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Nabi Booti plant to help conceive?

Does the Maryam Booti (or Nabi Booti) plant help with conception, pregnancy or delivery?

Does the Maryam Booti (or Nabi Booti) plant help with conception, pregnancy or delivery?


I bought Nabi Booti from Madina, Saudi Arabia for someone I know. I was told that its to help women conceive. I am not sure if it should be used and if so than how it should be used.

- Tahira

Wael's Answer:

Dear Tahira, As-salamu alaykum,

The mystery continues. Back in June 2009 someone asked, "Does the Maryam Booti" work?" She wanted to know if this plant which grows in Arabia can help pregnant women with their delivery. At the time I searched the internet exhaustively and found almost nothing. I also asked my parents, who are both botanists and used to lecture at the University of Riyadh, but they were not familiar with maryam booti. My father thought he had heard of it before, but not in the context of pregnancy.

Now here you are, asking if the "Nabi Booti" can help women to conceive. I have to believe that this is probably the same plant with different names. Again, I searched the internet and found absolutely nothing.

Clearly this is a plant used in traditional medicine to help with some aspect of pregnancy, whether it's conception, pregnancy itself or delivery. We need someone who is knowledgeable about the use of Arabian plants in traditional medicine to answer this question.

Does anyone have more information about this?

I have written to a professor of medical science at the Arab American University in Jenin, Palestine, to ask for information. I will update here if I get a response, Insha'Allah.

Meanwhile, please read Sister Noorah's excellent answer, published only a few days ago, to this question,. "Dua for starting pregnancy? Recommended way to conceive?"

And Allah knows best.

If any readers have some additional advice for this questioner, feel free to post your comments below.

(O Allah), Guide us to the straight path; The path of those whom you have favored; Not those with whom you are angry; Nor those who go astray.

Best regards,

- Wael Hesham Abdelgawad, Editor Marriage Advice Muslim Matrimonial Service

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  1. Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

    Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

    I spent some time online as Wael did, and came up with a bit of information from an Islamic discussion forum. The plant is also known as "Bibi Maryam Panjha" and is sold in India and Pakistan as well as Saudi Arabia. It is, as Wael commented, known and used as an aid to labor. According to the information I saw, those who do not use it in the "superstitious" manner, just soaking it and waiting for the leaves to open, actually drink the resulting liquid.

    I do not know if it would be an aid to conception but my concern is this: If a woman is trying to conceive, and she does so naturally, but she is not AWARE that she is already pregnant, she might take this herb. If it is an aid to labor, it may have the effect of inducing uterine contractions, which is great at the end of a pregnancy, but it can cause an miscarriage of an embryo or fetus in early pregnancy. I would recommend against using this for that reason, especially in the absence of more information. Here is the link to the discussion thread:

    The following link offers information on herbs that are commonly used to help promote conception:

    Please do be aware that just because something is "natural" does not mean it is harmless, and you should never just take herbs on your own without consulting a person who is knowledgeable in the field. You may have a lot of resistance from "modern" doctors who do not respect herbal medicine, so you should consult and herbal practitioner who can help you work on a holistic approach to pregnancy. You can do many things to improve your health and mental wellness so you can have the best possible chance of conceiving.

    Fi Aman Allah,


    • I also know the same that the above picture is of Maryam Panja used to aid labour. And to conceive there is Nabi ki Booti

    • I would recommend a true Muslim to find out if this has any basis in Islam because the way I see it it is shirk. Believing that this will help you conceive or if it will make your pregnancy easier is clear shirk unless someone has proof which I doubt. Believing that this herb can give you a baby is shirk especially when there is no proof from quran or Sunnah and no medical opinion. Saying it has been tried n tested n worked doesn't mean it is right could be ALLAH testing us. Remember Only ALLAH swt gives the ability to bare children and only ALLAH swt can help not a flower in water in your home the flower had no power. So have sabr n make dua n strive to stay on the straight path n regain from shirk n biddah

      • Dear Riaad,

        I feel embarrassed when I hear such comments. Have you ever taken any medicine in life or visited a doctor if yes then according to your comment and assumption you have commited shirk... please try to understand what is shirk... With out doubt everything in this world or all created worlds is done only if Allah allows it. This is the basics of imaan ..but you have to understand that Allah has created things in this world the provide benefit to his other creations. Please stop labeling everything as Shirk and bidaat , Allah has created this world in such a way that everything corresponds to a waseela... for our birth our parents become waseela.. for the tree to grow He has made the seed, the farmer the soil and the water waseela ... have vivd look at the workings of nature and everything will make sense.


      • I bought this this plant in Mecca right opposite the Haram Sharif, if it was considered as shirk, they would not be selling it right outside the mosque. I bought it even though I have absolutely no idea what it is used for. I saw all the women in my group buying it and I followed them with absolute no knowledge about this plant. My daughter-in-law is expecting and she is suffering a lot and I am doing reserch as well to see if this plant can help her delivery easy in June 2015. InshahAllah

      • how is this shirk? are we not allowed to take medication? well this herb is a medication and its called "nai booti" because in our Prophet's time he himself would give this herb to women who were trying to conceive. So how can he commit shirk? are u crazy or what? Allah has created natural herbs for us as remedies. He puts shifa in such things. Back in the Prophet's time they did not have advance medication so they relied on herbal treatment. So this is a treatment and not "shirk"

    • ASWRWB

      Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim or

      Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem?

      • Irrelevant. This is of course an Arabic phrase. It can be transliterated into English in various ways.

        Wael Editor

  2. Assalam o alaikum

    I recently went to Saudi Arabia and my aunts bought a lot of these herbs. I myself was wondering what is the significance of each of them from valid sources (despite their claims which can be categorized as old wives tale) and therefore was searching the Internet for answers and found your page.

    However, for what I know and seen is that they are different herbs. Nabi booti is used to help conceive and Maryam Phool is used to help women in labour. The picture you have on this page is that of Maryam phool.

