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I want to get back a lost proposal

Move ahead with what Allah has Destined for you

Move ahead with what Allah has Destined for you

Assalamu Alaikum.

I am a girl of 30 years old.

I need an effective duya to get married with a particular person. Our marriage was fixed about one year ago. Both of us and our family was agree with this marriage. but now things are became hard. and i have lost this proposal. i want to get back the same proposal. i want to get married with him soon. i am reading wajifa for long time. but nothing is going right. please pray for me. and tell me some effective wajifa to get married with him soon.


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  1. Slm sister u don need any wajifa. All u need is after ur daily prayers try and wake up in the middle of the night and pray even if it's two rakaats and call Allah with his beautiful names and do Allahum salli ala muhammadin wa salim as much as u can. And tell ask Allah for ur needs. And say astagfirullah as much as u can with sincere heart surely and soon Allah the All Mighty will answer ur prayers. And do another of sameka to the less privilege and small children. May Allah guide us to the straight path and forgive us amin. I wish u Allah's guidance amin

  2. And do sadaka to the less privilege people

  3. OP: but now things are became hard. and i have lost this proposal.

    You have to find a way to remove that hardness. Did you both argue and fight?

  4. Sister, a wazifa will not magically bring back a proposal.

    If a man wants to marry a woman, he will propose to her. It is as simple as that.

    He does not wish to marry you. Please move on.

    • Yes I would agree with this. If he wants to marry you he won't think twice he'll do it and chase after you. You can continue to pray or perhaps talk to him and see if there are any misunderstandings that can be resolved. If not, I guess as hard as it is move on and I pray you find someone who is a good match for you, ameen

  5. Salam. admin I have submitted questions two times but could not find any answer. and it is not in dashboard. am i submitting question in wrong way? kindly inform me if I am doing by wrong method. and I have obsereved that people who have submitted question after me are answered..

  6. Assalam alaikum,

    As Muslims, we pray to Allah swt and when we want something, we ask Allah swt to provide us. We make du'a to Allah swt for either this thing or that thing - but we can't read wazeefas to compel or order Allah swt to guarantee that we obtain something we want.

    First off, there is no such thing as wazeefa. Please understand this.

    Secondly, when we make du'a, that du'a may be fulfilled immediately, fulfilled at a later time OR rejected completely, but Allah swt, on the Day of Judgement may give you something in exchange for that.

    Also, you actually do not know if the thing you are asking for is good for you or not - put your full trust in Allah swt and acknowledge that He knows better than you. Ask Allah swt to give you what is best for you, not what you think is best.

    Lastly, Allah swt tests us in this dunya by giving us abundantly and also restricting what we have as well. Because this life is a test, and part of the test is what we are given or not given, do not get hung up on the things you do not have or have - instead, always ensure that your focus remains on Allah swt in every situation. Anything that starts to take more importance has successfully distracted you from your Creator. May Allah guide us all and bestow upon His Mercy, Ameen.

    • Salam Sister Saba and editor,

      @Saba, you always answer beautifully, patiently with good knowledge and background as a support. May Allah bless you for all the hard work that you contribute. You are blessed with the gift to console and counsel people.
      @editor, I suggest to put Sr. Saba's answer in particular to Dua / wazeefa as part of the information in Dua's search in this website. There are so many posts similar asking reciting such and such to make something happen. I don't want to see the projection of such ignorant belief with Islam as some of the muslim are really poorly informed or educated about it. Jzk.

  7. Sister, do you hear yourself and your logic: You need an effective duya to GET MARRIED with a PARTICULAR person.

    You are demanding and forcing Allah to work FOR you through reciting a dua / wajia! Does it sound like you are asking for some kind of magic potion or voodoo to bring back your proposal? There is no such thing in Islam and I am so upset that part of the muslim population spreading this kind message. What will Islam become of? You are asking for black magic!

    Please go to study the meaning of dua in this website. Find out the reason why the proposal became hard, if it is not your control, alhumduallah and admit it. The point is do your part to find out the reason and solve it if you can, pray and submit to Allah's destiny. Allah has prepared something better for you.

  8. Everything happens for a very good reason Allah makes us work harder to appreciate things in life. This wasn't meant to be for you as hard it is, Allah has chosen better for you.

    May Allah makes it easier for you.

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