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Do I have an attitude problem?

I'm only trying to help...

I'm only trying to help...

Assalamualaikum, I have a question about my behaviour.

I have a habit of saying things seriously. Sometimes I go into every Islamic detail of any matter whether it's about relationships, namaz, marriage on Islamic terms etc, and whenever I see things happening unislamically (violating law of Islam) around me I tend to dispute it every time I see something which breaks the law of Islam...

Due to this matter many people criticise me about being too Islamic and even say this is now it happen this way. Specifically when I hear about marriage in dowry terms I tend to dispute it, when I see someone leaving namaz I give them invitation to namaz but their reaction is don't say everytime..

So brothers and sisters please advise me whether my behaviour is correct or do I have a attitude problem........?


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  1. Salam Ahmed.

    It does get annoying when people try to argue 'Islamically' at everything because more often than not, people already know the truth but choose to ignore. You arguing with them just annoys them.

    When it comes to prayer, I think you should just invite once, light heartedly, and not say it again to the same person.

    While arguing on a religious topic, learn to listen fully to the person and then light heartedly put your point across and leave it there instead of debating over it.

    That is what I would like to do.

    Allah knows best.


    • Thanks for the advice AAZA.... my point here is take marriage for example if i want to ask about dowry in marriage then the problem is whether i dispute it or not i would be part of that marriage bcoz its in my relation whether its cousin or someone else and being a part of that marriage which is forbade by prophet(PBUH) which includes dowry then u are a part that sin also bcoz u have attended that wedding and being a part of that and have become a part of that illiterate environment........

  2. asalamu aleikum ahmad
    mashaAllah congrats for forbiding d evil and influencing d good keep on reminding them never shut up if u see something wrong going on.bro sheytan plays with peoples mind and always try hard to lead us astray may Allah guide us. i dont see attitude problem in your manners i see d love of deen and mashaAllah dats piety .may Allah most high bless and guide us all and never let a negative answer put u down keep on fighting for haq

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