    I am also looking forward to what the professor of medical science at the Arab American University in Jenin, Palestine, says about it.

    Ayesha, Karachi, Pakistan

    • Ayesha, thanks for the info! We are slowly figuring out the mystery of these plants.

      • Dear all
        It was nice reading the conversationrs. I m married for past 8 yes and don't have children. After 4 yrs I was diagnosed with blocked follipin tubes. My husbands rapid linear progression is very low
        We had a failed ivf also. During all these y I never stopped praying did lot of wazaifs. By the grace of Allah 2 months before I went for HSG test and my tubes got normal. But still my husband has the problem. Anyone guide me to solve my husbands problem with herbs. As far as maryam and nabi booti is concerned I don't think its shirk to eat such herbs. It is just like to have any medicine. But we should first be sure if its not harmful.

        • May be able to help with conception InshaAllah.

        • I just came across your comment. My cousin had PCOS. After numerous Treatments IUI IVF she still suffered infertility. Someone recommended this booti as an equavilance to a treatment for infertility medicine. Allhamdulillah the herb worked and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy after 13 years of infertility.

        • dear my fallopian tubes are also blocked. what you did that got normal position. please please please share its Humble request.

  3. Assalam o alekum,
    If there is some fellow who used nabi boti for conception and it worked so please do inform me because I want to get pregnant and someone has suggested me to drink water of nabi booti( which is sort of leaves)
    but anothe one has suggested me to do not use Nabi booti , anything could be harmful for a woman as Sister Norah said. so please someone with personal experience please do inform me and help me in this manner.

  4. Assalaamu alaikum.

    I just bumped on to this site by accident and i have read the whole thing.

    The picture above is of "Pejia Maryam" as said in urdu, for easy understanding it is also called "Bibi Maryam ke Phool."

    Just before leaving off for delivery, you should put this dry flower in a vessel full of water or milk.

    The labor and delivery will be swift and with ease.

    The dried flower opens up in the vessel and becomes large.

    Its a tried and tested method.

    Its written in the book, Beheshti Zewar (heavenly ornaments) by Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi Saheb (Rahmatullah Alaih)

    • JazakAllah for the details. My daughter in law is expecting her first one in a couple of months time. We went for umrah in march and I bought this booti not very sure of its use so am very grateful to your information.

  5. How to use Maryam Booti?
    What is the histry of maryam booti?
    Whats the result of maryam booti for pregnancy?
    When to use it what is the best time to use it?

    As i am married since last four years and my wife is not getting pregnant medically we both are ok, we bought maryam booti from madina sausia arabia but dont know what to do now.

    so please if some one can help us we'll thank ful.


    Jamal afzal Sheikh

    • AOA ....

      yOU are supposed to make it into powder by grinding it.... then u start using it after your periods.. say 2 nafil hajaat and take some powder with zum zum or milk... then u go to your husband... repeat for 7 days...

      this can be repeated for 3 cycles.... 7 days first month, 5 days second month and 3 days third month..

      Inshallah you wont have to repeat after this 🙂

      May Allah bless us all .........

      • Helo sis.i read ur post.i want to know if u hv personaly used Nabi booti?????? plz ans

      • we don't drink maryam booti we just put it in water and it helps for easy delivery not fr conceiving or conceiving we use nabi booti leaves we boil it and drink at in the morning and it helps to conceive (i read all dis info on internet you can also find pics and info urself don't get confused with maryam panja and nabi booti dear)

      • mjhe sahi se iska use smjh m nai aya kia ap detail bta skti h plzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • I am more than thankful that u explained how to use it .. Jazakumullahi khairan kaseera!

  6. Salaam,
    I am trying to conceive but failed past 9 months. I am 3 years married. I brought Nabi Booti and also Maryam Booti but do not know how to use it, Kindly help me please.

    JazakAllah Khairan!

    • Walaikumsalaam Farah,

      I do not know about any Islamic link to this plant. Seek medical attention and make dua inshaAllah.

      "O my Lord! Leave me not without offspring, though Thou are the best of inheritors!"
      (Rabbi latazarnee fardau-wa anta khaerul waratheen )

      Best Wishes,

      SisterZ, Editor

    • nabi booti is used in the following way...

      take the entire amount on nabi booti that you have and grind it thoroughly in a grinder. next, take a small piece of 'malmal' fabric and sieve the entire powder of dried nabi booti leaves in a container.
      now this powder is ready to be used.

      this herb should be used by the wife only. what she has to do is to take a teaspon full of this powder with a glass of milk for 3 days after her menstrual period has ceased. do this regularly for three nights.
      Insha Allah Allah will Help us all..AMEEN.

      • Hi,
        how many days would you do this? Would you do this for 3 days at the end of your morning? or for 6 days? Would you take this in the morning or night?

        Really appreciate any information. May God bless you.

        • Asalaamu'alykum sisters.
          Everyone is looking for answers everywhereelse but Quran and Sunnah. This plant is a form of innovationin deen and we should not fall prey to it.only Allah can make things easy for us.

  7. Salaam HS,

    Thank you so much for your help and guidelines. May Allah grant you with all happiness and bless you always with all HIS blessings. AMEEN!

    JazakAllah Khairan!


  8. Salaam Sisterz,

    Thank you so much for this DUA....I will surely read this daily. May Allah bless you with HIS blessings and grant you with all the happiness! AMEEN

    JazakAllah Khairan,


  9. Our local imam has a shop which sells, "Bedroom Baba". I don't know what it is, but it's a bottle filled with liquid with a picture of a man and woman too on it I think. Funny!

