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I did Istikhara after married


Salat al-Istikhara in Urdu, istikhara

Salat al-Istikhara in Urdu



I married six months ago.

I was not in love but thought it would grow. I still feel really unhappy and was advised to do Istikhara. So i did  Istikhara and asked Allah if I should stay with my husband in favour of staying with (not if i should leave him).

So I had a dream on the first night of Istikhara that I dropped a bottle and smashed it.

Can you help me, please?


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  1. As salamu alaykum sister LaylaFarah,

    First I have to tell you this words written by Wael:

    ISTIKHARA IS NOT ABOUT DREAM INTERPRETATION.. There is so much ignorance about Salat-al-Istikhara. Everyone seems to think that it's about dreams, or the color one sees in dreams, or about birthdates and star signs, and other irrelevant factors. Please see the links at the top of this website to read correct and authentic information about Istikhara. Istikhara is about asking Allah sincerely for guidance, then doing the action that feels right in your heart and trusting that Allah will answer your prayer and guide you to the result that is best.

    And now, I will let you know my personal opinion,

    I believe reading your words, you did istikhara in favour to stay with him, then in your Heart you believe you have an opportunity with him, insha´Allah, what I don´t understand if why you are unhappy with him, he may have something that you like, if not I am sure you wouldn´t marry him, why don´t you try to focus in what you see good in him and try to be happy by all your means instead of trying that your marriage brings you the happiness, this way if your Heart has already a smile of your own, you will be able to see life with a different look, insha´Allah, this are just thoughts, I don´t have enough information to talk deeper in your question and I am afraid I don´t know anytihing about interpreting dreams.

    Give yourself and your husband an opportunity, finding your own happiness in yourself, this you will get through your conscious and strong bond to Allah(swt), insha´Allah.

    All my Unconditional Love, Respect and Support,

    María Editor

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