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Seeking comfort from someone else

I am married to a man who lies and cheats. My supervisor at work hugged me when I was crying. For the first time I felt comforted and secure.

I am in a fix about my sinful situation

This news and humiliation is spreading more and more and I am wondering what will become of my life…

Repentance for having a relationship with a married man

I would become his second wife. But now I’m in a situation where I feel myself responsible for ruining his relations with his wife.

I have no love for my husband – I want to take divorce

I know even if I decide to live with my husband ,we can not carry this relation for long. I want to take divorce and marry the one whom I love!!

My mother is in a relationship with another guy

My father is a very very good man. He doesn’t deserve this. I think all the time about how my mother is deceiving him.

I need help to avoid an illicit relationship

The physical part of my marriage is almost over and slipping into an illicit relationship with this woman is so easy…..

She calls her lover “husband”

Is the Nikah with her own husband remain valid if a women seriously starts believing other man her husband?

I don’t think my mom is having an affair – I am sure of it!

My mom is dying to separate from my dad long before she even know this guy, but she stayed for the sake of her children. Now she has to live her life with someone that she doesn’t love anymore…

Online love with a married woman

Now she wants to get divorced with her husband and marry me. Even I love her a lot ready to accept – but is that permissable according to Islam?

I ask Allah with faith, to get me married to her; will Allah Accept it?

I’m a girl and I love another girl. Is it right to make dua for getting her?