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Having Strange Dreams after Istikhara


I have been doing Istikhara for the last 3 months ( I don't know how many times). I get black and white dreams I'm so confused.

My istakhaarah is about a relationship with a guy - whether to keep it (if it ends up to a good marriage) or not

My first dream responded: that this guy has invited me to take me to his home town.

I'm following his direction as he is on the phone with me , I follow a river side walk. I can't see the river or its water. Then I'm told to follow the direction board pointed with black Arrow ( black fish picture ) and finally I arrive at his home town. I see the head of white houses hidden in green trees and I feel the place is so far from the city.

Then I woke up.

What does it mean?

- Gemini

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  1. As salamu alaykum, Gemini ,

    I don´t know anything about dreams but your dream is interesting, I would try my best, but please it is just how I feel about it, take it with a grain of salt.

    You are with him, but in the distance, you feel extremely far from him, you trust him but you don´t know which are his feelings towards you, but the thing is that you are not in contact with your own emotions either because you feel him far from you, someway you have the feeling he will be wrong for you, even when you have the intuition of a good future, is hidden, it is not available for you easily and the presence of this future makes you sad.

    He is guiding you to a place where you don´t want to go.

    Does it make any sense for you?

    All my Unconditional Love and Respect,

    María Editor

    • Assalam o alaikum, i have done istekhara for the person i am interested in. Firstly i slep and saw a dream where there are my own relatives and the scenes are changing constantly. I woke up once, thought about the dream that there are no clear clues and i will do istekhara again. Then i slept again, saw another dream that i kept my money to a religious man, i went back to take the money, and steal two hundred rupees from his collection, also i saw that my mobile phone is broken and it has a black cover on it, i am wondering why is it broken so early? Please tell me should i consider 2nd dream? What is the guidance

      • Asalamualaykum Anoosha,

        First and foremost, the "result" of Istikhara needn't involve a dream at all. It can better be ascertained in how you feel in the days or months following Istikhara and what your heart is inclined towards. Now, if a dream helps you figure that out or speaks to you in some way, then great. But it's not necessary. I suggest paying special attention to the way events unfold and even those things happening around you which are clearly out of your control, because it is Allah at work, answering your dua. 🙂



        • Salam , I did istikhara yesterday as I am in really bad pain, I was with my partner for 6 years and then we got married and so many problems came in our ways but he didn’t leave me but it’s been 3 years of marriage total of 9 years together and on Monday 20th February he came back from work and said that his going to leave me due to not giving him a child which he really want it so I did everything keep this marriage works so I found out his got some Jin on him and also a family member did black magic on him what do I do now ? And after doing the istikhara i asked Allah to show me a way if I can have baby and if we will be together till we die so the same night I had a dream that I stole someone else baby what does that mean can someone help me ???

          • Sister Sapla, I doubt your husband has any jinn or black magic on him. He explained to you the reason that he wants to leave. It's not your fault that you have not had a child. Such things are part of our Qadar. In fact, I don't know if your husband has been tested, but the problem could be from his side, for example he might have a low sperm count. The two of you need to see a fertility specialist.

            Your dream might mean that you should adopt a child. There are many wonderful orphans who need loving parents.

            You should definitely NOT steal a child.


        • Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

          Yesterday I did istakhara for choosing the righteous spouse, after I fell asleep, I saw a girl in my dream wearing a white hijab and basically smiling, so could that be the one written in my naseeb?

          • Momin, it could be. Only Allah knows. However it seems like a good sign to me. May Allah grant you the righteous spouse you seek.


  2. Istikhara is not about dreams or analyzing the colors in dreams. It is about asking Allah to guide you to the best course of action, then doing what is in your heart and trusting that Allah will help you make the best choice.

    See some of the article links at the top of our website for accurate information about Istikhara.

    Wael Editor

    • Aslamualikum Dear

      I did istikhara for a Rishta purpose , my family is looking for match for me and one of the rishta’s came recently for me.
      I did istikahara but couldn’t see any dream clearly saw one lice on my head which i killed by taking it out.
      Second day i did another istikahara i saw i am fighting like anything with every member of my family, my brother and parents. And then i woke up from the dream .
      Could you please let me know what does it signify?

