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Seeing Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) in a Dream.

Seeing the Prophet in a Dream

Dreaming about the Rasool Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam

Don't get me wrong i'm not asking for the meaning of my dream but i am just so baffeled by it and destressed

i had a dream by where i see an a man in white clothing with a huge amount of light comming from him looking at me walking it was litereally felt like it lasted just a few seconds but as soon as i saw this person the words "THIS IS THE PROPHET MOHAMMED"  ARE SAID my reply been "PROPHET  MOHAMMED!  ALHUMDULILAH , LAI ILAH ILLILA HO MUHAMMEDURA SULALLAH,"


now i don't normally dream about anything in particular i do have some scary dreams which turn out to have some truth but when i have these sorts of dreams i try to do my best to get up if i can and read namaz or naffil.

now with this dream i was really baffled and imeditally i felt overwhelmed,  fear and scared

what should i do

is there anything that haddith or quran say about dreams.

a bit of light on how i can or should emotionally or otherwise deal with this.  would be nice.


Allah Hafiz


Editor's Note; - (Sister if you wish to submit anymore questions then you will have to wait until next year as we have a 4 post limit and this one was your 5th post, thanks)

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  1. Salamualaikum,

    Sister, how I wish to see my beloved Rasoolullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. May Allah make me and you his companions in Jannah.

    If you really saw Rasoolullah, then that is just great.

    But there could be two possibilities. One, you actually saw him, and two you did not see him.

    He Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam has said:

    “Whoever sees me in a dream has indeed seen me, for the Shaytaan cannot imitate me.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 6994; Muslim, 2266

    The description of his face, his physical attributes, etc. should match with what has been mentioned in the Ahadeeth.

    I'll in sha Allah mention some:

    1. Rabee'ah ibn Abi 'Abd al-Rahmaan said: "I heard Anas ibn Maalik (may Allaah be pleased with him) describing the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). He said: 'He was of average height, not too tall and not too short, with a pinkish colour, not very white and not dark, and his hair was neither very curly nor very straight. The Revelation came to him when he was forty years old, and he stayed in Makkah for ten years after the Revelation came, then in Madeenah for ten years. When he died, there were no more than twenty white hairs on his head and in his beard." (al-Bukhaari, 3283).

    2. 'Ali said: "He was neither tall nor short, and had large hands and feet. He had a large head and was big-boned, and the thin line of hair (starting from his chest and extending to the navel) was long. When he walked, he would lean forward, as if he was walking downhill. I have never seen anyone like him, before or since." (Reported by al-Tirmidhi, 3570, who said this is a saheeh hasan hadeeth).
    3. Al-Baraa' ibn 'Aazib said: "The
    Messenger of Allaah (peace and
    blessings of Allaah be upon him) was broad shouldered and had thick hair coming down to his shoulders and earlobes. He was wearing red garments. I have never seen anything more beautiful than him." (Reported by Muslim, Kitaab al-Fadaa'il, Baab Sifat Sha'r al-Nabi (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), no. 2338).

    4. Jaabir ibn Samurah said: "The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was dalee' al-fam, ashkal al-'ayn and manhoos al-'aqib." Shu'bah said: "I asked Maalik, 'What is dalee' al-fam?' He said: 'Wide-mouthed.' I asked, 'What is ashkal al-'ayn?' He said, 'Big-eyed.' I asked, 'What is manhoos al-'aqib?' He said, 'His heels were not fleshy.'" (Saheeh Muslim, Kitaab al-Fadaa'il, 2339).

    If the person you saw resembles this description, then in sha Allah, you have really seen him. Otherwise, you could have seen a Shaitaan, trying to mislead you. So just seek refuge in Allah and don't narrate this dream to anyone.

    But if you have seen my beloved Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, then give your thanks to Allah and pray that He Forgives you and makes you see him in reality in al Jannah. And don't narrate this dream to anyone except those you can blindly trust, otherwise, evil eye could play a part. Be happy and increase your taqwa by improving your 'Aqeedah about Allah and His Rasool Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, to have it in alignment with what the Ahlus Sunnah believe.

