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I need Allah in every part of my life

Love for Allah's sake

I want Allah how i can search him?

i want him in my every part of life.

- mahwash

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  1. whenever you call allah in your daily prayers , allah will come to you at all times

  2. Allah is always with us , thr is no need to search allah 🙂 if u want to communicate then recite quran and be puntual in salah 🙂 allah always answer us 🙂

  3. Assalamualikum!

    Control your Nafs .Read sure Sura 91 of the Quran ith tafseer you will know.

  4. Assalamu'alaikum,

    Yes, you can search for Him, in that He Is always there, you just need to find Him.

    There are times when He Is closest to His Servants.

    Amr ibn Absah narrated that the Prophet said: 'The closest any worshipper can be to His Lord is during the last part of the night, so if you can be amongst those who remember Allah at that time, then do so.'[at-Tirmidhi, an-Nasa'i, al-Hakim - Sahih]

    Abu Hurairah narrated that Allah’s Messenger, said: 'The nearest a slave can be to his Lord is when he is prostrating, so invoke (supplicate) Allah much in it. [Muslim, abu Dawud, an-Nasa'i and others, Sahih al-Jami #1175]

    Remember that you are closest to Allah in these times and your Lord Hears you. If you are sincere in your Worship, He Will be Pleased, in sha Allah. And when He Is Pleased, you never know, He May even destine you Paradise for it, it is His Will and His Decision.

    When you pray a lot of Nawaafil for Allah's Sake, in the way of Rasoolullah, you will find Allah.

    Narrated Abu Hurairah ﺭَﺿِﻲَ اﻟﻠﻪُ ﻋَﻨْﻪُ : Allâh's Messenger ﺻﻠﻰ اﻟﻠﻪ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﻭﺳﻠﻢ said, ``Allâh said, ‘I will declare war against him who shows hostility to a pious worshipper of Mine. And the most beloved things with which My slave comes nearer to Me, is what I have enjoined upon him; and My slave keeps on coming closer to Me through performing Nawâfil (praying or doing extra deeds besides what is obligatory) till I love him, then I become his sense of hearing with which he hears, and his sense of sight with which he sees, and his hand with which he grips, and his leg with which he walks; and if he asks Me, I will give him, and if he asks My Protection (Refuge), I will protect him (i.e., give him My Refuge); and I do not hesitate to do anything as I hesitate to take the soul of the believer, for he hates death, and I hate to disappoint him.'' (Bukhari)

    Subhanallah! May Allah Give us the Tawfeeq to do Nawaafil and remain steadfast.

    You must correct your beliefs, your Aqeedah (creed) and your ways of worship if there is anything missing. Learn about Allah, His Names and Attributes, in order to Love Him further, just like Imam Ahmad said:

    ﻣﻦ ﻛﺎﻥ ﺑﺎﻟﻠﻪ ﺃﻋﺮﻑ ﻛﺎﻥ ﻣﻨﻪ ﺃﺧﻮﻑ

    It means: Whoever knows Allah will fear Allah to that extent.

    So sister, obey Allah and His Rasool and improve your taqwa. In sha Allah, you will find Allah in every part of your life. And whenever you are tried with a calamity, respond to it with faith and trust in Allah The Most High and with patience. I received this hadith from a friend some days ago:

    Prophet salallaahu alihi wa sallam said: Allah marvels about the despair of His slaves and the nearness of his good, He looks at you and you are very desperate so He keeps laughing, beacause He knows that your relief is very soon. [Musnad Ahmad, vol 4, hadith no. 12, Authenticated by Shaikh Albani]

    May Allah Give us success in both the worlds and save us from His Displeasure. Aameen.

    Abu Abdul Bari Editor

  5. whenever you call allah in your daily prayers , allah will hear and see you at all times

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