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Someone please help i am a 27 sunni man looking to marry a Bosnian woman or a Jordanian woman but i don't know how to find a good Muslim Sunni girl in age 18-20.

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  1. For starters, you are VERY restrictive in terms of age and ethnicity. Why are you so set on an 18-20 year old from Bosnia or Jordan? Not all women want a man 10 years older.

    Try to be more open and you may have more options.

  2. Talk to your Imam.

  3. BTW -

    I have been in masajid where an announcement would be made that a Sister or a Brother was seeking a spouse, and a bit about the Sister or Brother looking for a spouse. This seemed to work.

  4. Honestly, I know it is quite "unfair" to comment like this, muslim men have a much easier time to look for a spouse than muslim women. If you talk to the Iman in the masjid or your community, it is not hard at all to find some women are also in the age of looking for spouse. Some muslim may try muslim matching website which I do not like it, some through their moms/sisters or mom's / sister's friends.

    Also, open your social circle by helping in the masjid and involve in community services. You may start knowing a bigger circle of friends AND people get to know you as well.

    I do not understand how you come up with the age and ethnicity condition (empathetic to Bosina women??? or for their appearance? ) . How about your spouse's deen, character, educational level, etc etc.

    Explain your situation to your local Iman, I guess he is the best candidates to give you some advise.

  5. I don't know how your going to find an 18- 20 year old girl. As most women nowadays marry into their late 20's after finnishing their studies! The girl would also like a guy within her age range.

    Unless you go 'back home' where young girls are more willing to marry older guys for citizenship purposes and the prospect of a 'better quality of life' in terms of wealth.

    Or you can be more realistic in your search and be more open to other ethnicity and different age ranges.

    You could also join matrimonial sites.

    • Not all young women marry older guy only for citizen or better life for wealth!!! There are some other reason as well most young women wants to marry older guy!!

  6. Asalamualaikum,

    My mom is also looking for a good match for me but she is doing so through a muslim matchmaker so inshaAllah all will work out for the best soon. You should try to go to a muslim matchmaker, one of my friends also got married through a muslim matchmaker and she is happily married now with a child mashaAllah. So you should try to go to a muslim matchmaker. The matchmaker compares your information and then sets you up with a suitable person. Try it out, you never know you might find a good match inshaAllah


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