      • Istikhara is not based on dreams. That is a misconception. It is simply a prayer to Allah to guide you to what is best, and keep you away from what is harmful. Then you make the best decision you can, and trust that Allah will help you.

        Wael Editor

  3. Asaalaam Alaikum, i am in a situation here where i have met someone and really have developed feelings for him, only to know he is getting married away to his mate who has cancer. i wa unaware of this cancer girl only a few months back i heard about her. me n him really wanted to be together but can't due to the nature of the situation he is in.

    i prayed isthikara as to know what the situation was, and i had a dream that, an engagement ring was involved, i didnt understand the dream, so i prayed isthikara again, only to see another woman in the dream with him. and i am crying in he dream. i also had another dream a snake was involved and i was attacking the snake.

    do i wait for him or do i let him go? i dont understand the situation.

    • where attacking the snake.

      Sometimes Satan can play little silly games. Not necessarily means he is going to end up with the other .

      Consider this: Satan inspires fear. He inspires "false hopes".

      If you put fear in him he wins,

      .... you loose, you cry, it ends.

      Satan is deception. Maybe you fear having to deal with the snake later (adultery) "only to see another woman in the dream with him", "i was attacking the snake."

      We might dream about things that seem they are going to happen thus never happen.

      It could be fear
      Allah knows best.

      • You say : "he is getting married away to his mate who has cancer. "

        You already saying he is getting married?

        Don't let this destroy you.

        You really need to talk to him.

        He doesn't seem is all that sincere of a guy. "unaware of this cancer girl only a few months back i heard about her"

        "a snake was involved and i was attacking the snake"

        Satan inspires fear. In dreams he can take many forms. He inspires "false hopes", is a deceiver. If you put fear in him he wins,

        .... you loose, you cry, it ends.... is deception.

        Attack the Snake!!!

        • Asalaam o alaikum, jzk khair 4 d replies, they make more sense 2 me, but thing is he sed, he has 2 marry her :s, he is gettin married straight after ramdhan, I feel really strong 4 him n he does 2 but says he has 2 do it n live by it as she won't let go n the 'cancer' is playing the empathy part, so he feels 4 her as she is terminal n docs sed its last stage, I feel awful but I feel if she isn't the 1 he shud keep her as a mate, he has done a lot 4 her, left his job n pays 4 her treatment yet they r jus mates n dnt like one another that way, Allah has strengthend me through ramdhan but I kno deep down I love this man 2 bits he jus isn't mine 🙁 thank u 4 ur reply but if I talk more 2 him it will b wrong n I dnt wanna b the other woman n commit adultery, I jus want his happiness n I kno together we r made 4 one another n Allahs sign jus keeps cumin positive but dusnt Allah take sumat away 4m u only to replace It with sumat better, I have a strong feelin he will cum bk in 2 my life but I jus dnt kno tbh I love him a lot 4 d sake of Allah I wanna b with him In shA allah 🙂 pray ramdhan goin well 4 u x

          • ...come to think about it I might off committed haram in the first column.


            How come I say satan might be playing games in your dreams.
            Turns out everything might even be true!!!!

            I might off be saying what I have no evidence off. Might actually be coming from Allah.

            Usually the snake is associated with the enemy, that part I did analyzed, deception , lies, haram, zina etc...

            Perhaps the best thing to do is to fight that snake in your dreams by avoiding "false hopes in your heart". The Qurán says satan would inspire just that, if you think about it you will be broken hearted if you do.

            I truly which you the best of luck, your post kept me thinking, I;m actually a bit worried.

            It has been an easy Ramadan, some difficulties approached as the very last 10 days started to approach. I could really look forward to have Allah place that wall between me and the fire.

            InshAllah everything will turn out ok. for you, for me and for all muslim here supporting and caring for each other, that's lovely.

            May Allah bless you all.

