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How we have to deal with people with psychopathy?


How we have to deal with people with psychopathy? Like people with mental illness or like shayatins (mina nass)?


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  1. As-salamu Alaykum,

    I am not totally sure what you mean by your question, but I think the best thing we can do for people suffering from mental problems or disturbances is to try to understand their conditions and seek help for them when possible and appropriate. Many people are not capable of seeking help on their own, so the responsibility for this falls on the shoulders of those who observe their behaviors and problems. And if you see others being harmed by their behaviors (like a child with a mentally ill parent), you should also try to help those people if they are not able to get help on their own.

    Thinking of the mentally ill as devils or possessed by evil spirits is not helpful in my opinion. Some people are mentally ill and pose a harm to society, while others are mentally ill and do not harm anyone else. If the person is dangerous, you may need to distance yourself in order to stay safe. Otherwise, I think we should just treat people normally and with compassion. But I think you will have to provide more information in order for your question to be understood properly.

  2. I'm happy this question came up, but you need to be more specific. Who has the mental illness and how does it affect you? I'm so sick of ppl saying things like 'you should have empathy for them and treat them kindly. They must have had a bad upbringing to make them this way.' Thing is, people are born this way. It is a mental illness so associating with them at a normal human level is not possible. This includes kindness. These people think the craziest things that a healthy brain would never come up with nor comprehend. Therefore you are best to stay as far away as possible if they are harming you emotionally or physically. But you need to tell us the scenario.

    I'll use my mother in law as an example. She was damaging me because her brilliant ideas were too extreme and hurtful. I couldn't keep up with her attacks. They were insane her goal was to harm. She was fully aware of it and enjoyed it but denied it because that would imply she is mental, which she never accepted. So I saw a number of counsellors and psychologists who helped me to come up with a plan to slowly move away from her and protect my kids. She harmed everyone who was near her. Crazy ppl can make you crazy. You have to protect yourself. Hope that helps.

    • Salam Nicolli,
      You must always protect yourself and the vulnerable. Safety first! However, a person with a mental illness can often be treated. What if your child or someone else close to you was mentally ill? Would you just abandon them or try to seek treatment? What if you knew that person would be on the streets without help?

  3. Oh, in that case, of course I would help them 100%. I would give them all of my attention and care.

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