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His parents won’t let him marry me.

Should I take this as a sign to implement ‘sabr’ and wait it out to see if they end up agreeing, or should I take this as a sign of Allah trying to keep me away from the marriage?

Depression and confusion

I lost my love of life, my husband, even my health is damaged…

I like a man for marriage but he doesn’t know me

What should I do? Should I get married other man or waiting for the response of Allah. But if I wait till when?

Mental confusion

Sometimes it feels like all the elements are pushing us towards each other and at other time we are pushed apart.

I need help with my life

I feel empty now and I don’t wanna study. I just don’t feel like doing anything, though I know I have to since it’s my last chance of having a good life.

Confused about my goal of life

I think being a scientist, you can work to develop solutions to the problems facing humanity and discover the realms of knowledge. Will my work please Allah and His Prophet ?

Confused about seeking Khulah

I have discussed all these issues with him a million times. I have tried to convince him with my loving words to warnings of leaving him, but nothing has changed him in these years. I feel that he will never change, and I will live this miserable life for ever and ever. When I discuss it with him, he simply proves that these things are only in my head and have nothing to do with reality, and that he loves me a lot and is sincere with me.

I am not sure if he’s the one for me

He spoke to his family about me and sent his mom from UAE to INDIA to ask for my hand in marriage. My dad (who was hesitating and felt that he was not the right guy) also agreed, as he liked the family. In the meantime my mom and her sisters consulted 4-5 spiritual priests, who would match our stars with the help of our names. All of them said no for this marriage. One of them first said that he was perfect for me, but after a week the same person said that he is not trustworthy.

I don’t understand my marital contract

When we got married, of course we both had signatures on the marriage certificate. But we didn’t read it…

Seeking Guidance about Istikhara

(Editor’s note: both of your posts have been combined into one for the sake of convenience.) My situation: I am planning to go for my higher studies, and I intend to do Istikhara for seeking guidance from ALLAH, as there are a number of pros and cons related with that (like leaving family, job, etc.). I […]