            P.S. Can the first column be deleted? 😉 please

        • SLM there is this a lady I love so much after istikhaarah the feeling keep improving each time but she has someone else in mind, thou I recommended her to istikaarah and she said she dreamed of someone else not me (want to marry someone else) confused on wat to do.

      • So i started doinh istekhara last night, the reason why im doing istekhara is because i an dating this guy and i want to know if we will last if he is written for me if we are gonna end up getting married. I started doing istekhara last night and i got a dream about him.
        The dream started with me and a friend going to a restaurant to do some work and i call him there so that we can meet. but my mom comes there so it is kind of impossible to meet him but in the end we still are able to meet for some time. we meet he tells me he missed me so much but b/c my mom was present in the restaurant we go to my house. when we go to my house we hug and kiss and then i look here and there but he's not there anymore and i cry because he left so early, meanwhile my aunty calls me and says i know you've a boyfriend we saw him entering out house... thats all i can remember

        Can someone please interpret my dream

  4. Salam, I am I'n a strange situation myself. I prayed istakhara last night and I developed feeling for a my fathers uncles grandson...

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  5. Your desires for this person could be really strong!!!

    "that this guy has invited me to take me to his home town"

    In your dream he is inviting you, he has desire for you, but not necessarily could mean is all true, nor I'm saying he ain't.

    " I'm following his direction"

    "I arrive at his home town"

    In you unconscious mind seems like you want to do just that.

    "I'm told to follow the direction"

    Perhaps you should take advice.

    "I can't see the river or its water"

    You can't see what is written in ink for you anyways.
    Can't see the the future, can't see destiny.

    Allah knows best.

  6. Asaalaam Alaikum, i dont know if u can delete it tbh, i guess admin ahas to delete it...i really dnt know jus feel hurt alot, mayy Allah distract me 4m this n grant us pious spouses and pious children, and allow us to serve our parents in this day and age, in sha allah, im so glad its ramdhan deen is holdin me firm, and i pray it holds him firm to in sha allah, and i pray allah accepts all off your efforts and forgives us for an errrors we may have made in this forum in sha allah x

  7. i read ishtakhara the 2nd day i had a dream getting the table ready for iftar, many people were round and my husband came in to the kitchen, we did not look at one another or smile ect we just carried on with wat we were doing, so i said to myself i'll spend time with him later, i woke up in my sleep then got back to sleep,

    this dream was so far my worst, my husband was possessd and as i read La ilaha ilulalha mohummed durasullah, he began to act funy and shaking ect i kept reciting the kalma again and again he then walked off to our room and closed the door. then my daughter was acting funny not herself, so i read aozoo bilaha minashtwa nirajim twice and it left her, on the tv screen it said 'its coming, behind u' and i felt it behind, throughout this i had no fear and as her door shut i ask for Allahs help.

    all i remmaber next wasi was standing outside our home and the door just closes, i wake up and my throat
    is so dry, and im fasting i cant swallow properly but eventually do, and quickly read 2 nufl.

  8. I read Istakhara a week ago and yesterday I dreamed some one scary was poisoning me and my father and he gave a speech I'n my dream.. As he poisoned us. Later on that day I saw the man from my dream in real life he was telling me and my dad the speech he originally said In my dream. To poison us again my mother..he is evil pure evil.. Is it weird my dream happened I'n real life it scares me...

  9. Assalaamu'alaikum...right now i just advice you to be patient because with patience you'll be able to face all difficulties. I'm trying to get a picture of your problem, so you are meeting him,right??? And one thing shouldn't be there is the part that u don't want to be the other woman and commit adultery...dear dont think about that,it kills everything...why don't you marry him. He can have to bad in that

    Now for the dream which has so called come true...its all about shaitwan. I would like to advice you to read Quraan and some Du'as before sleeping.