  10. Please send me pictures of both nabi booti as well as maryam phool, we r very confused ab both.
    we have this kind of boooti which is published here but not really know whether it is nabi booti or maryam,
    we r waiting for ur reply

  11. this bibi mariam ka phool i used when i was pregnant for delivery with my daughter... i put it in water before i left for hospital. my delivery was very quick and swift... had no stitches 2 pushes and 10 minutes labour... my mum said the flower was fully opened when we called her to give them the good news about my daughters birth. I hope this helps

  12. @HS can i plz hav ur email too...i also want to noe abt it..but not for me....
    whn we tak nabi we grind da whole thing stem n leave??

  13. name of the nabi booti from arbic plz (ans)

  14. What is Rogne Ballasam.. ?

    Pure natural BALLASAN OIL

    Rogne Ballasam is a Oil Extracted from a tree in Badr. Very Rare and Expensive withinnumerable uses

    Highly Activeed for piles, paralysis, wounds, diabetes pain, venereal diseases, liver diseases, liver and sexual weakness for paralysis, wounded pain and liver diseases, worm 30 gm of olive oil and add 6 drops BALLSAN in it then massage on irritated part of body apply it on wound on piles and on liver


    Take 25 gm milk add 2 drops of BALLASAN in it and drink mixture after isha prayer dinner should be after magrib prayer.


    Cost between 70-100 Saudi Riyals.

    What is Nabi Booti.. ?

    Nabi booty is an Herb that is found in Medina. It is said that Once a person came to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and said RasoolAllah s.a.w. I do not have children please give me a child. Rasool Allah s.a.w. said Ask Allah he will give. The man said NO. I will ask only You please give me a Child. Again RasoolAllah s.a.w. said Ask Allah he will give. Again the man Asked RasoolAllah s.a.w. then a wahi came to RasoolAllah s.a.w. which asked RasoolALLAH s.a.w to pluck the herb which is growin on the ground and give to this person. And RasoolAllah s.a.w. did pluck the plant and gave it to that person. and after eating that herb the person got a child.

    That plant or Herb is known as Nabi Booti and is available in 5 Saudi Riyal near Jable Uhud.

    Please dont get confused with the flower which some people bring which is supposed to open when women gives birth and make birth easier for her?.......Thats called Maryam Booti

    What is Maryam Booti ?

    This is a herbal plant used to speed and aid labour pain during delivery sold in Medina, Pakistan /Iran.

    What are Ajwa dates ?

    • Asaw,someone gave me these nabi booti leaves but i have not started taking it yet but want to start it soon.what is the best time to take nabi booti with milk, at night before going to sleep or in the morning sometime? and can we add a little sugar or honey to it to add taste?
      do u hear someone get conceived after having this nabi booti with milk?

  15. Aoa All,

    2day my sister had a baby boy.. when she came home my mother had this flower in her jug....I was also curious abt the Maryam boti... it is used in my family ... i asked my mother for its history she told me that it is named after Hazrat Bibi Maryam (AS) mother of Hazrat Esha (AS).
    she said the logic behind this flower is that when Hazrat Bibi Maryam (AS) gave birth to Hazrat Esha (AS) she was alone in a deserted place. she grab that flower at the time of delivery and it became easy for her to give birth to Hazrat Esha(AS).
    since then it is used for the ease of delivery process....

    Mentioning it as i heard it from my mom.....God nows if it is true or not but it is used in my family and uptill now all of my family members who used it have normal delivery..

    Umair Farooq

  16. Ohh i forgot to mention another thing... a single flower can b used multiple times and by multiple women... no restriction in it in this regard...
    Initially its in the above shown shape... once that flower is dipped in the water its blossoms like a flower or i should say like a tree (in the above pic all the outer branch like coverings become straight ) and after the delivery it is taken out of water and left in the open to dry.. when it completely drys it again acquire the above shown shape and then stored some place safe for future use....


  17. In Unani system of medicine a plant described by Ibne Baitar in his book Aljamiul mufredat al advia wa al Aghzia, with the name of Asabaus sofar, kafe maryam, and kafe aaisha in Arabi and with the name of panja e maryam and panja e aaisha in farsi, is grow near the sea.The root is just like fist of new born baby found in arab countries.

  18. Dear all,

    I am happy to find this website. I have been looking for Nabi Booti for (I am trying to conceive) and have no idea how it looks like. What I understand is Nabi Booti is a type of herb or leaf to help women to conceive. Maryam Booti is to help women to ease labour (giving birth). The above picture (of a huge dried flower) is Maryam Booti.

    My question is can I buy Nabi Booti in Dubai or anywhere in the United Arab Emirates? Would appreciate your advice.

    • hi zaitun Im from abu dhabi can u plz tell me if u find nabi booti somewhere here in UAE I shall be thankful to you

  19. Assalam everyone,

    Do we get the Nabi Booti and Maryam Booti only in Saudi Arabia? if you are from USA or South Africa for e.g, how can we get it? i mean, anyone knows whether it is cultivated elsewere in the world?


  20. Assalamulaikum,

    I have a dilemma. I had a laparoscopy a few years back and had endometriosis removed. After that I tried silver bullets (don't know the Arabic/Indian name) and progesterone creams for conception all of which have not worked. I am doing my first IVF this month after two failed IUI's.

    My mother just returned from Saudi and brought me Nabi Booti. I don't know if I should use it with IVF or leave it for another time. I feel really bad since she brought it all the way from Medina.

    Will appreciate any advice.


  21. sallam .
    pls send me full detail about
    1 -
    2 -
    3 -
    Thank u.

    (Details of question deleted by Editor)

    • Wasalam,
      Please log in and submit your questiona as a seperate post. Thank you.
      María Editor

    • pls send me full detail about
      thank u ,

      (Details deleted by Editor)

      • Sahmed,

        Please log in and submit your question as a separate post. This is the second time I have advised you of this.

