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whispers don’t let me breathe.

I can't seem to master my thoughts

I can't seem to master my thoughts

Alhamdulillah I'm a muslim girl. When I was in sixth class I started praying, Alhamdulillah. I became a very good muslim. Years passed and I continued praying, reciting Holy Quran Alahamdulillah. Everything was fine. But now all of sudden I started having bad thoughts and wrong whispers from satan. In my mind when these thoughts come me to me, I nearly think to die rather thinking them. I just don't want Allah to think it's my fault. I love Allah. He has Blessed me a lot more than what I deserve.

But now my conditions are getting worse. I don't smile or laugh because whenever I try to be happy, I think I'm doing a sinful thing and for this I will go to hell. I'm afraid of even thinking about any other person in my life. Neither can I think of my future husband, as I think by loving him I will cheat Allah  (S.W.T). I cry and ask forgiveness. I cry that I should be well, but it's getting worse. I don't know why I'm a victim of this thing. Allah always protected me. I know He loves me because if He didn't He would have left me earlier, but now I'm so bad. I think now He won't love me as I think bad about Him, but these aren't my thoughts- seriously this isn't me.

Please tell me what to do. I pray five times but still I don't want to leave prayers.  I recite Quran and still recite astagfar always but nothing happens. My exams are ahead and my condition is not letting me study. What should I do? Will I be punished for this? Will Allah not make me the way I was? Will I ever be happy and contended again??


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  1. If people could just control their thoughts and desires why would Islam require women to wear burqa and discourage mixing of sexes, especially unrelated men and women. Why do you think many countries like Suadi arabia have religious police?

    • Salaams,

      If people could just control all their thoughts at will, it wouldn't matter who was wearing a burqa or not. Their level of self control would be able to withstand every temptation.

      But in reality, self-control is something that takes a lifetime to develop, and is rarely truly mastered fully. Even in situations where there is not "stimulation" from outside sources- IE, no one ever sees something tempting visually, it can still be imagined with the mind. No one can claim to have full self control, regardless of their environment.

      Sister, I advise you to talk to a psychiatrist or counselor about the thoughts you are having in depth. There are certain mental conditions that cause obsessive thoughts- thoughts that are intrusive, unwanted, and generally don't align with your view of things. It's better to rule that out first, and then move on to ways of handling the thoughts you're having.

      -Amy Editor

  2. AsSalamu Alaikum Sister, You are normal. We all have invading thoughts that we feel ashamed of in front of Allah swt. He The Almighty knows the shame you feel just as He knows what you're thinking. Just don't act on those thoughts. You're okay!! Keep saying your salat and ask for forgiveness and do thicker when you feel your thoughts are not pure. Remember that Allah is The most Merciful!! Don't doubt His Mercy! May Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala give you patience and comfort! Ameen!

    • I agree sister, she is normal. You said it perfectly! Just as Allah swt knows our thoughts, He also feels our shame. Its something we all have to learn to overcome in life, especially while in school when there are so many changes and petty pressures happening.

      May Allah swt make this time easy for you sister Mehmal, Ameen.

  3. It happens sister.. even to me all the times. Dont worry its not your fault. Just oppose it. For example while i am praying fardh prayers whispers will come to me saying you dont have to pray sunnat raqayats just finish the fard and go home. but i will oppose it and do 2 raqayats Likewise if the whispers tells you to think bad then think good.. Thats it my sis. Cheer up.. Its nothing.

    If you are listening to musics, watching movies etcc.. stop it now and it will also help.

  4. Assalaamualaikum Mehmal,
    Start Ruqyah immediately, look up the details on google. U must do the authentic Ruqyah that is reciting or listening to Quran with the intention of curing yourself from Sihr (magic), Nazar (evil eye) or any disease. All deeds are rewarded according to intention, so please make this intention of being cured. This waswas could be from Shaitaan who wants you to kill yourself and be punished eternally.
    People think that suicide will be end the of all pain. But thats wrong. Let me illustrate, U jump off a bridge into water, U can't breath, the water gets to your lungs, it burns, U try to take a gulp of air you swallow more water, it hurts, you are thinking soon this pain will stop once your soul leaves your body and it does.. Painfully.. (U can look up how painful it is even for the believers when their soul leaves their body.)
    So you think you are dead and its over. But NO, Allah raise you again and you experience the pain of dying again.. This goes on till the Day of Judgement and therefore pay heed dear sister, Drop the idea of suicide because it won't stop your pain it will make it worst.
    May Allah guide all of us and make it easy to follow his command.

  5. I know it happens i shared the same thing with my mama... Allah's greatest blessing to me is my Mama... she asked me to ignore them she made me understand and her words reduce my anxiety to a level... But still sometimes i suffer serious panic attacks and they are hard to control i don't know but i feel every single thing around me and that appears really bad to me... I recite astagfar... Just what i want is to Almighty Allah the Exalted just forgive me that would be more than enough for me... I love Him... I just want Him to cure me... that's all...

  6. This is normal.... I have been through it....I think the more religious a person is, the more the shaytan puts wrongful thoughts in his/her mind. But the only solution is to make sincere dua to Allah to avoid the whispering of the devil. Over time you will get over it. In a way you should be happy that you are a God fearing person and that's why Shaitan is trying to.intervene. continue to do what you will overcome it. In sha Allah.

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