  10. I asked him to marry me and I could be his 2nd wife,but he sed no, the weird thing is he comes into my dream, and we r always meeting up,I feel he wants 2b with me,but cnt, and I guess he hates his situation right now :s,n the dreams he always seems very loving and caring and hates it if I'm annoyed with him,and he likes 2 b very close 2 me,I reaLly dnt kno wat 2 do, I wish sum1 could spk 2 him,but I feel that am intrudin in his life,if this is wat he wants my duas r with him always ameen x

    allah hafiz!

    • Ayesha, please log in and write your question as a separate post, thank you. The short answer is that Istikhara is not about dream interpretation. You should pray istikhara then make the best decision you can, trusting Allah to guide you to what is good for you.

      Wael Editor

      • Salam so confuse about something, my sister asked a mallam to pray/istikhara for her about her future marital life and the mallam said she's destined to be a second wife, that while writing her destiny about marital she wrote second as per second wife.....I don't know what this means and I really don't understand, does this happen for real? Like, can he be right? ....please I need reply...thank you

        • Mimi, no he is not right, and what he is saying is nonsense. Istikhara does not predict the future, and no one can do so. It is one of the fundamental principles of tawheed that no one knows the future except Allah. So this so-called mallam is a fraud, and it is your sister's mistake for thinking that anyone can tell her future.

          Salat al-Istikhara is performed when one is trying to decide on a course of action. It is a prayer that one should do for himself / herself. In it, the person asks Allah to guide him to what is best, and protect him from evil. Then the person should make their own best choice and trust Allah to fulfill the prayer.


    • Assalamo Alekum Ayesha

      You prayed Istikhara and asked Allah for guidance. Having a dream and acting according to what you think your dream meant is not the real guidance.
      What is destined for us reaches us even if it is buried under the mountains and what is not meant for us will never be ours even if it is in front us.
      This person was in a relationship with you yet he married another. He was not man enough to do the decent thing and you have had a lucky escape.
      You sought guidance and the situation you were seeking guidance for changed. Your relationship with this man is over. I know you must be heartbroken right now. But you need to accept this was not meant for you.
      My personal advice as a sister would be move on, do not contact this person again, seek forgiveness and pray that Allah SWT sends a good and pious man to you, who will value you enough to marry you.

      All the best sister
      Assalamo Alekum

  12. Dear Brothers/Sisters, I am in the hardest part of my life. I have been married twice and divorced twice. My husband is a good person. But to me he doesnt fullfill my needs. He's seen all around our city with other women.

    (Remainder of question has been deleted. Please log in and write your question as a separate post, thank you. - Editor)

  13. HI there I'm in a situation of divorcing my husband for his wrong deeds, I don't know if I should leave him, I have done istakhara but I havnt got an answer yet, with no dreams buy every time i would sleep be uncomfortable

    • Zohra, Istikhara is not dependent on getting a dream. Please check the links at the top of our website to read some articles with authentic information about Salat-al-Istikhara. To summarize, ask Allah to guide you to what is best, then make your own choice, trusting Allah to bring about the best outcome.

      Wael Editor

  14. I prayed isthikara for starting a business in my home country , leaving the present job.and saw 2 dreams - one was a group of people who were wearing black coats with their backs turned to me, when I looked up I saw the clear sky. The other was a group fighters wearing red cape/cloak with their back turned towards me. Again I looked up and saw the clear sky.

    Your advice in interpretation of this dream would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks and kind regards,


    • Firoz, Istikhara is not dependent on dreams or dream interpretation. That is a common misconception. You should pray Istikhara, then choose the best course of action from your heart and mind, trusting that Allah is guiding you to what is best.

      Wael Editor

  15. @Wael, Thank you very much for your response. Really appreciate it.

  16. Salaam i really need help.. i had a dream and saw a guy who i'M planning to get married to trying to kill someone and gets locked up this, the other person was bleeding.. this dream was after my istakar prayer when ii fell sleep.
    I don't know what to do or what it means, i really want yo be with this person..
    Could anyone help me?
    Thankyou x

    • Salaam Tier,
      You need to log in and submit your answer as a seperate post.
      Also please scroll to the top of the page and read the links on 'istikhaarah Questions and Answers' carefully to make sure you are doing it correctly. Know the meaning of what you are saying, having certainty your dua will be answered and Allah will give you whats best for you. Its not necessarily what you want but what is best in the long term.

