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Assalamu alaikum

Last night I had a dream where a class mate (I am 16) had come over with his family to ask for my hand in marriage...

and exactly a week before I had the same dream except the family of a family friend came over asking for my hand in marriage.

I am very confused, can someone help me out :$ do these dreams mean anything?

jazak allahu kheir


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  1. Wa 'alaikumus-salaam warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh dear sister,

    It seems like your dreams have something to do with your previous thoughts. If not, then it may also be a trap by shaitaan to make you be in a haram relationship while in school--may Allah forbid that to happen. However, if it's a good dream, Allah will grant you the good from it in a halal way at the right time. If you find yourself leaning towards a haram relationship, then know that one of the dreams or both might be from shaitaan. May Allah guide you to what is best in dunya and akhirah, and protect you from the the tricks of shaitaan. Perhaps, you may want to see one example about how shaitaan deceives people gradually till they fall into his trap completely in the end. Please follow the link below:

    • Assalamu alaikum .
      I had a dream that i got a proposal from a family friend. (i knew him) this was my 1st dream.
      2nd dream - I was talking to his brother about his daughter,
      3rd dream - His mother gave me an earring which i actually didn't liked it but i said its pretty

      After my 1st dream i.e. me and my family were going to meet a family for marraige. (Its past it didn't worked out)
      So what all this mean.

      my all dreams had a gap of 2 -3 months

      This all started from 2016 end.

      So what all this mean. Guide me Thank you.

  2. In my opinion these dreams mean you think 24 hr a day about love, sex, marriage. You wish you were married to different guys, your schoolmate, family friends may be neighbors too. You should be focusiing on your studies and leave this marriage buisness to your parents.

    • How dare you presume someone is thinking about these things. It's people like you that give Islam a bad name and drag women down. Dreams have many interpretations and aren't necessarily what are on someone minds. Have some respect for yourself, others and especially your religion. I pray for people like you that Allah (SWT) guides you in the right path.

      • It's fine to disagree with SVS and challenge his viewpoint. But there's no need to go so far and say he is giving Islam a bad name. Let's be moderate in our disagreements.

        Wael Editor

  3. Asalamu alaukum,
    Their is no clear cut to dreams. Some times you can see a dream regarding a specific thing but in reality it can be total opposite of what you saw.

    dreams also can be the things you think about during the day. Repetition of your thoughts.


  4. Walaikum Aslam,

    We always sees dreams about the things that remain in our sub-conscious mind or the things we think about alot. These dreams are your own thoughts or desires but please do not run after making it fulfill or do not think about it alot as it will ruin your present so just be calm and patient and believe in ALLAH and read more about Islam. INSHAA ALLAH you'll be blessed with a good partner at the right time.
    For now just focus on studies, Islam and your life.

    Stay Blessed and Happy...

  5. Walaikum Asalam,
    The dreams are just your own thoughts and desires that remain somewhere in your sub-conscious mind, don't run after making them fulfill or thinking about them as it will only ruin your present.
    Focus on your studies and believe in ALLAH... HE will grant you the right guy at the right time.
    Stay Blessed and Happy...

  6. i had dream last night that my sister marriage has been accepted by some one. Where we are talking for her marriage.
    But i have a uncle to whom we dont hv good relation he is greeting to us for marriage acceptance with wearing black coat.
    please give me answer

  7. Assalamu Alaikum.
    i wanted to get an answers about some dreams i saw recently
    This is about the boy i love. He's quiet looking forward to us for getting married.. i saw that me and my family are visiting his home (but it wasnt his real home like i saw somewhere else) that place is very big and has a big green garden.. my father and brother site outside with his father and they started talking .. Me and my mother want inside with her mother. And we start to talk.. His mother tells my mother that she has accepted my proposal for her son ,i get shocked as she says this!.and then she hugs me. And then my mother and his mother starts talking again!

    ON another day i also saw his mother asking me for water and she was sitting in my grandmothers room.

    In the start of our relationship i saw the boy i love.. that i am getting married to him.. All of his family is here in a big hall and am wearing a green dress but as i am trying to wear the dupatta its not setting..
    i really need to get the answers. kindly consider my request and do ans about these dreams
    Hiba Haroon

  8. assalamualaikum ......... i got this dream recently that one of the girl from my friend circle ......was crying in my arms and saying " she would be a good match for you to marry " ,,,,,,,,,,,suggesting some other girl for marriage proposal ,whom i didnt see .......

    can someone tell me what does this means.......?

    and i also dreamt about seeing a little girl ,glowing like an angel .....during my childhood....
    so what does this means,,,,,?

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