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Choosing between two people: Istikhara

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I am confused regarding how to perform the Istikhara choosing between two people... so please guide me on it.

I actually have attempted by mentioning both names this the correct way to do it? Also, how would I know which one is the answer?

Please help me,


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  1. Asalamualaykum Faizan,

    If you mention both names in the same Istikhara dua, you are asking Allah if you should marry either of them. However, you are obviously trying to decide on marrying just one of them. The key is to understand the meaning of the Istikhara dua, which you can read in the menu at the top of this website.

    Currently, you have two options:

    1. Wait until you have more clarity in your mind regarding which one of these suitors you are more drawn to, and then say just their name in the dua. To reach this "tentative" person, talk to and ask the advice of people you trust, and also spend some time alone so that you can hear your own heart and mind on the matter. Then, in the dua, you ask Allah that if this person is indeed the best choice, please "facilitate it for you and make you content with it."

    2. Say only the first part of the Istikhara dua, as it is more general in nature: "Oh Allah, I ask you to show me what is best through your knowledge, empower me through you power, and beg you to grant me your tremendous favor. For you have power, while I am without power, you have knowledge, while I am without knowledge, and you are the one who knows all things invisible." With this, you are asking Allah to generally lead you to what is best.

    Inshallah you will find great peace of mind with this dua...I commend you for having faith in Allah enough to consider using it...Mashallah.



  2. Salam

    My name is Suleiman....I have a girlfriend which I want to be sure if she is going to be the 1 for me in terms of marriage, please guide me on how to go about the istikhara on this one

    Thank you.

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