      Normally be aware that Istikhaarah is not about dream interpretation - its about asking Allah to give you whats best for you. But you can have dreams. I had plenty of obvious nightmares after istikhaarah (on something different which turned out to be not the best thing for me), I kept repeating it a few times to be sure and the nights I didnt do the dua I didnt have the dreams. In the end I got so confused I begged Allah to turn the thing away if it is going to be harmful for me and He (swt) did. But I wasted time because I thought the nightmares were not related to istikhaarah. I thought they were my fears You should not soley base interpretation on dreams but if you are having lots of bad dreams then you cant ignore it - if you see what I mean

      But your dream does not seem to be confusing to me - thats a pretty bad dream - it may be that you and this person would not be good for one another - Allah knows best.. If you are unsure by all means do it again but dont let your emotions cloud your judgement and know Allah knows what is best.
      If you need further advice, please log in and submit question as a post as I cannot comment any further on this on someone else's post.

      Sara Editor

  17. I doing istikhara for my job where i had been applied. I seen a person dead in my dream who told me to apply there and i will talk to the boss of that organization to hire you there. Some one can tell weather this dream is in my favor or against me?

    • Imran, Salat-al-Istikhara is not dependent on dreams or dream interpretation. Please read our articles on istikhara (links at the top of the page) to understand it better.

      Wael Editor

  18. I have been getting to know a lady for marriage. She performed Istikhara Dua only & NOT the actual Istikhara prayer followed by the dua. She said following this she had a weird dream i was wearing black, but couldn't remember much of the dream. She also said following the dua she has had negative & weird feelings towards us getting married, yet dearly loves me.. We took it as that was the istikhara dua giving us a sign there. But a Few Days later she found out someone has been doing Black magic on her family causing marriage break ups & trouble within the family,which brought to my attention that is could the black magic be having an affect on her feelings towards us getting married??

    I performed istikhara myself for 7 days, I have had positive dreams on two occasions, they did not really seem like a divine dream that came from God, although they were good & I did see light in one of them. But didn't really get much on the rest of the days. My feelings are the exact same after the istikhara as they were before.

    What advice can you give on a very confusing & stressful time....

    • M.R.S., the results of Salat-al-Istikhara are not dependent on dreams. That is a common misconception. Rather, one should pray Istikhara sincerely, then choose whatever actions seems best, trusting that Allah is guiding him and bringing him to whatever is good.

      Wael Editor

  19. Salaam,
    I have currently been doing the Istikharah for seven days in a row as i am seeing a guy whom i like at and grown fond of. I wish to marry him. I have been seeing this guy for 5 mths now and after 3 mths i did the Istikharah for the first time, i had no dream but woke up very happy and had a huge smile on my face. Now 5 mths down the line i have been doing the Istikharah for seven nights with Esha namaaz, i dont dream of anything nor have i woken up with any feelings. This is a good ot bad sign that i am unable to dream or feel anything. Please guide me as i am very confused....

    • Wa Alaikum as Salam sister,

      Dreams may or may not have a relation with Istikhaarah. But it is not necessary that you see a dream. Istikhaarah makes things easy for you if they are good for you. And you also have a feeling which is positive. But you must trust in Allah that He Will Help you through Istikhaarah and make a decision based on inclination and trust in Allah. And when you have made the decision, put your trust in Allah that it is the best decision.

      Abu Abdul Bari Editor

  20. Salaam brothers and sisters,

    My fiance and I have been going through a rough patch

  21. hi,
    i did istikhara (remainder of comment deleted by editor)

    • Salaams,

      Please login and submit your question as a separate post, and we will answer it in turn in shaa Allah.

      -Amy Editor

  22. How to do tht?

  23. assalamualaikum...

