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I am not Muslim, but I need your prayers

I have been feeling pretty low about my life, things that I cannot change, and I sometimes feel suicidal. I’m not spilling my woes here, because I know there is no solution.

I’m a non-Muslim pregnant by a Muslim. What now?

His parents know of me but do not know that I am pregnant yet.

Understanding the right path

I have no intention to marry a non muslim. If i marry a revert, i pray he has found islam before he has found me. I would never want to marry a revert who reverts JUST to marry me as I don’t want that.

I was in a Haram relationship with a non muslim and he left me?

Somewhere in my heart I knew it was wrong…

What to decide in this situation?

I am in love with a non-Muslim but he is not agreed to marry me but says he loves me.

In love with a boy who’s left Islam

I dont know if I should pressurize him to take the ghusl again or I should let him do it on his own… my family won’t let me marry a non-muslim and he doesn’t see it as a problem.

I’m having feelings for a non-Muslim colleague

It has been more than a year that I have these strong feelings about him and I also feel that he may feel the same way. But I’m married and he is not Muslim, thus, everyway it is Haram. I actually never felt these feeling for my husband ever.

Muslim lover has left me pregnant, abandoned and alone

What does Quran say about what happened to me, should I notify his family, should I register the baby in his country?

My fiance wants to marry me ONLY for my looks.

I know that my fiance has the right to like me for my looks, but not to such extent that I feel he is only attracted to my body and not my personality. Will this lustful attraction make our future relationship strong? and how much am I assured that he will not start to get bored of me- because at the end of the day, the only reason he wants to be with me is because he claims I am ”beautiful”.

I love a non-Muslim man

He has brought me closer to my deen. But he is not a Muslim… he is a Christian who accepts all religions. Only he can give me the happiness and the respect that no one else can.