        SisterZ Editor

  22. Dear Shiyasha

    Thank you so much for such a beautiful betails will u please send me full details of the flower.
    if you dont mind
    if we can help some one in the way so its gud for us.
    GOD Bless us

    Best regards


  23. In arabic it is called huurbar and iam pregnant at the moment and have been told to use it, women drink it after soaking it in water i found it to have a nasty taste did not like it at all, and it comes out of your pour's and smell's pretty bad i no many women who say it helps with delivery in labour, Allah yalam.

  24. Also in the uk you can find it in East African shops Ethiopian, Somalian, and Arab shops

  25. Salaam I want to know how to use nabi ki boti n maryem ka phool please also send me the pic of nabi ki boti. Thanks

    • Sister, Asalaamualaykum,

      We do not any more about 'Nabi Booti' than what is written in this thread.

      If you wish for advice on anything else, please log in and submit your question as a separate post.

      Thank You

      SisterZ Editor

  26. I am trying to conceive and have not been able too. We have the Maryam ka phool. BUT from the understanding I have it' sonly to be used in delivery time. I was never told that you should grind it and have it with milk. I know that there is some other type of leaves that you get and then grind that and drink with milk. Please explain. Need details. Very desperately trying and it being Ramadhaan I want to conceive in this holy month.

    Please advise.

  27. What is Rogne Ballasam.. ?

    Pure natural BALLASAN OIL

    Rogne Ballasam is a Oil Extracted from a tree in Badr. Very Rare and Expensive withinnumerable uses

    Highly Activeed for piles, paralysis, wounds, diabetes pain, venereal diseases, liver diseases, liver and sexual weakness for paralysis, wounded pain and liver diseases, worm 30 gm of olive oil and add 6 drops BALLSAN in it then massage on irritated part of body apply it on wound on piles and on liver


    Take 25 gm milk add 2 drops of BALLASAN in it and drink mixture after isha prayer dinner should be after magrib prayer.


    Cost between 70-100 Saudi Riyals.

    What is Nabi Booti.. ?

    Nabi booty is an Herb that is found in Medina. It is said that Once a person came to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and said RasoolAllah s.a.w. I do not have children please give me a child. Rasool Allah s.a.w. said Ask Allah he will give. The man said NO. I will ask only You please give me a Child. Again RasoolAllah s.a.w. said Ask Allah he will give. Again the man Asked RasoolAllah s.a.w. then a wahi came to RasoolAllah s.a.w. which asked RasoolALLAH s.a.w to pluck the herb which is growin on the ground and give to this person. And RasoolAllah s.a.w. did pluck the plant and gave it to that person. and after eating that herb the person got a child.

    That plant or Herb is known as Nabi Booti and is available in 5 Saudi Riyal near Jable Uhud.

    Please dont get confused with the flower which some people bring which is supposed to open when women gives birth and make birth easier for her?.......Thats called Maryam Booti

    What is Maryam Booti ?

    This is a herbal plant used to speed and aid labour pain during delivery sold in Medina, Pakistan /Iran.

  28. dear friends,i just came from medina and i got nabi boti.i asked so many people in jabl uhad about it.they told me to grind nabi boti and use it for seven days with milk and inshahalah allah will help..i am going to start it for d first time.pls pray for me.i have seen one lady who conceived after 7 yrs aftr taking nabi boti.inshalah Allah wil help us also..ameen

    • dear mehek...pls let me know if it worked for you as shortly i am planning to take the samand i pray it works for you.....

    • Dear Mehak,


      Pleease share your experience about having NABI KI BOOTI, i have bought it from saudi arabia by someone now i want to use it please guide.
      my email adress is

  29. Dear friend mehak,

    Insha Allah sure Allah ll help you friend. Allah knows what best for us and what is the best time to bless us. May Allah make u happy dear.

  30. aswlkm im merried 4m last four year my job is abroad but i came yearly 4 3 months but still my wife is not pregnant dr says the semen count is little less n my wife problem is PCOD i have nabi booti but but my friend give 4 types of leaves i dont know wat is the best n help 4 pregnancy n how to use 4 best result plz help me n dua 4 me reply fast thank u allah hafiz

  31. Theae herbs are selling frm years and it grows in madinah,then wht the q of its authenciy?this is maryam boti in the pic,nabi boti is diff n both herbs use for diff purpose.maryam boti is for delievry and nabi boti for conceiving,use it without any fear cz in old days herbs used for treatments.

  32. asalam alaikum plz can any when send me the pics of nabi booty i hav mariam ka phool but i want nabi booty pics

  33. will you plzzz tell dat can dis booti use both husbnd and wife

  34. Assalamualeikum maryam sis,

    I have 7 Nabi booti flowers. no need money i can send you ,you just tell me the way to send you.


    • Mayramm,

      Please refrain from posting personal information such as your home address on this website. Posting such information could leave you very vulnerable. Think about your safety and security before sharing information.

      SisterZ Editor

    • Sister,
      Salam.I need Nabi booti.Could you send me .I will be very appreciated .

  35. Maryamm, do not post your email address here please. If anyone has any sound information or source for Nabi Booti, they can post it here.

    Wael Editor

  36. ok thank u

    • Assalamualeikum sizi,

      Sorry just now saw your reply. Insha Allah my sisters family s planing to visit malaysia. i ll ask them to send from there. sizi this s my business email id send your address to this mail id n i ll send u within 3days.

      Insha Allah Allah ll make you & your family happy soon & always! Ameen !

      • Sister Maryamm, please do not put your email address in the URL field when you fill out a comment. Every time you do that I have to manually delete it.

        Wael Editor

      • Assalamualeikum sizi,

        do u have face book account? if u have let me know please?

