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Do I need an iddah for divorce?

Calendar, time, days months yearsMy husband messaged me once that he is giving me a divorce, and then his family confirmed that they are going for a separation.

We had physical relations only once.

So is an iddah required for me for divorce?

- S

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  1. Yes you have to do that even you did not meet at all. However, the duration of edaha varies. Just nikah no meeting at all then three months and you met him irrespective of the number of meeting once or whatever you need to do four months and ten days. These are the SOP's of divorce. It does not depends upon circumstances

  2. Assalamu Alaykum

    Yes, iddah is required of you. Your iddah duration is three menstrual cycles. If you find out your pregnant, then the iddah period ends until you give birth.

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