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My mother’s terrifying revenge.

Abusive Mother

I searched this topic but couldn't find one related to my query.
My Intro:
We are 5 family members 2 brothers 2 sisters 1 mother and father martyred.
My bro married 1 year ago and has a daughter.
Problem Background:
Unfortunately the parents of my brother's wife did some things on marriage that were unpleasant and that ultimately affected my mother's mind and now my mother is taking revenge from my brother's wife.Although she did some things too like taveez and bad wazaif and misbehaving with my mother and abusing her etc,but she did apologize for all these things multiple times but my mother is not letting go of it.
My BROTHER is policeman and when he comes home and sees the problem so he also sometimes loses temper and scolds mother.
But they both did a sorry for everything they did and are not doing it anymore.
My mother asks my brother to abuse his wife ... not treat her properly ... and restrict her and do not let her out of the house etc.She is also not allowed to meet with her parents.My mom gets jealous and thinks very very very negative now. She even says they do not treat her with love.Do not care for her. She even once said divorce her. Bro's wife was ill and my brother checked her temprature and she said why did he do that. I get ill why doesn't he do that to me.... and when we ask her that if she is okay or not ... she scolds us that it is none of our concern whether she is ok or not.
If we do care for her than it is also a problem and if we dont than it is also a problem for her.
She also left home 3 times to go somewhere unknown away from us but as she is my mother we cant let her go we brought her back.she says she cant even see wife's face. She can't bear it.and sometimes she gets crazy and breaks everything and screams and beats her self and beats us with anything she sees.we are really depressed. She just keep abusing (Bad'dua) us, saying'' I hope you involve in a bad accident ... u die... u suffer ... u rot in hell'' and etc. Even though the thing will be very teeny tiny.
She also says to me that when you will marry ... your wife will do the same so i have no hopes from you.
Yesterday i said that i will marry and keep her happy and she got upset after hearing  that, saying ''why is he gonna be happy?''
She gets upset if i get happy 🙁
She is doing very wrong and i dont know what to do.
We are not doing anything and she is still very bad to us. Abuses us . Beats us.
Even if i try to tell her you are doing wrong she starts crying and starts weeping.
My brother can't beat his wife for no reason.
She thinks very negative.if wife goes infront of mother .... she gets upset because she doesn't wanna see her face and if wife doesnt go infront of mother than mother says that she is so full with pride that she doesnt come infront of me. We dont know what to do. This happens in all cases.

I havent even done a thing but she says sons are not loyal and i have no hopes from you.i am studying.she says after my studies ... she'll separate me and not live with me.

    We all at home are becoming psychological patient.

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  1. Put her in asylum she looks mentally disturbed.. Sorry to say.. She needs medical attention or she will ruin ur life

  2. Show your mother to a psychiatrist, she has acut depression and she needs medication as well as counseling. Your brother and his wife should live in a separate house no matter how difficult is for them.

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