      • Pls I'm in Malaysia and I'm currently pregnant I'd like to know where I can get this Maryam booti in Malaysia. Jazakumllah khair

  37. w slam

    (Information deleted. Sister, we've told you repeatedly not to post personal contact information here, and I've told you not to put your email address in the URL field. You keep ignoring us. So I am putting you on moderated status. - Wael, Editor)

  38. As Salaam Alaikum,

    I have pictures of "Nabi kee Booti", recently taken from Gazwa Auhod Area (in Madina), where people are selling this herb.
    If anyone need these pictures then pls. write and add these photos on website for the knowledge of others.
    (I will keep these picture in my records for two months from 6 Mar 2012, then it will be deleted)


  39. Dear brother Wael,

    Kindly note that Maryam Booti and Nabi Booti, both are different herbs.

    The picture you have posted on this website is of Maryam Booti (or Maryam Panja) and is NOT of Nabi ki Booti.

    Pls. give me your email ID, I will send your the correct photo of Nabi ki Booti so that you can pulish this picture on your website and other Muslims will have clear image of this herb.

    I, by myself visited the place in Madina and explore the right thing.


  40. inshallah i will be visiting mecca madinah and will bring nabi ki booti for myself as i am inspired by reading this threads..and will try it for sure.

  41. AOA

    my cousin got me some nabi booti(medina leaves) last week. There are so many different ways of taking it.
    I have been told to take a few leaves and boil them in 1 litre of water and drink at least one glass full every morning before doing anything else. also been advised not to drink this water when menstruating.
    Has anybody else been told similar? I'm yet to try it inshallah will post back. May Allah galah grant us all naik children Ameen

  42. Kindly send Nabi booti picture to my id

    (Email address deleted by Editor)

    Zajakallah Khir

  43. Assalam-o-alikum,

    my mother in law told me abt this nabi ki boti but she also didnt knw the actuall way to eat... so she asked from her bhabhi sister who used it many years ago as she also dont have any child after her 10 long years of mmarriage she used lots of stuff but didnt worked then she used nabi ki boti and after using this she got pregnant with a healthy baby boy.. she told my mothe in law how to use as per she said tht grind the whole thing and used it daily after fajar prayer a teaspoon of powder nabi ki boti wth a glass of milk and tht night go to ur husband... i have this nabi ki boti from last 4 months but didnt used it... now m thinking to use it from tomorrow insha-Allah... ive been married last year and havent got pregnant... pray for me plz...
    jazak Allah....

  44. Salaam,

    I have been married for 10 yrs now Allhamduillah, but no children yet......I was given the Nabi ke booti by a friend who went on umrah. her mum told me to grind it with ajwain seeds and then have a small amount with water. can anyone clarify if this is to be done directlt after periods or at anytime?

    please remember me in your duas, and may Allah SWT bless us all with naik, healthy off spring.......


    • Assalamwalikum w r b... nabi boti is used after periods. The quantity comes in the pack should be divided in to 7 equal parts and soak in water or milk b4 going to bed at night n have it in morning for 7 days continuesly. Then have to meet ur partner for 5 or 6 days ( can also meet during taking this from day 1). Inn shaa allaha this will help in conceiving. Can be used for 3-4 months also if u didn't conceiv early.

  45. Asalamalaikum,

    I have read above comments regarding Mariam Ka Panja or Mariam ke phool and would like to say that its really effective i have heard a lot about that flower and actually seen the working during my cousins pregnancy..

    Can anyone tell the benefits of Roghan e bilsa oil which is from Saudi Arabia, i know its some significance but want to know more details..


  46. Asalamalaikum,

    I have been married for about 3yrs but have no children. Me and my husband have had all the medical checks and all come back ok. My mum has just come back from performing Umrah and she has brought me some Nabi ki Booti. InshAllah we will start taking it in the next few days - Please remember us in your duas. What I would like to know is does anyone have any personal experience with Nabi ki Booti?


  47. Salam alaykom all
    Amen to all adayas... May all those sisters be blessed with healthy pregnancy and gave a healthy baby inshaallah

    Where can I buy this herb from in London ? I do not know anyone going to Saudi.
    I have been given the Maryam booti plant pictured above and was told it helps with conception.. My friend has got pregnant using it and she gave it to her friend who got pregnant after 12years of marriage mashaallah and alhamdullillah.


    • Asalamalaikum,

      As far as I know the Maryam Flower helps with labour and the Nabi Booti helps with conceiving a baby.

      I dont know if the Nabi Booti is sold here in London but I think reading some of the posts above someone has mentioned you can purchase it but they have not confirmed where from! My mum brought me some back from Umrah and I am currently taking the Nabi Booti every morning with milk and have 2 more days to go on. So please remember me in your prayers and duas.

      Did your friends conceive with the Nabi booti?


    • AoA,

      It really to good to listen about this good news now u have a baby?
      plz guide i m asking to every one to help me i have NABI KI BOOTI and want to use it

  48. as salamualikum, every body, i gust wanna know ,that this hazrat maryam panja has any authenticity in islam , or any one of you have heard in prophet (saw) hadees ? cause i fear that doing such act for babies affection ,may turn into bidaat. so any one has any authentic hadees regarding this matter please comment.

  49. AOA ive been married for 3 years & have Poly cystic ovaries due to which i'm unable to conceive. want to ask for how many days should the booti be taken? somebody has mentioned 7 days but no other person has mentioned any clear method..I have heard it should be taken for 21 days & the leaves should be put in hot water to make tea-like stuff & then it should be drank & 1 ajwa date should be eaten after it. Then Sura Yousaf should be read. i want to confirm if this is also the right method?
    The sisters who mentioned trying it havent posted any anxiously waiting

    • Sarah,

      I have not heard of these things being mentioned in any sunnah. But if you want to do them, then do so but without making them into a so called religious ritual. If you have poly cystic ovaries, you need to see a doctor and get the necessary treatment.

      SisterZ Editor

  50. One of my friends use this nabi ki booti n she got pregnant after five years long period Alhamdulilah. The way to use : grind leaves -> sieve -> 1 tspn in milk every night then goto ur husband for the seven days just after ur periods. Before that offer 2 rakat namaz (namaz-e-hajaat) n a tasbeeh of this dua "rabbi la tazirni faradaon wa-anta khairul wariseen". + tasbeeh of astaghfaaar. InshaAllah you will be blessed with a child soon.
    Remember me in ur prayers.