    If you need any more clarification, please mention

    Muhammad Waseem Editor

    • Shaitan cannot pose as our beloved prophet peace be upon him. If u think u saw our holy prophet (pbuh) in ur dream, there is no reason to believe that u did not.

    • Selam aleykum brothers and sisters! My dream about Prophet Muhammad saw. I see him in front of me, with a large sun behind him and voice coming from the right side of my ear saying Prophet Muhammad. MashAllah he was very beautiful, I couldn't see his feet and hands, he was like floating in the air. And his beard was 5-10 cm long. Dark hair and beard. He had a beige dress and when I saw a picture on the dress that belongs to him from a museum on the internet it was exactly the same dress. I read the Quran every day and during that time he came to my dream. Im a Muslim elhamdullilah and I went to a healer she told me that angels put a goldnet over me and that I was already protected. And I think about the dream I had 4-5 years ago. Elhamdullilah. Hope you all would se him. Take care

  2. Salaams,

    Personally, I feel that sometimes when we dream about Prophet Muhammad SAWS it happens so quickly, sudaddenly, or surprisingly that we don't have the time or idea to compare who we are seeing with the descriptions of him outlined in hadith. Or, he can be encompassed in such light/power that we are unable to see him clearly enough to make comparisons, even if we are in the state of mind (while in the dream state) to do so.

    I believe that if you knew in your heart at the time you had the dream that it was Prophet Muhammad SAWS, then it most likely was. I believe our hearts can more quickly recognize the reality of things than our eyes, and in some cases such as these, this is what you should rely upon.

    -Amy Editor

  3. Asalamualikum

    my sister foziaa ..... Alhumdullilah alhumdullilahhh ... MashaAllah sister foziaa u are truly luckyy 🙂 please include us in ur prayers ... and my sister can i ask u sumthg do u read any kind of Durood on Prophet Muhammad SAW ??

    and let Allah Subhanatallah grant his mercy Ameen

  4. u r lucky

  5. asalam mualaikum can somebody tell me how to see a phrophet in ur dream i heard that theres some type of allahs name that u recite every day 1,000 times and u see phrohet muhammed is there any other way because i also want to see him.

    • Maybe, strive to be sincere with Allah. Dedicate yourself to learning the traditions of the Prophet (sws) and try to emulate his example. Cultivate a love for him in your heart. There are no tricks or simple formulas.

      Wael Editor

      • ya but i reaserched in the internet a while ago i heard rumors that its possible u need to recite allahs name this many times after magrhrib i think every single day i think its like 1,000 times its worth it i will fi nd the name online it has to be there

        • There is no truth in any of those rumors. All these deeds are a part of innovation in deen and we must protect ourselves from them. If you want to see the Prophet, then obey him by following the Quran and the Saheeh Ahaadeeth, so that you are among those who will drink from the hawd (pond) of Rasoolullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam on the Day of Judgement.

          There is no shortcut, you must do what Allah and His Messenger have commanded, so that it is possible.

          To post a new question, you will need to follow the instructions on the top of this page. Click on: submit your question and follow the instructions.

          Abu Abdul Bari

      • wael i also wanted to know how to put posts like articles like this im really new to this site this my first time.

      • Asalam o alaikum
        You should recite durood Ibrahim alot , Allah will help u in ur every problem and u will see your life becoming easier day by day cause I have experience this and most likely you will inshAllah see the beloved Holy prophet pbuh in ur dream

    • dear brother u never jelous about any one be good to ppl.try to make happy the ppls and u ll be happy in your life.if u do good deed allah may give chance to sit with him in jannah insha allah.

  6. alright thanks i just entered the site randomly i did not notice that submit thing but thanks anyways salam.

