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Strange sexual arousal at night

dreams dreamtAssalamu alaikum

I am going through a problem that is, when i sleep i feel like having sexual intercourse on that particular organ. I don't know why, it happened 2/3 times with me. And another thing is i always wake up around 3am and feel like someone is in my room. I haven't seen anything yet.

If anyone knows anything about this, please do help me.

- Rupkotha

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  1. Ws. You are most likely experiencing interference with a lover jinn. This could be a jinn who is in love with you hence the prescence you feel in your room. Seek help from someone reliable ia.

    • What is the authenticity that jin wants to mingle with human..has Allah provided jin to behave like humans.please share hadees

      • There is no hadith that I am aware of but based on personal experiences and the experiences of others that have had encounter with jinn I am able to share some knowledge.

        • Jins are special creatures and they don't mingle with people as they wish. ...Jins are made for special purpose and they do only that ....all these ghost getting inside people...people behaving weired etc are pysocologically and health issues

    • STUPID..!!

    • Jinn? Really? Do you believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus too?

      • I believe in the existence of the jinn as there is an entire surah revealed in the Quran regarding them. Therefore to reject their existence is to reject the Quran which renders one out of the fold of Islam. Do you accept the Quran in its entirety or do you reject that which you don't understand?

        • I accept quran but reject uneducated people's interpretation of it. I never rejected the existence of Jinn, just laughed at your explanation of attributing a normal physiological phenomenon to Jinn. Again, this is what lack to educate leads to, more ignorance. Seems you have trouble with both reading and comprehension as well. Please show me where I have rejected the existence of Jinn and why would you even ask me this question?

      • Best advice: its probably the hormone monster from Big Mouth so just indulge in some self satisfaction (read masturbation) in bed before going to sleep. You'll release some tension and stress of the day and have a better night sleep.
        OR if you are really concerned set up a hidden night vision camera watching your bed at night when your sleeping to catch the culprit in the act.

        Good luck.

  2. W'salam,

    I hope and pray that your problem is solved. Amen. This is nothing but your mind playing tricks on you. In Psychological terms, it is some kind of fear which is actually representing itself like this. See some psychologist or psychiatrist to find out what is actually happening. People (Christians) get wounds on their hands, feet, and forehead just by having belief that Christ (p.b.u.h) had got such wounds after crucifixion. This is the power of our unconscious/subconscious mind that it can even create physical effects.

    Similarly, it could be due to some Para-psychological phenomenon or some effects of witchcraft/sorcery/black magic. If naturally or supernaturally specific parts of the brain are stimulated, we would feel its effects on body and vice versa. Please read this, for more information.

    Pray to God to keep you safe from sorcery and Satan's whispers. Amen. Muslims are fortunate to believe in One God because these entire evil phenomenons (sorcery/witchcraft/black magic, etc) are the result of polytheism.

  3. Are you sure nobody is mixing sleeping pills in your dinner and when you fall sleep having sexual intercourse with you ??

    Please check this out in the night and be awake for that time .

    If this is not the case then please take help of some doctor .

  4. Are you male?
    If so, this is medically a NORMAL thing. Everyone has this. Those who don't are not normal.

  5. Your problem depends on multiple scenario
    Your age
    Time of sleep
    Your mental strength
    Also it could be Allah waking you up at thajud time asking you to pray at least 2 rakat thajud ask forgiveness tel him your needs so he will full fill it

    May Allah protect us all

  6. short learn your faith corre you PRAY 5 TIMES A DAY on Quran DAILY and be in wudu at all times...Read manzil...You can listen to it but prefer to read it and blow into water and then Drink..just you tube it....also never fear..shaitans cannot harm you...fear Allah

  7. Asalamu alaykom,
    I have experienced this as well. I’ve talked to raqis and they told me it was jinn al ashiq. Do u have perverse sexual dreams as well that are out of character? If u do believe it is because of a jinn, My first suggestion is READ surah al bakarah every 3 days out loud in your bedroom. Then u can spittle into a water bottle and sprinkle that ruqyah water around your bed and house. Go to sleep in wudu and recite all your adkar before bed. Make dua to Allah to relieve you of this situation. Make sure to say bismillah before undressing and say dua before entering bathroom. Insha’Allah u will find some relief but it takes time. Also fasting can help as well. Become closer to Allah. Sometimes we go through trials so we can call on Allah for help and become closer.

    • Stop listening to these stupid uneducated mullahs. Night erection and arousal is normal.
      These stupid uneducated mullahs are the reason that there is no real Islam left.

      • Or you could just be super stupid and ignorant yourself? Wats ur def of real Islam anyways? This I'd love to hear.