    • Thanku so much for the guidance:) May Allah grant u all the happiness...please remember me in ur prayers too:)

  51. JazakAllah

  52. assalam u allikum

    can man can use nabi boti..if yes wht is the method to use


  53. Assalamualaikum, I am having a baby boy through ceaserean last year he is 1 year old now I am pregnant once again. Now I am having bibi Maryam ka phool with me so can anyone advice me can i use it now in my second delivery I mean as my first chid is through C-section I want second to b normal so can I also use "bibi maryam ka phool". Please kindly advice me as Iam in my 8th month of pregnancy I am desp[erately waiting for your answer. THANK YOU Mrs. Zmaks

  54. As Salamu Alikum,
    I got married 1 1/2 yrs back . Not yet conceived.My mother- in -law went for UMRAH, and she brought nabi ki moti and mariam ki boti. I read information in this blog , about how to use both. Thank yu all.I m about to use from this month. Pls keep remember me in your prayers and dua.

  55. Yasmin: I'm in UAE can you please tell me if by any chance you are located in uae I'm in search for these herbs but cannot find them in UAE.

  56. Salam aleikum

    I live in UAE too , anybody know where to get the right herb to conceive? We r married about 6 years and no children so far(husband problem) Can the herb be taken by both (husband & wife)? How to use it exactly and which period is the best.Jazaka Alah for help.Allah Hafiz

    • Leyla, all your questions have already been answered in the comments on this post. Please read them.

      Wael Editor

  57. Salam

    Searching internet i found this .May be helpful

  58. Assalaamualaikum Wael , As i have already asked my question pls answer it as I am waiting for your answer now my 9th month is just started and I am in need of your advice or reply as i am having Bibi Maryam ka Phool with me pls read my previous comment Thank you.

  59. On the date of delievery.. Put this maryum phool in water+ milk pot. Ease in delievery as the phool expand

  60. salam, i'm planning on use the maryam phool very soon. u put it in water and drink it before labor. it eases pain in delivery.

  61. asalam walikum no one give the exact method to use nabi boti i m confused sum1 said boil in water and use in night sum says grind it and hav with milk early in the morning sum say use both husband and wife sum only use wives please pleaseeee give brief and one method when it use?who can have it with drink ur water and how and in which days pleaseee anwer authentic

  62. Salam please if someone can post the picture of nabi booti as the picture uploaded is of Maryam Phool,I recently went for umra I was given some leaves by the street vendor she said to warm the milk and have those leaves with it at night after ure period ends she didn't tell me to grind them or anything I seriously want to know the correct method any clue ,, I would really appreciate if someone could give me info..thanks

  63. AOA, can maryam ka phool be reused? We only have 1 flower and 2 sister ( 1 month apart) for delivery. Thanks

  64. Salaam sis, yes you can reuse the maryam phool, the flower will go back to its original form once it has dried, and can be used again and again.... from what i understand....

  65. Can sum1 tell me if we can order online nabi ki booti....

  66. I brought a Marayam Phul for my a friend. He is living with out a child since long 12 years and he and his wife requested me to perform Doa for him may Allah present a baby for them. I performed Doa at Towaf time also I brought a Marayiam Phul but I don't know how it will be used. If you have any method of uses for our required reason please reply as soon as possible.
    Md. Sorwar Hossain

  67. Aoa i need Nabi booti ,but we live in korea . How many countries Nabi booti available? Is it available in Pakistan?plzzzzzzzz tell me i am waiting for ur response.JazakAllah

  68. can u plzzzzzzzz send me this Nabi booti?
    i will send u money , but send me the detail.plzzzzzzz

  69. salaam can anyone tell me the correct method of nabi ki booti for conceiving please tell me how to and when to take it i provided my mail id i have to take it on friday

    if you could send me details on it

  70. aoa plzzzzzzzzzzz tell any body can help me?
    nabi booti ?

    • Salaams sister Noor,

      I see you continue to ask us for help with your medical problems or how to obtain nabi booti, but we are not experts or doctors. None of us have probably even ever seen a nabi booti plant. You have already been advised to seek medical advice from a local doctor, so just please be advised that any further inquiries from you about this issue are very likely to be ignored and may eventually be deleted if they become excessive.

      -Amy Editor

      • Sister Amy, Salaams,

        Nabi booti exist,I bought it from Medina in 2010 for a sister in our family who is childless,but her father dismissed it as a old wives tales, so I gave it to a non-muslim lady who was childless for a long time & she was told how to take it (one has to take it with goat-milk) .She conceived a healthy baby boy,Alhamdulla, through IVF soon after in the first attempt.

        Note: There are many alternate cures & medicines which work & are used traditionally by millions of people across the globe, although there is no scientific research done on these medicines & cures.

  71. Assalam o Alaikum ii got married 4years back but still try to convice many ppl told me too use nabi boti please guide me exact way of use thos boti and exact day mean from which day onward have too use from periods thx

  72. I have azoospermia (zero sperm in the semen). I had a testicular biopsy done and the Dr. did not find any sperm. My doctor said no sperm is produced in my testicles. Is there any dua or herb I can use to have a biological child?

    • Brother Sharif, I encourage you to consider adoption as an alternative. Many Muslim countries have large numbers of orphans due to war or other causes. They need loving families, and it's a blessed deed in Islam to care for an orphan.

      Wael Editor

      • Generally ppl give such advices brother but no1 knows how to go about it.That is a very good advice though and my husband and i would like to support at least 1 child who was orphaned because of war, it wud b better if u could also give us some input regarding the legal process of such adoptions. We r a very loving, religious, financially well to do and educated couple. We already have 2 children of our own. I would b obliged if u could help us at least understand the procedure better or provide us some information of the source through which we could b directed.
        Jazak Allah khair.

