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Islamic marriage between a Libyan girl and an American man

We have been talking about a future and marriage. But she is Libyan, and when she spoke about marrying a non Libyan to her mother, she was told that’s not what full Libyans do.

Love without Marriage

I still talk to him, but I want to do this the right way. I want for both Allah and my parents to be happy with my marriage, but because of Shaytan, its hard for me to just stop talking to him.

I love him but I fear ALLAH

I love him and I want to marry him with Razamandi of ALLAH and my parents. I don’t want to anger ALLAH.

Is love haram?

Is it haram for me to love someone who I’m not married to?

Does he love me? Does he really want to marry me?

He talks to me about getting married, he said that his parents would love me as his wife. But I am afraid my parents won’t allow.

I want to leave my Muslim boyfriend but I can’t…

Is it wrong to stay with this boy even though there is a huge chance that we can get married with both our parents consent? And even though marrying someone else would be unfair to that person?

Love before marriage

I am a 15 year old girl. I’m in love with a boy who is 18. We both love each other a lot.

My father is destroying my life… but he says I’m the one that’s brought him shame!

My father is doing injustice to me. Why me? Is it ok for a parent to do it like this?

I want to turn back to Allah, but…

I truly love him and i want to be with him but he is not ready to wait. im so confused that what to do. i feel like if i continue this relationship then i’ll lose my connection with Allah. Allah will become angry with me. Allah will not remain my friend anymore.

Did I do the right thing be cutting all contact with him or should I have been there to support him?

My problem is that 4 years ago one of my relatives introduced me to one of the guys she works with, however it wasn’t like a date thing or marriage purpose, she just sent me some stuff with him and i had to meet him (with my sibling) to take it from him. since then i got to know him and we talked, but never in a relationship way or love, he’s from back home but we stayed in contact over FB