  7. wait brothet abdul is there any other way to send me the password im young my parent dont let me have email so can u give me the password someway the password for the registration to post a question.

    and also sorry for spam and bothering u salam

    • No, without an email account, you can not register on our website.

      Abu Abdul Bari Editor

  8. Salaam sister fozia,
    Wow! what a beautiful dream mashallah. I know a lot of people who really wish to see Prophet Muhammad in their dreams. My great grandfather was absolutely obsessed with prophet Muhammad and wanted to see hI'm all his life. He use to send salutations ( recitation of holy durood) several times and one night he saw him. His dream was such that Rasool Allah s.a.w is sitting facing his back towards him and he sees a mark on his back. its under his nape but somewhere between his shoulder blades and although he is not sure what that mark is in his dreams he heard someone say ''Its the mark of Nabuwat''.. and in his dreams he is filled with joy and so overwhelmed he sends salutations again and he woke up. Subhanallah. He became even more pious after that and in a way bit reserved. he talked very little and looked very content. No1 in my family ever saw him ever but my mum says that she heard him heard him s.a.w

    I remember a yr back when I found my emaan and began to pray. I became very punctual even the salat ul layl and read a lot about Rasool Allah and his companions and one night I think I saw Bibi Aisha r.a and Hazrat Abu Bakr r.a. I saw I'm in some place like a little house or a room and she r.a is sitting on the floor and packing her stuff looking very busy and worked up and I think I'm trying to help her and Hazrat Abu Bakr r is trying to calm her with soothing words. 🙂 and I don't know what I'm doing there. maybe I'm her maid or slave 🙂 but I'm happy to have them with me in my dreams and it was kinda very vivid. I don't remember their faces. infact I forgot the min I woke up but it was an amazing feeling.

    I don't think they actually came into my dreams, it happened coz I was thinking too much about them but sis you are so lucky. Maybe you should read a quran or give some gifts to poor thanking Allah for the lovely dream. Send salutations, sister mashallah, I hope it means the best for you.

    • Dear Ma sha Allah Mabrook! I happened to see Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa razi Allah tala anaha by the grace of Almighty Allah. And it's somewhat exactly similar to your narration. I also saw her before Fajar in a small Hujra made up of unbaked bricks and mud very busy doing her stuff and I saw her wearing green robe and white scarf. And a voice clearly told me - this is Ummul Momineen Aisha (Razi Allah tala anha) the grace of Allah - she very kindly looked at me with a smile and asked me, "Do you also need anything?" and I replied, "you'll be kind if you do so!".

      And today, Alhamdulillah, I am sitting in Makkah and Madinah - every 4th Friday in Masjid e Nabavi sal Allaho alehe wasallam.

      Only Allah's blessings. Nothing special from my side. Yes..
      Love sincerely Allah and Rasool Allah sal Allaho alehe wasallam try your best not to leave any prayer.
      Try your best not to go against Allah's commands.
      Zikar as much as easy.
      Darood as much as possible.
      In Sha Allah, Allah will bless you - Indeed Allah will bless you - you feel connected and you feel Allah is paying attention to you by many ways including when He shows you such a good dream.

      only Allah knows the best.
      Remember me in your prayers.

      Muhammad from Makkah
      Ps. So, Greeapple your and my description of seeing Hazrat Ayesha Razi Allah tala anha is quite similar .

  9. how are u lucky people able to see these people i thought this was rare! is it for people who pray alot or read the quran alot?

    • Muhammed I don't know if its due to the amount of times you pray or read the Quran a lot because I had a similar dream having the beloved prophet pbuh visit me , which if now been 1 years since I had that beautiful dream and during that times I didn't pray much astugferullah but I did always think about things referring to the prophet pbuh thinking how people where lucky in the prophet pbuh times that they always got a daily visit and how they where the most luckiest of them all at does times.

      I use to think I wasn't lucky enough to be born during them times because I wish I had would've had such beautiful knowledge of the prophet pbuh and would always be able to have his special encounters during them times.

