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If my wife asks for divorce in anger, should I grant her one?

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I got a question for you. If my wife asks for divorce when she's angry don't know what she's doing then shall I give her a divorce or what?

What does Islam says about it and what about if she asks for it when shes not angry what should I do shall I divorce her or what?


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  1. Maztheboss,

    Divorce should always be avoided unless after all efforts the two just cannot live together. So instead of asking this question about divorce, I think you should be identifying the issues in your marriage and asking us how we can help you solve those. Do you not think so too?

    SisterZ Editor

  2. Brother,

    If you are the author of this post, please log in under the same name and email address and leave your comment so we know you are one and the same. You were asking questions about Nikah on someone else's post too, so I am not convinced that you are not doing the same thing here aswell.

    Furthermore, we cannot answer such questions about marriage and divorce. They are very complex and you have provided very little information. If you want the best advice, please consult with a qualified Shaykh/Mufti.

    SisterZ Editor

    • If you would want to remarry, then why divorce in the first place? Its not a joke brother, man up.

      Please log in and submit your question as a separate post. Anything else will be deleted.

      SisterZ Editor

  3. AA:

    I agree with SisterZ 100%. She asks for the divorce, you think about the divorce, angry, not angry, etc. You should focus on resolving the issues and not discuss the divorce. May Allah guide you both and shower you with his blessing and peace of mind and inshallah all your issues will be gone.

    Br. Mazedul Shakil;
    This is the second time you do this! We are here to help you inshallah but you have to do it the right way!
    Please, when asking a question:
    1) Start your own thread. Log in and as the question. Do not take someone else's time or area and confuse the issues.
    2) Ask your questions once and based on your situations so people can help you best inshallah. No need for all these IFs and what IFs. Unless, again, if you have more than one scenario, then list them both fully.

    May ALLAH guide us, grant us patience, and shower us with his mercy.

    If I am correct, it is from ALLAH. If I err it is from me, and I pray ALLAH forgives me. Allah knows best.


  4. Dear Brother,

    you should not divorce anyone in anger. A lot of things get said in the heat of the momment and that is why anger is haraam,in Islam. Focus on resolving the issues or talking about the issues in your marriage first. If they cannot be resolved and you have sought advice from the local imam, your elders. Then think about divorde.But only asa last resort.Are there any children fromthe marriage.?

    Take Care.

    Allah Hafiz.

  5. my wife doesnt want divorce...

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