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Are walahis valid for haram acts?

Hello, I said to my friend walahi we can commit zina if he succeeds in doing a task (halal) and since he succeeded he said we have to do zina now as breaking a walahi is a bigger sin.

I feel disgusting and I wish to not commit zina at all as I don't know what came over me when I made that suggestion but my friend is saying that if we break a walahi we will go hell but if we do zina at least we can repent? I feel physically sick about this. Please help.


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  1. Salaam, zina is a great sin even if promised to take part in it u should not. Your attitude should not be 'ill commit and then repent' because you need to be sincere in your reprntance and your intentions should be clean. DON'T DO IT, repent for the 'wallahi', don't commit another sin. Hope this helps

  2. Get away from him, cut off all contact, he is clearly interested in one thing and thats committing zina with you and will try blackmail you into doing so.

  3. DO NOT listen to him you can repent from walahi. Zina is one of the sins that doom a person to hell. All the guy wants is sex he does not care about walahi. I have never seen someone so evil or stupid to threaten hell so he can commit zina. Do not do it and tell him to fear allah and remove all contact from him and remember to pray the 5 prayers.

  4. why did you even say such a thing? i hear so many people loosely say that, like its some kind of a joke. repent and never make an oath in doing haram. also if one swears an oath to abstain from a particular sin, then he must keep to that oath and must not break it. However, if one breaks his oath, expiation (kaffara) will be binding upon him..


  5. Ha!
    Were you out of your mind, its the evil that motivated you to say such a thing,
    and he is not your friend, he is your enemy, if he were your friend he would have strictly forbidden you to take such oath. cut friendship with him, you will not go to hell, tell him that he will go to hell if not then he can go to jail in this world.
    Allah has said :Allah don't punish you for useless oaths .there is kuffara if you break oath,
    open Quran and read it.
    Cut friendship with that evil person.

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