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  24. I had a dream nt istikhara a woman told me in dream that some one give me some thing eat since I was a kid, an she say that why I can't success in any thing, so I want to know the interpretation please

    • Kaddy, istikhara is not about dreams or analyzing the images in dreams. It is about asking Allah to guide you to the best course of action, then doing what is in your heart and trusting that Allah will help you make the best choice.

      See some of the article links at the top of our website for accurate information about Istikhara.

      Wael Editor

  25. Assalamualaikum ...

    [Editor's note: Please read the sections of this website about istikhara. If you still need advice, please submit your question as a new post for publication rather than as a comment on an existing post. That way it can be published and answered in turn, inshaAllah.]

  26. AssaIlamualaikum ...

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  27. Assalamualaikum,
    I have this guy in my life whom I am planning to marry. Our families know about us and soon he is going to meet my parents to ask my hand.However, we keep having fights on small matters. Yesterday we had a fight again and we broke up. So i prayed Istikhara to know whether we should really go for marriage or we should split. I saw this dream last night that i am dreaming the result of Istikhara and it's coming out negative. The signs were really like "it was night / we are having dinner" and these were indicated to be "negative sign".I wake up crying and with a fever. It felt like my chest was hurting.I felt like it wont be possible for me to live with him. It was 4.50am. I called up the guy and he said the reason of the dream might be we had a fight before sleeping and my mind was confused. I really like this guy and i also don't want to go against the will of Allah. I am really confused about this indication and feeling restless ever since. Can anyone please help me?

    • Fatima, Istikhara is not based on dreams or dream interpretation. Please read our articles on Istikhara (links at the top of the page) to understand this prayer better.

      Wael Editor

    • Fatima: I have this guy in my life whom I am planning to marry........ we keep having fights on small matters. Yesterday we had a fight again and we broke up. ........ I really like this guy and i also don't want to go against the will of Allah. I am really confused about this indication and feeling restless ever since. Can anyone please help me?

      When you really like some one you don't fight on small matters? How close are you with him?

  28. salam
    can someone plz give me answers

    i have started to love my cousin from the time he came visited us. he wasn't so good in maintaining his life and we have helped him with that he shoudl feelings towards me, nothing harem happened alhamduallah i make duaa every day and night so that allah can guide him and help him. i made Salaatul-Istikhaarah and i had a weird dream it had different stories to it, the first one was i was in a beautiful garden or forest with both my sisters and there were plants that i have never seen on this earth big and green and the field was filled with beautiful white and green peacocks, i was so happy, then it changed and we started to get chased by a strange men, after that i was home and i saw my cousin that i like i wasn't wearing my hijab i felt soo happy, then i went to a place with water and i saw the beautiful shells and started to collect them then i slipped and fill into the water and thats where it finished plz help me and i have always been having dreams about him

    • sarah, salat-al-Istikhara is not dependent on dreams or dream interpretation. Allah will guide you to whatever is best, Insha'Allah. Personally, I do not favor cousin marriage as it leads to an increased chance of birth defects in the children. The world is a big place. There are many good men for marriage aside from your own family members.

      Wael Editor

      • i am sorry i never asked for any advice for looking for a man i already love my cousin and i dont want another man that might not be related to me. as for the babies its not always that you would get any mentally ill kids its usually with first cousins and he isnt my first cousin, i appreciate where u coming from but when u met that special person u know and it clicked in me i make dua to not look at another man and that allah may help me and him

        • Sara: i already love my cousin and i dont want another man that might not be related to me.... he wasn't so good in maintaining his life and we have helped him with that he shoudl feelings towards me, nothing harem happened

          Your cousin's and your feelings are based on physical attraction. It is not love it is lust in my opinion. Do you both live in the same country?

          Are you sure he is good in maintaing his life now?

          He showed feelings and nothing haram happened. That can change fast if you keep meetimg/talking with each other.