    • i am too suffering from this azosperma problem.The case isalmost same .It is requested to all human being plz help us and pray for us if any one have any suggestion or cure plz tell freely...

  73. May anybody please help me with getting "bibi Maryam ke Phool" because I am pregnant and heard it will help me have a quick labour. Kindly respond to my comment if you know how. I am based in Africa and am willing to travel to get it. My last labour was 3 days and I dont want to go through that again.

    Thank you.

    • Tina. My mom has this flower or herb and she got it from my grandma. Now it sounds quite interesting how some ppl think it works. I have seen my mother put it in a bowl full of water just when any of us (me or my sis) went into labour. This flower has a wooden texture and looks like balled up network of twigs ( as u c in the pic above) but expands gradually. The time taken by the same herb or flower varies. Sometimes it expands instantly while at times it takes several hours or even a day. Its quite mysterious in that sense, however i dont think it worked on me or my sis either. The flower bloomed in the water in 3 hours while it took me over 10 hours in labour and it bloomed instantly in the water at the time of my second child but the dialation was slow so after 6 hours, i finally begged my doctor to medically induce the labour. My sister spent nearly over 2 days in labour. All that inspite of this flower. Dont want to hurt any1 here but im sorry, i dont think it works.

  74. plzzz tell aik hi nabi boti ko bar bar use kar sakty hain ya her bar new nabi boti lena hogi

  75. DEAR SIR


  76. Asalaamu alaykum,

    I've done a bit of research on the Flower of Maryam, which does indeed go by many different names. As far as I can tell, studies have yet to be performed regarding the efficacy of the plant in labor, though I did find one article that references its usefulness for preventing uterine hemorrhage. As an herbalist, I tend to look to the traditional uses of the plant and suspect that there's good reason as to why it's used, though would love to see empirical studies--or a really good ethnographic review--to confirm this.

    My article is here:

    In the mean time, issues of fertility are well-addressed by making adjustments to one's diet (eliminating processed foods, refined sugars, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables), and many other very practical first steps. There are wonderful herbs to use for fertility, but nothing beats what Hippocrates had to say about it, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

    For an improved labor experience, education, support (a doula, for example), relaxation techniques, warm water, and a supportive, friendly team are great. Good luck to readers who are pregnant, and those seeking a pregnancy!


  77. I'm married for 9 years,my husband and I don't have child,but my husband has kids with his previous marriage.i have pcoc and irregular period and my husband count was low.i tried nabbi botti for once but my problem was i had my period on 21st day. Nov 1 my 1st day of my period and then Nov 6 i start taking nabbi botti and on Nov 21 i have heavy period.this is my 1st time to have early period. I'm worried about this. So anyone can tell me if that is normal? So that i can start again taking nabbi botti after this period...pls i need an advise for those who have an idea about nabbi botti..thank you...

  78. salaam

    I've used this nabi-botti...
    i got married in 2002, and after 6 mnth i went to my doc bcoz i didn't want to wait for long to conceive.
    they found my one tube was damage, and 2nd was half functioning.
    my uterus had also som issues..lots of endometiosis, and cyst etc..

    neways, we started the medical treatment, i got endometriosis removed by surgery, but the tubes they could not fix...
    docs said very poor chance for conceive...

    i took this booti, and today alhumdulillah I've 3 healthy children.

    i used this botti in 3 cycles...

    plz dong mix with maryam botti, which is round and look like root..

    nabi botti is like leaves...dry leaves...

    one has to take it with goat-milk

    read surat-fateha 7 times on it, and take 1 table spoon with goat milk every evening from 1st day of your periods start.
    Eat/swallow for 7 days...and stop eating when periods are over
    after that you should have relationship with your husband every other day for 14 days...

    if not conceived , repeat again nxt month.
    inshallah it will help


    • salam,

      Ambreen, congratulations for babies... I wanna know everybody telling different way of having nabi booti and u told different way of having nabi booti...

      did u grind nabi booti and mix with something else?????

      what else did u do??? did you take any medical treatment at the same time...

      if someone has irregular periods then what to do???

      where can I find nabi booti

      plzzzz let me know

    • Asalam O Alaikum Sister Ambreen007,

      Jazak Allah Khairun...this is so encouraging thanks for sharing such useful personal experiences with us here..I am on the same boat and more or less same fertility issues you had..I have been trying to conceive since last 8+ years..had tried all methods I came name them..IVFs, Surgeries for Endometriosis etc..but no luck yet..Recently with blessing of Allah SWT we performed Umrah Alhumdolillah and brought Nabi Booti from I want to use it...I just want to confirm if this is to be used starting first day of periods or just after periods end?
      I also want to double check this has to be used for how many days and at what time early morning as first thing in the morning or in the evening before going to bed?

      please clarify and confirm...looking forward for your reply..

      May Allah SWT bring health happiness and best children in our way especially for bros & sis like us who are trying hard to conceive for long time and many years.
      May Allah SWT bless us with success in this endeavour and grant us obedient kids both girls and boys..and make them best source of good deeds for us in this world and hereafter Ameen sum Ameen

      Please remember us in your prayers...

      Fi Aman Allah


    • Ambreen plz tell me the full procedure of using nabi boti

  79. What is the botanical name of this Nabi Booti ?

  80. Dear readers

    i am looking for mariyam booti ( maryam phool ) in Pakistan. did anyone suggest me where i can find that here in Pakistan.

    mrs Awais

  81. aoa.
    i wanna know about this boti?
    how can v use it?
    n can it surely b cause of pregnency?

  82. My mother also tell me about this mariyam boti.but dont know who i can get this boti.i am in saudia

    my mother has also told me about this herb. This is MARYAM BUTI. WHich is helpfull at the time of delivery. I must say .not any professor r boutnists can explain the reality of it. But just only aa muslim scholer r alim can tellyou. About this. Pls contact a muslim Alim.

