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How can I use my Muslim name in Nikah, visa and Passport?

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Assalamu alaykum brothers and sisters,

I am a Filipino, i am converted Muslim since last year. I got married with my husband who is other nationality and a Muslim also. I want to use my Muslim name in our nikha and also in my new passport so that he can give me a husband visa with my Muslim name by under his name. I asked my husband about this and he agreed. I want to change my name because my name now has no any meaning and i believe that being a Muslim, its important for us that our name reflects in our beliefs as per Islam.

Now my concern is this; how can i change my name without any petition in the court? how can i use my Muslim name as my name in our marriage contract?is there anyone here knows the procedures? what would i have to do so that Shari'a court will allow me to use my converted Muslim name in our marriage contract? any way as possible please...

Lady Flower.


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  1. ASSALAMALAIKUM-This is a matter to be dealt by a lawyer who knows to make an affadavit and submit ot the authorities and make the change of name etc etc

    public will know very less about it as the rules from country to countey differ and it has ti handled by a law yer of yr country who knows thee job.

  2. Lady Flower; Asaalamualaikum,

    I congratulate you on your Islam.
    I think you should approach an attorney or any other legal person in your land to clarify this matter. The Sharee'ah court may accept your Muslim name for the Nikah.

    On a side note, being a Muslimah, you should not suffix your husband's name with yours, this is your father's right, whether he is Muslim or not. Keep his in consideration before making any change.

    Abu Abdul Bari Editor

    • Hi I am also new convert. I want to change my muslim name too. For example, if my father's name is Jun Agua then my name should be Farah Jun or Farah Agua, which will be?

      Wa alaikum Salam wa Rahmatullah wa Batakatuh

  3. The wise editors have given great advice. Salaam Alaikum, Sister. Most countries require a name change to be done legally. Do see a lawyer and find out what the right issue is to change name so you can get a passport. Re: surname, women do not take a husband's name in Islam as she will always be of her father's. You can change your last name to another Islamic name. I hope this helps.

  4. Assalamualikum.
    Changing a christian name into a muslim one requires petition and court procedures as per Philippine Law and youve got to submit lots of documents. Changing name is not as easy. You will also encounter lots of complications when you are in a situation that your school credentials etc are needed but donot anymore bear your real name. Your question only the Philippine government can answer.
    Congratulations for your islam. just an advise, donot make decisions without carefully balancing things. You know cultural differences constitute a reason for success and failure of marriage. As most of the times, ladies are the losers.
    Insha ALLAH your marriage will be guided.

    • Good morning sister can you pls message me privately in my facebook accnt want to know how you do the procedure of adding your name muslim name into your passport thanks

      • We do not allow the exchange of private contact info. The sister can post the answer here, if she has one.

        Wael Editor

        • Assalamu Alaikum brother..i just want to ask..ive been converted this year.and this month my conversion is out from shairah2 court..but my convert name..can I use my husband's surname since we get married here in Philippines.. and get a passport in that name..i need ur advice..waiting for ur response thank u..

      • Please advice me as well. I have the same issue

        • I cant find u in facebook. .Did u get a passport with ur muslim name.. Please msg me ASAP. I really need an advise

          • gel please add me also in facebook.. im confuse. need help. my name is Aisha Abid with black and white half face profile pic of woman. thank u

  5. Im a revert and married abroad and i want to register our married in the philippines but a muslim in philippines uses the surname of thier husband following the christian law, i wanna do what should muslim do and wanna keep my fathers name, is there any way to do that? How?

  6. Can I get another passport for useng islam name and how

  7. Asaalamualaikum.
    I am a Filipino converted in Islam 2years ago in Malaysia I am also wanted to used my Islam name legally in my passport and all my doccument and that make me head ache before. But Alhamdulillah I went to the office of Sharia Law in Quizon City in Philippines and asked there help,I fill up some document and then submit to them that's cost me 2500 piso for my passport name,NSO to changed your name in your passport,but if you want to changed your name totally and erase your Christian name you have to go to the Lawyer and then you cost you a lot of money... They need your parent consent and you need to do lot of document .You can used your Islam name in Passport because you registered in Sharia and you have a document.

    • asalumualaikum sister. haow many days it will take to change it

    • Assalam alaikum sister,

      I justw ant to asks you, can I possibly do the change of name in my passport from christian name to Muslimah name even I am here in Dubai. And in that case, what will be the requirements and the name of the office you went to do the change of name in your passport. Your response will be much appreciated. Thanks

    • Were u able to register your islamic name in nso

    • Please contact me sis i need your help how you do?im currently in your situation before 0175137085

  8. need passport as muslim name saira qureshi as same my muslim name approved from islamic center aldawa . i have certificate from low of saudi arabia and i m at saudi arabia with my husband dependant visa

  9. Salam mulaykum Brother,

    i am a Filipino converted in Islam, Me and my fiance planning to get married, i had my previews relationship and i'm married to him, But we been separated for long time but not legal.Now i'm planning to get married for Muslim man since that I've been converted to Islam. So how i can process my document to get married for my fiance in legality.And there is a possibility to change my passport name with my Islamic Name?


    • Sister Mona, you cannot marry a muslim person if you are previously married and your first marriage is not nullified. This is not allowed in Sharia Law, if you marry your muslim fiance prior to the nullification of your first marriage, your putting him and yourself into big trouble because this is haram. you must file legal documentations that your first marriage is totally nulled by then you can marry your muslim fiance.

