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How should isteqara be done?


Salaam. I am a 20 yr old muslim girl. A guy of my age asked me for marriage. He spoke to my mother and made his aunt speak to her. My mother and me did isteqara and saw good where the guy's aunt and grand mother did isteqara and saw a bad dream. The guy didnt do isteqara himself and believed them.

We are of same age. I am just few days younger to him. He made me many promises and left me now. He said he tried but his family is asking him not to marry me. I want to know:

1. Who should do the isteqara - the relatives of the girl and guy or the guy and girl themselves ?

2.What should be the age gap in islam for a boy and girl to get married?

3. Is it possible to have two different dreams for the same isteqara?

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  1. Asalaamualayum Aina,

    1. Preferably the two wishing to marry should do Istikhara. The choice is theres, so they should speak make dua directly to Allah.

    2. Islam places no restriction or limit on age difference between a married couple

    3. Istikhara is not necessarily determined by a dream.

    Please click on the following link for infomation on how to do Istikhara:

    SisterZ Editor

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