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Struggling to stop masturbation (CLOSED)

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This is a little embarrassing but I have to get rid of this problem. I've haven't done this in a while but now that I saw movies that were you know a bit about romance I couldn't control myself I've seen a lot of videos that help me stay motivated about how to stop masturbation and what it does to you and how it feels but please I need your advice.

I used to watch videos that were not suitable for me, but Alhamdulillah I've stopped but this problem, I can't stop..... so please help me.


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  1. hello dear brother,

    i have the exact same problem, and you know we men can't help it (you have not specified your gender). i have financial problems and im still a student, i can't get married at this stage. if you can get married, do that because that's what lacking in your life, love and sharing emotions that is.

    i have some what controlled my problem by

    1) making use of spare or free time by engaging in seeking knowledge, so some thing by which you utilise your free time in a useful manner, read books and gain more knowledge. plan your future and think what you should do in your spare time to help something for your future. become busy and hardworking, it will slow diminish inshallah

    2) think about love as being more emotional then sexual

  2. Have you tried to look for a husband?

  3. Just do your best getting closer to Allah. And bit by bit your nafs will no longer want it. Stop watching stuff you know that will excite you. I would say pretty much every movie nowadays and nearly all of TV leads to the haraam act. Stop or atleast cut down the exposure of TV and sexual reading material And also lower your gaze.

    You know ehat the triggers are ... so prevent them from happening.

    And like I said before ... Get closer to Allah.

    How? Simple ... Read atleast a page of Quran daily ... if out of anything you do just do this ... even if you do the haraam act dont stop reading quran Daily It will soften your heart.

    Remember we all sin, its how we react to the sin is what makes a difference. Repent with sincere belief you wont do it again and if you sin again then repeat the cycle. Keep doig this sincerely and I can gaurantee your nafs will longer yearn this haraam act. This cycle of repentance is what makes us great Muslims ... we yearn for Allahs forgiveness.

    May Allah make it easy for you and forgive me if I have said anything wrong.

  4. There are lots of answers and advice on this topic , just search the archives (trying to help the editors so they dont have to type this)

  5. As demise said, we have published MANY posts on this subject. Please search the archives.

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