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Sinful Past

My partner knows of my past, but I told him they were rumours and because I’ve lied to him he’s starting to doubt me.

My sister may have lost her virginity

Is she still considered a virgin?Would she obliged to tell the guy she will end up marrying that she is not?

My sins are making me depressed

I really need to write and let my problems out and I hope you guys don’t judge me. Please don’t judge me.

My friend says he was intimate with my girlfriend…

She was my friend’s girlfriend. They broke up completely when I met… When I asked my girl she said she has not done sex with him. Now I don’t want to leave her. What I will do?

Will I be forgiven by my husband for the sin of intimacy with my lover before marriage?

If this marriage is stopped… then my parents can’t bear that shame. I sacrificed my love for the sake of my parents reputation and happiness. I dont want that to go in vain.

Am I worthy of wearing the Hijab?

My ex lover said to me “You’re a kaffir. You don’t deserve to wear the hijab. You’re filthy trash…”

I want to restore my family’s honor… But should I tell him about my past?

He knows I am divorced that’s all. I am very fearful of telling him that I was married to a white man. I feel my past will never leave me alone.

I lied to conceal my sin

My potential spouse asked me very specific questions about my past, I tried concealing and misleading words but at one point I lied because I needed to conceal my sins.

I lied to him about my past and I’m scared

We are soon to be married in shaa Allah… I can’t start a life with lies… I don’t know what to do. I’ve put myself into a cyclone of a mess and I can’t seem to get myself out.

Getting married after childhood abuse

Is it something I should tell him before marriage or wait till we’re married? My fear with telling him after a nikkah is that he would feel that I wasn’t completely upfront with him.