      I remember the night I got the dream I was thinking about this all , I know that our prophet pbuh love it when people send durood shareefs towards him so I prayed one tasbeeh before I slept and thought one day if im lucky enough the prophet pbuh will visit me some how .

      So that night I had my very special dream I was in a beautiful place where there was crystal clear waterfalls I was walking along little children in white clothes where running around me holding my hands saying come come , I was asking them where they taking me they said our prophet sallallahu alayhiwasalam wants to see you I had tears in my eyes during that dream and I remember the prophet pbuh was walking infront of me and I whispered to the children that what shall I do how can I approach him and the children said just hold onto his pure white kameez and I did and the prophet pbuh took me along somewhere was very beautiful place mashallah I still remember there was rare fruits and plants growing there colourful birds and I was saying wow very loud and the prophet pbuh looked back and smiled saying mashallah and I smiled back and the children told me that our prophet pbuh had to go somewhere else so I cried and the prophet pbuh held my hand and in my mind I could hear our prophet pbuh saying don't worry I will always be here mashallah .

      After that I woke up had tears in my eyes a sinner like me getting an amazing visit from our beloved prophet pbuh just hit me so hard I will never forget this beautiful dream I always pray for another one.

      im so grateful and thank Allah and the prophet pbuh for visiting me in such way .

      I told my mum about this dream she said its maybe due to way I was thinking so much of the times of the prophet pbuh was here , that I got such a dream like this.Which made me think even more .

      Who knows the real reason but whatever it is just remember to be so grateful if you ever had a dream with the beloved prophet pbuh because as you said it rarely happens , its like people winning the lottery they try so hard to get dreams like this but only some are lucky ,keep believing in your heart that one day I will get the prophet pbuh visiting in my dream and in shaa allah one day if the prophet pbuh wishes he will definitely visit you one day .

      • That was a great dream, indeed!

        If he was actaually the Prophet, then you must be happy and strive to remain on the right path in order to see him in reality in the hereafter.

        See the first comment on this page concerning your dream and the description of our beloved Rasool Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam to confirm that it was actually him.

        Abu Abdul Bari Editor

        • I know what you mean I did read the descriptions and I did feel before I read this that shaitan can interfere in your dreams like this but as Amy said if you believe in your heart that it was the prophet pbuh than you should rely upon it right.

          From the day I woke up from my dream I was confused thinking its too good to believe that it was the prophet pbuh himself but than I listened to my heart from that day and I did feel like it was definitely the prophet pbuh mashallah my heart strongly recommended this to me and I dearly love the prophet pbuh and I have felt that my heart has recognised him very well .

          Since this dream I do try my best to remain on the good path and in shaa allah one day I will visit him in reality not just me but the rest of the Muslim brothers and sisters out there in shaa allah.

          May Allah guide us all to the right path ameen.

  10. what place were u in the dream heaven?

  11. i don't know cant say but it surely felt like heaven when i saw the rasool in my dream.

  12. i want to ask a question that if any one sees prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him)but instead of this belessing which is bestowed by ALLAH on him ,he doesnot become a true muslim ,i mean not avoiding from sins .,doing backbiting and etc,so whats is the rulling for that person?thanks

  13. If the person you saw resembles this
    description, then in sha Allah, you have really
    seen him. "Otherwise, you could have seen a
    Shaitaan, trying to mislead you. So just seek
    refuge in Allah and don't narrate this dream to

    My brother the statement which i have put in quotes which u have said is wrong!! The imams are in agreement that if you feel the presence of the blessed being then you really have seen the belowed sallallaho tala ailehi wasallam for no matter what the shaytaan cant take any form or claim to be the prophet SAW because he is not given that power! The appearance of the prophet SAW depends on the faith and imaan of the person which may differ accordingly! So my sister is blessed with the appearance of our belowed prophet SAW for sure!! Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatahu!!