          • who the hell said that we were meeting and and talking to each other my father was the one that helped him and yes nothing harem has happened and nothing will because we live far away from each other as in different country and i pray to allah every day and i know where i stand as a female muslim so who are u to tell me "He showed feelings and nothing haram happened. That can change fast if you keep meetimg/talking with each other" he was telling my mom his feelings and she was telling me your so pathetic to start to assume things and i thought this site would help me with answers yeah right

          • Assalaamualaikam

            Sara, I don't think Br SVS meant any offence from what he wrote - I think he was trying to warn about the risks of non-mahrams meeting when they are attracted to each other. That's a very important point that we all need to be aware of when considering getting to know a potential spouse, so I don't think it was unreasonable for him to remind us all of that in this context.

            If you and your cousin believe you would be compatible as husband and wife, and you have done istikhara (which isn't dependent on dreams - please read the articles on this website for more information about this) and feel you want to marry, then proceed however you wish, so long as it's in accordance with Islamic limits.

            As Br Wael has mentioned, there are risks associated with cousin marriage, and it's important to be aware of these if you are hoping to have children together. Some inherited illnesses such as thalassaemia are more likely to occur, as being related means there is a higher risk of both parents having and potentially passing on affected genes. So, you may wish to consider whether you'd want to have genetic testing to guide you on this matter.


  29. Salam Alaikum, please I had a dream after praying istikhara .I saw my spouse that I which to marry getting married to another person and I also helped in making their wedding cake. please what do I do .Thanks please your reply is needed urgently.

    • As-salamu alaykum. Istikhara is not based on dreams or dream interpretation, though I have to admit that your dream doesn't sound good... The dream could simply be an expression of your fears. The real question is how do you feel about marrying your fiance? Do you still have a good feeling about it? Does it sit well with your heart? If yes, I would say proceed.

      Wael Editor

  30. At 3 am. I saw ocean and garden with rose and 2 children and then on second day i saw rain and the ocean and a bigg garden with lots of roses again is this better or good for me

    • Istikhara is not about dream interpretation. That is a common misconception. Please read our articles on Istikhara (links at the top of the page) to understand this salat better.

      Wael Editor

  31. Salams. I have been married for 15 years to my husband who was a non Muslim but converted to Islam. Allhamdulillah we have had many happy years. Three months ago out of the blue my husband left me and said he needed to sort his head out. It has been 3 months now and he has not returned but dies come to see me and our daughter occasionally. He said he has lost his faith and has gone back to drinking. I was devastated but still didn't want to throw away 15 years of marriage. I did istikarah on 3 different occasions seeking Allah's guidance to see if my husband was ever going to return and if he did would that be a positive thing for my future.
    My first dream was showing how overjoyed I was for my husband NOT signing some documents. I was sharing the good news with my mum. The second dream my husband and I were on holiday together and I was looking out of the window where I could see a beautiful scenery of mountains and calm sea. The third dream I saw a beautiful baby girl looking happy and giggling.......these were a very odd mixture of dreams which didn't make a lot of sense to me. Can anyone help interpret them please?

    • Sister Husna, Salat al-Istikhara does not predict the future and is not dependent on dreams. It is simply a way of asking Allah to guide you to the best decision. After praying Istikhara you should make the decision that feels right to you, and trust that Allah is answering your prayer by guiding you correctly.

      By the way, if your husband has given up his belief in Allah and Islam, then your marriage is automatically dissolved, after completion of the 'iddah.

      If you need further advice please register and submit your question as a separate post.

      Wael Editor

  32. Hi, I've done istikhara couple of times for this guy i liked and first dream I had was that I got married to him and moved out of area.
    Second one was that my sister said something like oh you look like 'the guy I like' to his sister if that makes any sense?
    Then I had one when I was with a guy in the car didn't see his face but was the same name as I plan on getting married to InshaAllah.

  33. this very good dream . its shows go a head.

  34. Assalam u alaikum,

    • Istikhara is not dependent on dream interpretation. Your dream is probably just an expression of your feelings about your husband not respecting you.

      Wael Editor

  35. I have seen that after marriage i am driving a car in a highway is it a good or a bad sign

  36. As salamualaikum wa rahemathulahe wa barkatu...

    I done istekhara on First day of ramzan 2016.