        • Ebrahim, I am a medical doctor and highly educated. The "problem" the original poster described is normal, not some Jin. Both males and females have this arousal at night. Mullahs are uneducated in sciences, therefore they resort to these absurdities. Knowing Quran or Hadith does not make one an educated person nor can he understand. In the past as well as in the present, mainly in the uneducated Muslim world, any psychological diseases were and are attributed to , "A person being taken over by a Jin". We call it Schizophrenia which, many forms of it can be treated medically. Unfortunately most people in the Muslim world are not educated or not educated enough and get their "education" from these Mullahs who too are uneducated, most haven't finished high school. Whatever their uneducated brains interpret, that is what they say to others and others start to believe this nonsense. Why in the west people don't talk about Jins? Why only in the east?

          A person who does poorly in school, their parents take him out of school and make him memorize the quran so at least he can become a mullah and able to feed himself. These are the mullahs that others look to for guidance. The person who failed in other subjects. Do you know of any educated mullah in any mosque in the Muslim world?

          No need to go to a mullah when in this day and age, the age of information, every single person all all of human race's knowledge at his/her fingertips.

          • I respect your formal education. You know the physical body as an MD. You no doubt know all the ailments that affect the physical body. But inside the physical body lives the soul/spirit. The soul sees the spiritual world, the body the physical world. Just because we don't see the jinn with our physical eyes (1st sight) does not mean they do not exist. Those gifted with spiritual sight (2nd sight) are able to see them. They exist in a parallel world to ours (spiritual not physical) and they encounter us and we encounter them as well. They are gifted with abilities and capabilities not given to mankind. The word jinn means one who is hidden or concealed. As an MD, you would try to treat this condition from a medical standpoint (being oblivious to the spiritual aspect). But I can guarantee you you've encountered patients with abnormal unexplainable symptoms. This is the world of the spirit. Now obviously not all diseases are spiritual but many of them have causality. Not everything is mystical/spiritual but some things are. There is medical arousal to which you insist is the case but there is also jinn induced arousal where one jinn (or a few) might have fallen in love with the patient. Remember the patient by his own admission is feeling a presence in his room. So to my understanding that rules out medical arousal which is a natural human function.

        • I agree with brother CR IT can be psychological problems and can not deney but ad a muslims we can not deney jinns as say above brother Ebrahim jinn can do every thing ALLAH gave them strong power and one SURAH in QURAN ,some muslims quite deny the exist of jinn and some muslims accept the exist of jinns but deney their powers ,some people deney black magic but do i was suffered ,someone did black magic on me i was ill it is very long story but i want not mention here.Some mullas are uneducated but not all similarly some doctors are expert in their profession but some doctors are not they are also educated they are not equall .I know such a doctors they are not good in tjeir sometimes it is mental problem but sometimes it is not. jinns are divid in two groups .We say jinnat which are good and do not harm people but some harm people we say them evil jinnaat. Brother CR ,in which ciuntry you belong if you belong such a country i belong ,i tell you such a great and educated mullas who've degree but i do not know abroad mullahs i know some are uneducated but not same.If you speak urdu i can share links with you you can listen speeches about jinns iyou can connect with them and ask them about jinns and can take verification from them i believe they will improve and satisfy you giving by refrence from AHADEES .

  8. Ebrahim, The only thing I can say after reading your last/above statement is , "Oh boy".
    By the way, those unexplainable symptoms, it means that we have not found a cure for it. We don't simply attribute that which we don't understand to Jinns, otherwise we would take the easy way out and attribute everything to Jinns and the spiritual world and be done with it. No need for any medical and scientific advancements. Feeling a presence is also normal, and it does NOT rule out physiology or normal function. It also is not attributable to "Jinn".

    • You seem very impressed by Western Science. What do you know about the history of Science?

      • Not getting into this discussion with you any further. Feel free to go to Jinn specialists. And what does "history of science" have to do with your ignorance? And what is "Western Science"?

        • CR , i am a medical doctor too and just like did not believe in all these possessions until i saw them myself. I will agree though that psychology is involved in it too.Anyways i just wanted to reply on when you said "why doesnt west talk about jinns" , you can google "Anneliese Michel " ,internet is full of her famous case with all the details . Annabelle , Conjuring , and all the horrorr movies are produced and endorsed by west . They have musesums dedicated to these activites. West just uses fancy words for these things anything away from normal is "paranormal" for them . Raqis in the west are called delievernce ministers. Few Universities in USA have deparments of Paranaormal sciences and studies like university of virginia.So many documentries on paranormal activities .Can we imagine such departments in universities of Asian/middle eastern countries.Its easy to bash our mullahs because there is no doubt they dont get the western education and nor do we find many of them coping with modern ways of communication.
          We had a seminar in our medical college few years back with the title "Black magic versus illness" and there were real life stories how doctors started looking into this world and started treating and empowering patients spiritually too which is through prayer and Quran.

  9. If you read Ayanle khursiy of bekera chapter you deffnetly gets protection from this jine who use our home as a shelter? Insha Allah try it!

  10. Read Ayanle khurskhursiy of Siraj bekera (ayah255)

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