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We did Istikhara and our answers are not the same

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Our istikharas are not the same, what should we do?

hi i have question regarding istikhara.

i met this guy and we are serious about marriage however we both did istikhara and our answers are not same.

I am wondering what to do in this situation.

My answer is not in favor of the marriage but his is.

Please help if u can ASAP.  Even if u can email me the answer that would be great.


- muskaan

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  1. How do u know that ur answear is no? have u had a dream or u feel like no?
    u can do again ishtikhara.

  2. You have to trust in your own Istikhara. You can't control someone else's thoughts or feelings or determine anyone else's course of action. You can only rely on your connection with Allah and follow the guidance that Allah gives you. So if you prayed istikhara to Allah, and the answer in your heart is no, then tell him no.

    • salam! brother wael thx for answear. I asked sister z a quistion a little like this one(istikhara and marriage etc) but never got an answear.

  3. Asalaamualaikum dear Ayesha,

    I am terribly sorry for not having replied yet and I know its been a long while!!! My schedule has been somewhat more hectic than usual recently although that is not an excuse. Br Wael has answered your query, but I shall be in contact with you inshaAllah as 'not having yet replied to you' keeps popping into my mind - especially when I'm driving home from work!!


  4. salaam brother.
    i know a person for 2 years. v wanted to get married. but now the circumstances has changed since he went to pakistan for a visit. ive done istekhara for a couple of times didn't see any result. as the probl;ems that occured after the istekhara were the same as b4 istekhara as v had some arguments even though v liked eachother and wanted to get married. he gave some1 else to do istekhara and the answer came no but i can imagine as that person knew that dere were some family issues involved in our relationship. as i didnt trust that person who did the istekahra @ all. so now i've given some1 else to do istekhara who doesn't know us and our situation. im still w8ing for the answer. wat shud i do. im really confused and whom shud i follow pls do help

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