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Doubts about Islam and loss of faith

Doing PrayersAssalmu Aleikum, I am a muslim teen and lately have been kind of doubting islam and feel like I'm losing faith. I say kind of because I know islam is the true religion, but at the same time I still doubt it.

This started happening 2 days ago, just after overcoming HOCD (the fear of being gay). HOCD gave me a hard time inside my head but alhamdullilah I was able to overcome it.

I'm going to be honest, before these thoughts I had a hard time praying, so I think that this is what led to these thoughts. This isn't the first time I have these type of thoughts, I usually just ignore them. But now they are starting to get to my head.

I hope to find a way to help me boost my imaan and become a good muslim again. I really don't want to leave islam. I  want to be normal again.

- abdi

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  1. Asalamualaykum Abdi,

    Actually, your having these thoughts is a sign of intelligence. Intelligent people think deeply, ask questions, seek answers, and don't just blindly accept what they hear. This is a test for you, a test that many people go through, so please don't feel alone in your plight.

    Try to think of things that the human brain cannot grasp or create. An example would be a bird...the way it extends its wings and floats through the air, the way it is able to find food in even the worst of weather and conditions, the way it rises with the sun and finds its resting place before dark, the way it finds those of its own kind to mate with. Could a human ever create such a creature? The closest we have created is a plane, but does a plane have discernment or feelings? This should put your mind at rest.

    Remember, Allah knows what is beyond human understanding. He begins where man's understanding ends.

    Inshallah you will ride this period of contemplation to the answers you are looking for, for Allah answers all who seek Him.



    • "Intelligent people think deeply, ask questions, seek answers, and don't just blindly accept what they hear" - unfortunately there are some people, Muslims included, that don't ask questions about Islam & do research but rather blindly accept what they hear.

      • Indeed. And I'm not judging here. I don't think there is necessarily anything "wrong" with blindly accepting and abiding by Islam. Some do that and others ask questions and research the whole way. In the end, both routes lead to the same destination and truth.

        • "I don't think there is necessarily anything "wrong" with blindly accepting and abiding by Islam" - Well there is because you may be following it for the wrong reasons. You may also believe certain things about Islam that may or may not be true.

          How many people believe all the stuff that these Imams say and it may not even be true? This is a sin, that is a sin, you can't do this, you must do that etc... and people who believe it without doing any research will believe anything then.

          How can we expect Christians, Jews and others to question their religions and not blindly follow theirs if we don't ask questions about ours and don't research our own?

          In fact I was at the Friday Sermon back a few weeks or so ago and one of the people said something that didn't make sense to me so I questioned him on it and I think I got him to realise my point.

          It's wrong to blindly follow things without researching and questioning them first.

          • Asalamualaykum Brother Asim,

            I was referring to blindly following ISLAM (meaning the truth). I didn't say it's ok to follow wrong interpretations of Islam or Imams that preach them. If you blindly follow ISLAM alone, you will be protected. As long as you are following it.

            The reason I say this is because there are many that don't have the intellectual capacity, education, or literacy to do research and question. This doesn't mean that Islam should be inaccessible to them. Islam is for ALL people. There is nothing wrong with blindly following and imitating something out of faith if it is the truth.

            And Allah knows best 🙂



  2. As-salamu alaykum Abdi. My suggestion is that you spend as much time as possible in the company of good, practicing Muslims your own age who have good character. They might be rare, but there are some out there. Go to the masjid with them, read Islamic books together, help each other memorize Quran, and support each other in your practice of the deen. If there is no one your own age, go with older people.

    Wael Editor

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