    I done istekhara on fst day i got green color leaves plate were hindus serve the food on that paper, one politician came to house with white wearing dress and had a meals in our home in that leaves plate (Pathodey) what they call in Telugu language. so many members coming to home at that time but there dresses are blur..

    I didn't got the dream after doing istekhara, when got up to do Saher (ramzan) after recruit the FAJAR Namaz i slept, then i got above dream.

    I just confused.. on next day i done istekhara one more time then i got all colors like Orange, green, white, red, yellow etc..

    What is that mean....

    • Read the answers given, as well as our articles about Itikhara. Salat-al-Istikhara is not dependent on dreams or dream interpretation.

      Wael Editor

  37. Allah knows the best ans.. but in my opnion that is a good sign.. although u hav seen black fish pic.. not a black fish alive... it means that u will find many hurdles unlikings till ur marriage is done with that guy.. those hurdles will not harm u.. they can b anything throughtout ur journey from ur family to his family.. but once u both r done with marriage all hurdles will finish. U will see a though time.. need is that u should not stop focusing on what is imp for u. Bcz the place where u reached was filled with green trees... green is very good sign.. means after ur marriage u both will live a perfect life together.

    All my prayers with u.
    Pray alot n rely only on Allah ... He is the one who will and can always help me.. safe guard u..

    Dr. Maria

  38. Let him go
    Although u will succeed in getting him back.. but u will ruin ur life during all this process

  39. I have a question, I do not want to doubt Allah(SWT)’s decision, but I was considering for an opinion and I had a thought to do istikhara for my partner I like and want to get married, but there were few hurdles in our way and. I knew something went wrong and I asked him and his answer was my family is pressurising me, I was all broken and was finding a way to solve this, I came across a page with istikhara option, I did it for 3 days, the first day I saw him in my dreams all happy and joy, I woke up and was having a positive vibe and a gut feeling for him, I don’t clearly remember the second day but I woke up happy and positive and gut feeling as well, but the third day I prayed istikhara prayers and I slept a few moments later I was going to wake up but just moments before I could open my eyes I see a face blur and I see a hand smashing glass bottle on the head and the skull bleeding, I woke up suddenly and was very scared..
    I read it in the website that seeing blood in istikhara is not good but I still have strong feeling for the guy and I don’t understand that I doubting my dream is doubting Allah(SWT)’s decision..
    please guide me towards the right path and spread the knowledge upon me of what should I do, should I do istikhara again or anything else.
    Allah Hafiz

    • K, istikhara is not based on dreams or images seen in dreams. Please read our articles about Istikhara (links at the top of the page) to understand it better.

      Wael Editor

  40. assalamulaikum i have done istikhara because of family issues in both sides although we both have feelings for each other. i did istikhara twice , in my first istikhara i had a great feeling that every thing will be positive and after second istikhara i had same feeling as well but in my dreams i saw a mosque and than after that i saw a fire in pump station and also i was in a mall and because of some issues with family i had to be in releationship with other girl my friends were cursing me at that time and even i was not happy after i saw my own girl in the mall i was so sad anf we both were crying i dont know what does it mean

    • Hi, I did Istekhara a lot for a marriage proposal but confused with the dreams. First time after the Istekhara I saw in my dream- snakes on my way and one under my sleeves then I remove it and pass by all the snakes. I again did Istekhara and dreamed- Iam sleeping in an open roof place and the moon light is so shinny and the moon light comes on me and I feel very good about it. I then continued to do Istekhara as Iam still confused but didn’t see any dream that would be catchy or I feel that it is the response. Please help me what to do?

  41. AOA
    I have dome my istakhara My istakharah is about a relationship with a guy - whether to keep it or not. I know that istikhara is not based or dreams , but i saw that i have reached the person home where I meet his family for brief seconds, little girls are playing in front of us , i can clearly see the face of the person intended, we both are holding hands , I'm seen laying my head on his shoulder, and we both can bee seen happy. Do I take this as a good sign.

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