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I have anger problems from reciting Surah Tauba

I don’t want to suicide as it is haram, I just want to die. Even if I take revenge or kill someone, it will not be a solution because now I have become a topic of laughter. Please don’t tell me it’s haram and all, I know all that. Please let me know some dua or way to die!

I hurt him too much

My behaviour changed him and he was not happy with me. Now he is saying that I have hurt him a lot in many ways which changed his feelings, but he still loves me and needs some time to be normal. He says we should make dua, and if it’s in our destiny we will marry.

My crazy forced marriage- I’m tired of it!

What do I do? I don’t understand. I said okay because I was naive, then I didn’t want it and was forced. Did the nikkah count since I was uneducated? What do I do? I don’t have a voice in my own life- I never did. How do I stand up for what I want- which is peace and to be free from him? Please help me.

I don’t get along with non-Muslims!

I don’t get along with non-Muslims at all. This is a big problem since I live in a non-Muslim country, and many times I have gotten in trouble with the police.

Questions about going on Umrah and violence between parents

My father and mother had a big fight. My father has hit my mother hard without any reason. Now my parents want to separate. Who should I stay with?

Fight with My husband’s brother’s wife

I had a fight with my husband’s brother’s wife. I did not argue back to her during the fight, even though I can say things and show her faults. Now I am angry with myself for not fighting back with her, showing her faults and taunting her.

My husband granted a divorce I only asked for in anger

asalam-0-alaikum team of Zawaj

I am really very sorry if you are thinking like this that I am sending the questions of same crux more than 7 times to you. Of course one will write to you about his/her problem if he/she is really suffering. I think nobody is mad enough to send or repeat her questions 7 times having the same theme. I am really suffering. I am not just finding the answers but I want to know the reasons for moving in any kind of direction. This is the last time I am writing you this question now I shall never repeat it again.

How should I deal with a troubling father in law?

Its been 2.5 years since I have got married and right from the start my father in law has been very dominant with me and my husband in Pakistan. For the first few months my husband and I lived in separately from my father in law in an apartment and we visited my father in laws apartment often. I lived with my father in law and my brother in law when my husband got a job in Riyadh.

If my wife asks for divorce in anger, should I grant her one?

I got a question for you. If my wife asks for divorce when she’s angry don’t know what she’s doing then shall I give her a divorce or what? What does Islam says about it and what about if she asks for it when shes not angry what should I do shall I divorce her […]

Am I doing haram in thinking about other men?

I cant handle talking to him because usually the things I say make him mad…and when I make him mad…well you know where it can lead. I try to talk but when I see him starting to punch the bed with his fist or slamming the door…I hush up.