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Dear everyone, Assalamoalaikum,

I will try my best to keep my situation as short as possible. I am muslim man 27 years old and living in London for more than 6 years. I came as a student and applied asylum for some reason.

I am not allowed to work as an asylum seeker but I have been working since I came in this country. Well. I wanted to marry in UK because I can't go back to my country and my mother always told me that whoever you wana marry should be muslim.

I tried to ask one of my relatives thorough my grandfather but they refused to let me marry with their daughter. Finally I found a girl on She is from Russia and muslim too. She was living in her parents house and she was divorced 3 times before. She told me everything on Skype call about her life. She is a hijabi girl 1 year younger than me.

When I started to talk her in 2013 that time I had  some money. But I had to support my self because I never claimed any support from Asylum Support Team. But that I was talking she had no money to travel to UK. I told her I will support you if you are happy to marry. I never sent money to any other girls who I met online. She was the only one that I sent via Western Union first time to make her passport. She refused me first time by saying that she is not sure.

(Remainder of post is missing - Editor).

- Hamza19US

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  1. As-salamu alaykum brother. You didn't complete your post, so we did not hear the end of the story, but I know where this is going.

    Unfortunately, this is a common Russian scam. The girls pretend to be Muslim, say all the right things, and take their time building trust. When you want them to come meet you, they say that they don't have the money. They're very clever. They don't ask for money outright. They wait for you to suggest it. Once you send the money, you never hear from them again.

    Don't worry, you are not alone. I fell for this scam myself about four years ago. Exactly like you, it was a Russian woman I met on She said her name was Amina; she was so sweet and kind. She complimented me and my daughter, said that she looked forward to meeting my daughter, etc. She was perfect. Then all of a sudden she said that she had lost her job, and could not afford her mother's medication. She didn't ask for money, but I was suspicious. I searched her email address on Google and found it on a list of known Russian scammers.

    I was very, very disappointed. I know it sounds ridiculous, but that scammer was nicer and sweeter with me than any real woman I ever knew. Maybe that should have been a warning sign, ha ha.

    Anyway I'm sorry for your experience. It's never good to have your heart messed with like that. I believe there is a special place in Hell for these scammers who prey on people's need for love. Allah will hold them to account in the end.

    As for you, give it time and your heart will heal, and eventually you will be able to trust again. I suggest next time going for someone you know in person.

    Wael Editor

    • Not to stereo type people. Moroccan men and women are big time scammers too. Unfortunately, they are Muslims. And their whole family members partake in it.

  2. That's crazy, pls be careful who you meet online and trust. I've been been there before too. It's like you think you know them, but they turn out to be the complete opposite and your mind refuses to believe what you already know deep inside. By the way your post got cut off

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