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Is it okay to do Istikhara for Hajj or is that wrong?



Assalam alaikum.  My daughters are teenagers and we have not yet gone for Hajj.  I really want to take them but we just recently bought a home which needs major renovations.  The house is for the kids when they get married.

If I spend money for Hajj I will have nothing saved for marriages.  However, I really want to help my kids fulfill this obligation as I do not know if they will have husbands who will take them or even encourage them to go.  Mine has never gone and has never expressed a desire to go.

I am not comfortable having so little money after Hajj in the bank.  If something were to go wrong, we would be in serious trouble financially.  I do have a job but what if I cannot work for some reason and resave the money needed for the weddings?

I want to do Istikhara to decide if I should go or not but Hajj  is a Fard and I am not sure if it is appropriate to do Istikhara to decide on a Fard obligation.  What do you think?  Please answer soon as I want to reserve the package as soon as possible.

- Raina6927

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  1. Walaikum Salaam, You make Istikharah for when you are unsure. There's no harm making istikharah if you should send your daughters to Hajj or use your money to provide for their livelihood. Trust in Allah's guidance. Making Hajj with your daughters may open up something better for you and your daughters. You and your daughters will be fulfilling your obligation to Allah. Remember Allah invites one to Hajj, this is a blessing, make sure you have your Marham or do group Hajj you save more and there's a Marham for the group. Allah is the best of providers, He provided you a chance to make Hajj with your daughters. He will provide you with shelter and what you need to take care of your daughters. This is a wonderful time to seek Allah guidance, forgiveness, His help and protection. When your daughters marry, their husbands must provide for them, a good home is one of the requirements. This maybe your only chance to make Hajj only Allah knows. Allah says when one gets married he will provide for them. When one makes Hajj in the manner proscribe and pleasing to Allah, their past sins are forgiving, dua's and prayers are answered. May Allah bless you to make the best decision for you and your family and draw you closer to Him. Ameen

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