    • I disagree. I am the one who was blessed by Allah swt to have seen Hadhrat Aisha Siddiqa RA, Mother of the Believers. I spent a lot of time in both Masjid Al Haram and Masjid e Nabvi (PbuH). Allah swt has also blessed me with somewhat understanding of the Deen.

      Shortly, a lying heart or a heart weak in Taqwa may give wrong testimony to you With both open Or closed eyes. So, criteria set by the famous Imam and interpreter of dreams Ibne Seirien is that you have only truly seen the prophet if and only if you have seen him in looks matching his described profile otherwise either it's your own fabricated dreaming or an attempt by Satan to play with you since he has no power to appear in Prophet's EXACT form but can show up in any other profile and can make your heart believe it's him. Satan is both a liar and a deceiver.

      I ve seen such images in dreams whereby my heart was or I myself was considering the person to be the Prophet but it was not him. For example, once I saw him lying on his belly and I was thinking in dream it's him out of my love and desire for him but this posture is not only prohibited but also disliked by the prophet, so it must have been Satan or my own fabrication. In another dream I saw a very handsome bearded and long haired person sitting on a throne like a prince in a masjid - all the reasons to believe it was Prophet - but alhamdolillah, I asked him in the dream, "Are you Rasool Allah SAW?". That person panicked and walked away.

      Only Once out of many times I saw him, alhamdolillah, matching the described profile But again when I woke up I could not remember his face but this time I knew that it was him!

      Be very careful.

  14. salam I saw long hair not sure if it was beard or zulfa Mubarak and it was speaking to me saying " I am prophet Muhammad and I will always be with you" I actually saw prophet Muhammad when I was pregnant my little 1 and he was sitting outside his grave he put his hand on my head but what does this dream mean bead talking not to sure

  15. Assalam o Alaikum.
    Such a beautiful Dream mashaAllah. You are very very lucky. Please remember me in your prayers. it would be very kind. JazakAllah.

    • Assalam o alaikum
      i saw the prophet muhammad (peace be upon him )with sahaba .in 2009 .it was a barren land some sahaba were standing and most
      of the sahaba were siting in a round circle.they all were wearing white clothes.the sahaba who were standing the holy prophet peace be upon him was in middle of them.i could see the prophet (peace be upon him) from very close .i could not remember fully about his physical appearnce but i still remember some of his features. He was standing very straight .chest was wide.there were red line in eyes .and his hieght was greater than all sahaba who were standing.

      • Ma-sha-Allah. Did he say anything?

        Wael Editor

        • No. holy prophet (peace be upon him) was looking at me and all the sahaba(approximatly ten) who were standing too looking . and i was standing standing a bit away from from that crowd of those holy was like as if they were making preaparation for a battle.may be badar.(not very much sure)

  16. AoA please answer my question/ problem me so confused about it I saw in my dreams Hazrat Muhammad SAW He is looks like same as He is in real as mention in Quran, translations, hades I saw Him many times He guides me when I am in serious troubles I do istakhara also when I am in troubles I find my solution with the help of istakhara I believe in all these things because its true but my problem is this when I told this to my family they don't understand it they said you are false you made it by your mind its your false thoughts you are the patient of psychological hilosiation but me fine me not patient I saw Him I feel Him He guides me. Actully my family trusts a man whom they say baba g and they said this man knows your future your thoughts your everything they praised him like God they do shirk but I dont like this whole baba g I dont want to do shrik please guid me please in this situation what I can do please ans me fast me so tens

    • sidra, if your family does not believe you that's fine, just keep your dreams to yourself in the future. Those dreams and ikstihara guidance are meant for you anyway. As for your family's wrongdoing, you cannot control them. Just make dua' to Allah to guide them. And If you happen to know any rightly-guided religious individual, perhaps he could speak to them.

      Wael Editor

      • AoA thank you for your kind reply but my family dont understand me they say it wrong they are like the cows whom you can talk but they dont respond you that baba g made them like this. But thankx alot again.

