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Will a curse said by my brother against me be accepted by Allah

Hands raised in dua

"When a person curses somebody or something, the curse goes up to heaven and the gates of heaven get closed...


My brother is very messed up and he always swears and says the most foul things.

He makes dua against me, and he says somethings which i get quite scared of.

I just wanted to ask about the acceptance of dua against a family member and if i should be worried about it.

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  1. assalamu alaykum sister,no you dont need to worry always say this or atleast have it in mind when anybody curses you LA HAWLA WALA QUW WATA ILLA BILLAHIL ALIYYIL ADHEEM there is no power and might except from ALLAH,dont worry in todays life we call it normal alot of people curse and alot have cursed me but you know what i always had those words in mind and i truely believed that and alhamdlh im living a life set out by ALLAH not by peoples curses.

  2. Dear Anon88, Asalaamualamykum,

    Narrated Abu Darda (ra), ‘Allah’s Messenger (saw) said, ‘When a person curses (La’nah; to ask that something be deprived of Allah’s Mercy) somebody or something, the curse goes up to the heaven and the gates of the heaven are closed. Then it comes down to the earth and its gates are closed. Then it turns right and left, and if it does not find an entrance to go anywhere, it returns to the person or thing that was cursed, if he or it deserves to be cursed; otherwise, it returns to the person, who uttered it.’ [Abu Dawood]

    It has also been stated in a Hadith that the Prophet (saw) said: “There are three such people whose Dua's are accepted instantly: 1) The dua of an oppressed person, 2) The dua of a traveller and 3) A mother's Dua for her child.

    At the same time, Narrated Abu Hurayrah (ra), ‘Allah’s Messenger (saw) said, ‘When two persons indulge in abusing each other, the beginner will be the sinner, so long, as the oppressed does not transgress the limits.’ [Saheeh Muslim]


    So the above hadiths tell us that if someone curses another person, it will most likely backfire to themselves. We just need to make sure we are not oppressing others in any way as their duas against us, or curses will be accepted instantly. Allah tells us how to protect ourselves against evil words, evil eye, curses etc. We should recite Ayatul Kursee, Surah Ikhlas, Surah Falaq and Surah Nas often. We should also stay close to Allah and observe all our obligatory acts of worship.

    I can imagine it must be very unsettling and upsetting to hear your own brother speaking down to you in a foul manner and wishing bad upon you. I would encourage you to look at this from a different angle. You know better than anyone on this site what your brother's circumstances are. So, whilst seeking protection for yourself with Allah, ask Allah to forgive your brother because your brother is damaging no-one but himself by cursing and speaking foul words. Of course it is difficult to observe patience, but thats why patience is so highly rewarded and maybe your gentle response will cause Allah to soften your brother's heart.

    The above is just my personal understanding and observation of the hadiths, a scholar will be able to answer better. May Allah put love between you and your sibling, Aameen

    SisterZ Editor

  3. Salaam Alayikum,
    Dont put any worry into it..
    What sisterz said I agree with 100%
    My 18 year old brother cursed towards my unborn son.
    saying he wishes for my son to grow up and be a suicide bomber and kills himself,,,
    Its all ignorance and its not tolerated and it gets ignored..
    I took it personal as what he said not as curse but as a treat to my sons life.
    and i just ignore him and i will keep my son from him

  4. Assalamu Alaikum,
    Actually on there was a great answer to an exact same question.

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