  10. I converted to Islam and was able to use my muslim name in my PRC and passport alhamdullilah. I did not need any help from lawyer. Just get a conversion to islam certifcate secpa.

    • hi enas.. could u pls guide me how to do it.. my email is *** im looking forward to hear from you. thank you and God bless. Happy new year!!

      • aisha, please do not post your email address as we do not allow it. Any necessary information can be posted here, or the person can direct you to a website.

        Wael Editor

        • sorry dear brother.. it seems like they are all busy to reply on how to chnage name.. pls brother if u know how pls kindly let me know. thank you.. Jazzak Allah khair..

        • I used to have an account called Musl1m or something, I tried posting and waited 3 months and asked why it wasn't posting and you said my email wasn't verified. So I verified it and it still didn't work when I re-posted, and I made a new account and waited a week or something now. Please please I am desperate so I'll write it here and I hope you can write it as a post:

          I could make my parents divorce for something as selfish as my own good and technically my mom's mental health, if she can even recover.

          I need to decide whether to make my dad angry with me, curse me to Hell and potentially divorce my mum so we don't go to our home country, OR I stay quiet and stay in my home country and pray I get married to someone who won't beat me. Pray no warfare reaches my area or the failing economy doesn't leave me starving. I fear nothing more than Jahannam and Allah's wrath, but from worldly fears I fear a husband like my dad. 

          My dad is forcing us to move back home. My homeland is of the likes of Syria, Yemen, and Somalia when it comes to rankings in living standards and unis by the way. He doesn't care about our education, to him, it's just a way of passing time before I get to meet the husband he'll choose for me. My dad told my mum she can't accept her offer from a university that is from the top 100, "Did I marry you so you can do something besides make babies?" He's always calling her a good-for-nothing and taunts her a lot. She's just a maid to him, they never sleep in the same bed anyways since 15 years. Before he married, he said the purpose was to "have power over someone".
          My dad mistreated her from the engagement, but my family didn't notice.

          If I make a scene and try and move to the West, which I was born in and raised in but not in anymore, my dad will divorce my mum. We'll have to depend on the welfare system, which is quite stable and strong in the country I was born in. My mum says my dad doesn't like her anyways, it's just the kids, and he doesn't even like us kids that much. My dad's always been the reason I hated myself and wanted to kill myself. Ever since 6th or 5th, but I never really felt OK before anyways. I grew up without my dad for the first 10 years, he stayed with his mum and his sister. I always felt like others were more important to my dad than us, my cousins were always before us, they got better gifts than us, and he was so sweet and kind to them but so cold to us. My mum favored my brother and sister over me, so I grew up sure I was adopted since I didn't look like my parents anyways.

          I want to become the 'father' of the house, basically. I know it's wrong, and I'm only 15 years old, but I want to provide for my mum instead and I want to work for her. I don't want my mum to depend on my dad, when he berates her in public and treats her like a child.

          I'd cry and cry for hours, and I still do. I'd hallucinate back then and think the demons were out to get me, and I'd hear voices in my head. All during this, no one really cared. I remember this time something bad happened, and I couldn't silently sob this time. I fell down on the bathroom floor and wailed for hours, and when I came out my mum just laughed.

          I always defend my mum and it gets her and I in trouble. She always told me to shut up and just make du'aa. SO I started listening to her for the past 2 years, even made du'aa to place some love for my dad in my heart.. I never talked back to my dad ever again. But he will never forgive me, he doesn't treat me like his daughter. I feel like he never has, he just throws money at us and bosses around and thinks his responsibility is done. He demands respect like he wasn't gone for 10 years and like he isn't insulting my mum. Now it's getting unbearable as I will sooner or later be moved away and potentially forced into a marriage.

          My sister and I really want my parents to divorce. We could then move back, finish our studies. I know life won't be perfect and I won't recover, but I at least want my kids to have a happy life. My dad says that if we do that, he will testify against me, specifically me, on the Day of Judgement. That he is willing to take us to Hell if we do this! I don't want to go to Hell of course so I've been silent for so long, but someone once told me that my dad isn't allowed to harm my future like this. Is it true? My dad probably will not be marrying me off as he probably can't, but I'm scared of being trapped in a desperate situation and marrying someone like my dad. It's my biggest nightmare, my dad is my biggest nightmare. Why would I want to replay it again and force my kids in a life like that? I'd hate myself so much if I did.

          Am I allowed to do any of this? Islamically? Doesn't Allah want the best for me? I respect my dad and made so so much du'aa to place some love for him in my heart, I always try to get closer to him, but my dad will never forgive me anyways. He always avoids me and walks away from any room I'm in and barely listens to me when I try and talk to him about school or something.
          My dad's not a complete monster but he's 60 years old and honestly has no idea what our country is like anymore, he himself moved out when he was 14 and never came back, so! I don't know how to even fix our relationship.

    • Hi sister Enas where can I get the certificate of conversion?I also wanna change my name in passport.

    • Hi enas canni ask how u do it? Changing name in your passport?

  11. hi I would like to ask if there is possible to get married to a Muslim man and I'm still married in the Philippines.i will change my name so I can marry again is that possible?

  12. Salam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters in Islam. I am also a convert and I want to use my Muslim name in my passport. Is there anyone here have done that and succeed?or any one can suggest which law office can help and do the work?

    Best regards

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