  17. AoA my question is this If I like someone means love someone then He can legally send his parents to my home and I also do istakhara about him first and istakhara result right about him and also I saw some signals in my dream from Hazrat Muhammad that He said he is right for you but my family not convince on this proposal they said your istakhara dreams all wrong only your mind thoughts because they all praised a person whom they called him baba g, ustad g But I know Allah helps me in istakhara or in dreams but how I can convince my family Because they suffer in darkness plzzz guid me fast

  18. Asalamualaiqum ..

    Yesterday night i couldn't sleep earlier until clock reach's to 3 am by than idk when did i sleep but meanwhile i saw some weird dreams like chanting Taqbeer in front of heathens (oppressors ) ..
    and after may Allah forgive me i am not a good person not even deserving to see my Prophet Muhammad SAW .
    yes but i saw him even i saw him wearing a brown golden robe .. walking towards people .. either i asked him i want to see Hazrat Ali R.A.. i saw him too.. i keep this short and precise for u i want to know is it possible that a person like me who doesn't even are steadfast in his supplications.. can see Prophet Muhammad SAW :'( um so much confused shivered please help me

    • Assalam alaikum
      brothers and sisters
      my question is if somebody sees Rasool allah s.a.w in muraghba then. Do people believe him
      Waiting for the answer

  19. Assalam Alaikum. If you want to dream about prophet Muhammad ( swalla llahu alayhi wasallam) do the followings
    1. Pray behind the Imam everyday
    2. Do istighfar everytime
    3. Do wudhu before sleeping
    4. Make recommended dua while sleeping
    5. Face Qibla while sleeping
    6. If possible don't sleep on your bed, sleep on the floor
    7. Recite this dua until you fall asleep
    Aalahumma swalli a'la roohi Muhammad fil arwahi, wa a'la jasadih fil jasad, wa a'la kabrihi fil kuboor

    I used to do this and Alhamdulillah I dreamt my beloved prophet Muhammad ( swalla llahu a'layhi wasallim)

    • Asalamualiakom everyone I wanted to ask can a sick I mean person suffering from fever can see the beloved Prophet ..and him (SAW) speaking to the person and asking to do suhur / sehari and many angels arround forcing to get up and do sehari keep fast and the person who is seeing this dream is ill weak and feeling scared as the angels wear forcing him..I was very pleased with that dream but unfortunately the dreamer was not very well to clearly mark the clothing of them he said he felt all that and light was coming ..MashAllah after reading those beautiful dreams I too want too see Insha Allah Ai'isha R.t and Prophet pbuh van anyone make it clear about an 14/15 year small brother seeing this dream in high fever and weakness during ramzaan just he woke up on sehri time crying and explained all that angels were forcing etc as abovementioned JazakhAllah

  20. A.a, Sir I had seen in my dream that I fell in Love with someone and I am rich while he is poor. Mostly I felt so piety for him because the people around me beat him oftenly or don't treat him so well . Once we both decided to leave everything and ran away. Finally, we did and people started chasing us for so long but they couldn't catch us. We faced a lot of difficulties while saving us for them. At some points I get separated from him and took shelter in some people's house. Now at one place I saw that someone was sleeping behind a wooden bed with a wall. I felt in the dream that He was Prophet Muhammad (SAW). I went near Him and saw a bit of his beard and body, He was lying down. I then went back after looking at Him. And my college bag was also lying near Him. I let my bag there and Then I started climbing up the stairs with my sister and woke up.

    kindly guide me what is the meaning of this dream??? And Allah Pak wants to indicate me what?

    Bushra abbas

  21. Salamualeikum sister's and brother's! I hade a same dream like you had. the profet Muhammad s.a.w stands in front of me. His beard was not to long and not short. He had a light beige clothing i couldn't see he's foot. Well clothed. And then i heard the voice coming from the right this is the profet Muhammad. He had the sun light behind him. He looked at me. MashaAllah very handsome. Im so thankful of seeing him. /peace and love

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