  84. Salam................

    Please any one know about MARYAM BUTI ROOT available in U.A.E , Please send a mail to me..........


  85. Believing in a herb, thinking it has powers is shirk, to depend on a herb to help with concievong is shirk, have we become so weak we have forgot how to ask from Allah!! All you lot should be ashamed of yourselves, putting faith in a plant will not bring about pregnancy.

    Find me one sahib hadith which explicitly tells you of this plant...some ignorant people will believe example is those grave worshipping mushriks

    • Wth, that's nonsense. Of course we must always turn to Allah and ask Him for help. But it's well known that certain herbs have beneficial effects. For example turmeric is a strong antioxidant, the various mints have antibacterial properties, aloe is good for the skin, willow bark is a pain reliever, etc. All of traditional and modern pharmacological medicine is based on the medicinal properties of plants.

      Wael Editor

    • Wth,

      While I am skeptical about this plant myself, I don't think if a person uses herbs for medicinal purposes makes them a Mushrik anymore than a person who gets heart surgery in hopes to be cured makes them a mushrik. The truth is, humans, you and me and the all of the lot here use medicine to get better all the time.....

      Again, I don't know anything about this plant and wasn't able to find much, but if others did, ok.

      As for grave-worshippers, that has nothing to do with this plant.

    • Asalam o alykum, Allah made this whole universe for us humans, to get use of it, and get the knowledge of it. after thousands of years men has learned so many things about his surroundings. did you know the remedy of cancer is in a bark of a tree found in Africa. This is all because humans are born to be curious, and has the brain to think and solve mysteries. our Prophet himself use to tell people about different herbs and plants for diseases. if you think all this is shirk, then you should stop taking any pills and going to doctor. Allah will never listen to those who just sit still and pray but he love those people who struggle and pray for his health. i hope you understand the logic. secondly people do not pray graves, but they remember and show respect their dead who once was alive like them. and pray for their souls.

  86. Asalam o alykum, recently someone brought me nabi Booti from Madina(Saudi Arabia) now i am searching on net about the herb, but i could not find any picture of it. I am little confused now if i am going to take it or not. the herb has round shape leaves, with some seeds and flower i guess. they are all dry. unluckily i have grind it all. i should have taken its picture. Kindly send me the picture if you have it.
    A friend of mine told me about this herb, she said her mother took it years back, in result she was born. she said it is very genuine and true that a woman can conceive with it. if she takes it for 3 months.
    I hope and pray for all of us who are desperate to have a child. and experience the happiness of children in their lives.God help us all. Ameen

  87. salaam
    i am new to the site. i brought nabi boti and maryam phool from saudia this year. i dont know the exact method how to use nabi boti to concieve. kindly any one with the most authentic and tried method share it . i desperately
    need the duas of all my muslim bro n sis that i have a baby of my own ..i have been married for 5 yrs Alhamdolillah ..but still have not concieved..i know ALLAH tests whom HE loves...
    i live in canada ..i am ready for adopting a child..can any one guide me how can i adopt a child from a muslim country..please reply need guidance

  88. Asak.. I have been recently diagnosed with infertility.. Please can anyone tell me if this nabi booti available in india(delhi).. Please also mention specific Duas which can help me to conceive soon.. I am shattered n depressed.

    I will pray for all those who are trying for children.. Allah hum sab ki mushkilat door farmaye aur hum sab ko nek swaleh aulad se nawazay.. Ameen

  89. hi everybody : MARYAM Booty is "Silybum marianum" which is used to treat Typhoid , Jaundice and liver diseases and available with different brand names of elopathic medicine. Silybum marianum has other common names include cardus marianus, milk thistle, blessed milk thistle, Marian thistle, Mary thistle, Saint Mary's thistle, Mediterranean milk thistle, variegated thistle and Scotch thistle.

  90. please send me using for nabi booti...

    [Editor's note: I have deleted your contact details. We do not allow the exchange of personal contact details on this website.]

  91. How to use bibi ka panja ?

  92. Asalaamo Alikum
    I bought nabi ki booti from saudi arabia, but i dont know the exact method of how to use it. I also want to know how to use it properly. I have pcos and trying to conceive. If anyone used nabi ki booti pls reply how to take it and for how many days.

  93. please can some one tell me how to take nabi boti

  94. Dear Admin,

    This is to request to you that kindly tell us that how to use "Nabi Ki Boti" for childless Men & Women?
    You are requested to please tell us the complete detail about this.
    Waiting for positive reply.

    Best Regards

    Mrs. Kamran

    • Assalaamualaikam

      Please read the answers already given. If you wish further advice, please submit a new post for publication, rather than commenting on an existing post.

      Midnightmoon editor

  95. Asalaam Alaikum...

    I am syed from India. I got married 2 years before still my wife not get pregnancy. Both took all test but it showing as everything is fine. Finally did IUI but no positive result. Everyday me and my wife worried for child. We require Nabi Booti. Please help me anyone from Uhad (Madina) and send to me. May allah praise a child to whoever don't have child.


  96. As Salamualaikum, I live in madinah munnawarah and as far as I know this Maryam booti or Maryam ka panja is used as a labor aid. This herb is put in water and is kept close by he women in labor, this actually works as the dry plant becomes wet it releases some fumes which helps in labor it is also scientifically proven. There is a story behind the plant ,when bibi Maryam was in labor she held this plant very tightly as she was in extreme pain and all alone in bait al-laham. As she held this tightly on of its flower broke and fell into the water and as time passed she felt very much ease in her pain and gave e birth to hazrat Isa. It's biological name is anastatica hierochuntica. If any one is using anything you will have to believe that this is going to work with the grace of all mighty Allah, only then things go right in life. Everything in life is only because of Allah we can do nothing without Allah help.

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