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How can I interpret my dream?

Assalamu Alaikum,

I did a Istikhaara. And I saw a dream. But I cannot understand it's meaning.

I performed two rakat prayer saying that I love a guy, my Istikhaara question was to know that he likes me or not, or he loves me or not.

It was the 30 Ramadan night. I could not sleep upto 2:30 am. Then I woke up at 3:45 am for taking Sahri. then I said my Fazar prayer and go for sleep. But I did not see anything. At 9:45 am I woke up again for releasing pee. Then I go for sleep without wudu thinking that the Istikhaara dream time has over. But about 10:45 am I dreamt a dream.

There me and the guy was laughing in a picture (probably) and the picture was a wedding picture, and I was  wearing a red cloth (shari) there. and "i love you" (probably white) was written in the picture. There were many pictures there jointly, but same picture.

I could not understand that this is Istikhaara dream or not? And if it is Istikhaara dream then what is the explanation of this dream?

If it is possible for anybody to reply, please reply it as soon as possible. I am in a bad tension.

- Bashi

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  1. bismillah..

    Isstekhara is not used for any such worldly, essentially haram thing. Its only for halal things, plans to be exact. Its when you are embarking upon something and you want Allah's guidence.. It should complimented with Issteshara (consultation with people)..
    Its not a tool to see in the future or hearts of people. Or to forecast future in any matter that we are 'just' trying to know.
    Adding to it, Prophet MohammadPBUH never really taught about dreams when HePBUH was teaching the sahabaRA the way to do isstekhara.
    Another point to note is that.. you dont have to do it at night time, it can be done anytime and you dont have to sleep for it..

    Also, the dreams coming during the day are hadithun-Nafs (self's own mind play).

    If the guy in question would have asked for your hand, it would have made sense for you to do isstekhara..but my dear sis.. you just want to know if he likes you or not! why let so lame thoughts in your mind? Allah protect you amin.

    only Allah knows best

    • Assalamu Alaikum,
      Thanks for your reply. In the past, a renamed Istikhaara performing website suggested me to do istikhaara for this matter. So, I performed that.

      ALLAH knows best.

  2. Salam Bashi,

    Istekhara, as far as I'm informed, is often used before accepting a proposal or when we have to take

    major decisions and are unsure about them. Many people use Istikhara in connection with marriage,

    especially when they are not sure whether to accept or reject the guy's proposal. Your wish to know

    if a potential partner for marriage likes you is not haram at all. He's not mahram and you can't ask

    him directly, so you did Istekhara.

    However, this dream can have many meanings and we know from prophet Yusuf a.s. that dream

    interpretation is possible and considered to be something valid in the religion of Islam.

    It would be helpful to consult an ISLAMIC sheikh or scholar, who is learned in that special area.

    My husband used to have an elder aunt who had reached a high level of marifa and was very learned

    in that field. Very often, women are more experienced in dream interpretation.

    Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam could even predict the death of a prisoner. He was a prophet and a normal

    human being can't be compared to him, but not every dream is a play with the human nafs.

    Jazakallah kheir

    • Assalamu Alaikum,
      Thanks for youe reply. May you suggest me any ISLAMIC sheikh or scholar for interpreting dream. Then it will be grateful for me.

      ALLAH knows best.

  3. We have several very good articles about Istikhara on this website. Please read them to learn about the method and purpose of Istikhara. Check the links at the top of the website.

    Wael Editor

  4. salam.. i did istekara for someone i met few months back...i had a dream of my late father in a bright room giving me and my sister money also give me extra on the side,he was happy in my dream..

    am so confused what the dream means..

  5. Sir
    I have offer in another company so I did isthikara, and my fifth days passed and I have another two days. What I saw in dream on the first night is I am in mosque and I did the abolution so late by that time congegation is over.
    Could you tell what is means should I move to new company or not.

    • Syed, we cannot interpret the dream for you. Since you have prayed Istikhara, do what is in your heart, and trust that Allah is guiding you to the best choice.

      Wael Editor

  6. Assalaminaleykum warrah mattullah wa barrikatuh brother or sister that's reading this I want you to be able to interpret my dream as I'm curious to know what it means ..

    in my dream I see two men dressed in white kaftan like clothing with white turban surrounding Is desert like with trees and shrubs here and there .. the place where they're standing is Small fountain like but has a tap and they're both washing their hands like they're gonna have Wudu their faces is light bright as sun and they're talking to me but I have niqab on what dose this mean ?,,

    • Allah knows best. It could be that the fountain is zamzam, and the men are angels, which would indicate that you will make Hajj sometime soon, Insha'Allah.

      Wael Editor

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