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Bad dreams and Black Magic?

Me and my family have had black magic performed on us and we've seen stuff in our house and we hear stuff sometimes.

bad dreamEverything in our life has been quite bad to be honest and it still is.

I keep getting bad dreams like nearly getting shot and about ghosts and stuff and my friend had a dream that I was cooking myself (killing myself basically).

Yesterday in the morning i was holding a glass and it just broke into two halves in my hand :S (i dont know if this is relevant or not)

Could Someone PLEASE tell me what these dreams mean?

Thank you.

- ibt_x

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  1. 'ibt_z' Asalaamualaykum,

    We are not qualified here to answer dreams. More than focussing on having your dreams interpreted though, you should focus on getting rid of whatever it is that you and your family are hearing and seeing in your home.

    I can't say whether the reason behind your family seeing and hearing things is due to black magic, many times people lack knowledge and understanding and they end up blaming problems on black magic. So I advise you to seek advice from reliable sources only. Abu Ameenah Bilal Phillips has done some extensive research in to this topic, you will be able to find talks by him on You tube and also some books.

    In the meantime, I would advise you and your family to pray your Salaah with humility, recite the last three Surahs of the Quran and also Ayatul Qursi. Recite Surah Al Baqarah in your home everyday, or atleast play an audio of it. Ensure you all maintain personal cleanliness and cleanliness of your home.

    Also, please be careful not to use black magic as an excuse for problems that have been going on in your home and family. More than often, you will find that there are simple reasons and solutions to your other problems.

    SisterZ Editor

  2. Salams,

    First of all I wonder if you are on any pills. Are you taking any medications which result in hallucination?
    If not, my advise would be for you to go and visit a really good psychologist.

  3. Are you on any medications? Are you under a lot of stress? Do you go out a lot? I would look into these questions first. However if you still believe it is black magic I would simply say start praying and asking Allah to protect you from the effects of black magic.

    I would urge that the commonly held opinion regarding black magic circulating in south asian communities are not entirely true, black magic is very well disguised practice, it is very very common and people really think they are going to benefit from it - and they do, yes they do but remember it is only because Allah wants it. Read about Harut and Marut in Quran and how they taught people black magic but at the same time warned that this is only a test.

    A big part of black magic today is related to widely popular jewish kabbalah, this knowledge used to be very sacred and well hidden, today it is more common then popcorn, there are websites devoted which go into minute details on how to practice them and gain benefit from it, my sincere advice is to stay away from this stuff, do not go near it, once people get hooked on to it they can't leave it.

    If I am not wrong, black magic appears as the third and fourth number on the list of great sins, this makes sense, black magic involves invoking dieties other than Allah - jinns, demons which Allah has created. This is equivalent to shirk and total disbelief in Allah supremacy.

    • Salaams Glacier,

      Thanks for your warning against black magic Alhumdulillah.

      I just wanted to clarify something about the origins of black magic. Harut and Marut did not teach magic to the people, in fact they did not even have knowledge of magic. This is commonly held view but it is a false one. The Quran tells us that Harut and Marut were two Angels, remember Angels have no free will, so they never disobey Allah. These two Angels were sent to Babylon as a trial and as warners. They were sent as a trial because they informed the people that at such and such a place, time, day, the shayateen would be teaching magic. BUT they also strictly warned the people against learning it as it would bring them no benefit and no (good) share in the hereafter.

      SisterZ Editor

      • Thanks for the clarification SisterZ. Yes I am aware Harut and Marut did not have any knowledge of black magic, they were just following Allah's commands. I am not sure that they actually told people regarding the shayateen, I just went over the ayat from Quran and my understanding is that they themselves taught it and warned the people at the same time, I am reading the translation on the following link :

        Unless there is something wrong with the translation it does not mention shayateen. In anycase this issue is important because it has become so rampant today, it is one of those masked issue, people do this without even knowing it and laugh at it when the reality is mentioned.

  4. I just had a dream today I was in my village with my parents and some1 was forcing me to read something against islam like wrong verses from the quran.. but at last some 1 stopped it and saved me.. can anyone please let me know what it means.

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