraira was shocked by how mad the sin was and tells her that I swear by Allah there's no forgiveness for you. The woman starts screaming , she started saying stuff like she was created for the hellfire and she was gonna burn now and that she was finish.. Then what happens is that Abu Huraira goes back to the masjid , and he prays with the prophet sallallahu Allayhim wassalm again. He thinks about asking the prophet about the woman's question, so he does. He waits after the adhan and the salah to be finished and then heads over to the prophet. The prophet turns to Abu Huraira and says what's up to Abu Huraira as he could sense that he wanted to say something, the prophet asked him what do you need. Abu huraira then processed to tell him about the woman and her story, the prophet then asked him "what did you say " , Abu responded "I told her that she wouldn't be forgiven. the prophet looked at him and he said evil is what you said to her , why did you not narrate the verse in the quran, where god says, yes he would not forgive those who fornicate except those who repent . Abu Huraira became shocked and runs around the whole city of medina to find this woman and then he manages to find her and tells her that, the prophet saw said what he had told her was evil and that god forgives you. the woman fell into prostration and started asking god for forgiveness.

    My advice to you would be - pray for forgiveness and be sincere about it. And then forgives yourself for the sin that you have committed and move on . Try to completely forget about it. And do not commit the same sin that you have committed.

  3. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Okay so this is completely irrelevant to the topic but I was wondering if the Editors are active on (the matrimonial site linked to this). I actually dropped Wael/Editors a message there a few days back, I wonder if you guys received it and I wanna know if that position is still available?

    Thank you so much and have a good day ^-^

    • Wa alaykum as-salam. I will email you Insha'Allah.

      Wael Editor

      • When is my issue going to be published

        • I have not checked on it, but in general we have a long wait time for posts to be published, as there is a long queue.


          • Hi there Wael,

            I understand you're busy and you have a lot on your plate and I respect that. But I would appreciate it if you gave me an answer as soon as possible since I'm really excited and want to start writing. And if the position is taken or not there anymore, that's completely fine 🙂

  4. Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

    I Wish everyone out here a
    very Happy Ramadan.

    May Allah accept all our Fasting, Prayers and Supplications and also Bless us with Prosperity, Health and Happiness during this Holy Month of Ramadan & always.


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