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I come here to search for some advice.

Here is a little about me.

I'm a Latina divorced mother of two who lives in the US.

I've been divorced for 4 years and I don't want to be alone anymore!

The problem is...

It is hard to find anyone who wants a serious relationship here, I'm Christian  but I want to marry a Muslim man, I know some of you might disagree and ask why?

Well.. I think MOST Muslim men are more devoted and fearful of God and MOST want a marriage that last for ever. People here treat marriage as nothing and divorce easily (I didn't want to divorce but had no choice as my ex husband cheated and wanted a life with that person - he is Christian).

And yes I'm well aware that our children will have to be Muslims, and no I don't have to convert as I am Christian but I wouldn't mind praying and fasting.

Where can I met Muslim man who wants to get married?

I tried the online apps only to be disappointed as the "Muslim men" there are seeking fun only.

I don't want to date, I don't want to go through that.. What are my options then?

I'm starting to feel depressed.

I want a husband to share my life with the good and the bad, to wait for him to come home to me and spend the evening together.


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  1. OP: Well.. I think MOST Muslim men are more devoted and fearful of God and MOST want a marriage that last for ever. People here treat marriage as nothing and divorce easily (I didn't want to divorce but had no choice as my ex husband cheated and wanted a life with that person - he is Christian).............Where can I met Muslim man who wants to get married?.......I tried the online apps only to be disappointed as the "Muslim men" there are seeking fun only.

    Don't marry any one who does not have a green card or US citizenship or a wife

    • I wish you were more sensitive to this ladys question.

      Sister, do not give up and keep searching. The best thing is if you approach the local mosques in the community around you.
      You were wise to express you do not mind the kids to be muslims.
      Do you mind sharing a husband by the way? if no express that clearly too when you meet the local imam. inshaaAllah you willl find a good husband who cherish you and treat you like his queen for life time.

      For the conversion, nobody will advice you to convert just to get married. Even God will not accept that from you. You can study islam and see if it is good for you believe me it wotrh it. it worth as this life is temporary very short and what is remaining form you life is less that what has already passed..
      One day you are going to stand infront of God and he will ask you why you worshiped Jesus when he never explicitly asked anybody to worship him during his life. No where in the bible you will find him saying I am God or worship me ... to the contrary Jesus used to worship God, you should do the same.
      and if you do only worship GOD .. Then you are already a muslim, because that is what a muslim is. The one who worships the creator not the creation. Jesus told you God is ONE not 3-in-1. Rad about islam... you will see why muslims ar better followers of Jesus than the christians.

      for the Green card / citizen nonsense... do not let others tell you who to choose and who not to choose, and who are they to limit your choices. I can understand if they say be careful with scammers etc.. but to to say DONOT .. that is too much.. sso the the whole world is yours wherever you get a good man whom you can accept and who can accept you ,.. go a head and listen to no nonsense of that sort

      God bless

  2. Shalom aleichem dear sister Elizab3th,

    It's really so nice to know that you'r interested in marrying a devout Muslim man--that's a good thing, God willing.

    However, I think the best place to find most devout Muslims is at the Mosque. Therefore, I'd advise you to find a local Sunni mosque and then speak to the Imam (leader) there about your interest, and ask him whether he could make an announcement after prayers for any brothers interested in marriage to see him?

    Also, as you have seen through the online apps that the Muslim men there are only seeking for fun, this could also be true for some Muslim men you might come across in person. However, one of the best ways to know who is a real devout Muslim is exactly what you are doing. No dating. Therefore, please keep up with this way and be more assertive. Do not compromise in this regard for whatever reason--in fact, a true devout Muslim man will surely love that way about you and respect you very much, God willing. If a Muslim man can't be loyal to the rules of his religion, then he definitely can't be loyal to you.

    I pray that Almighty God guides to you a wonderful pious Muslim man, and grant you a happy and blessed marital home together soon. Ameen!

  3. The true Devot muslim you will find will not Date anyone and he too will be intrested in true devote muslim girl than Christian girl ...most of these interfaith marriages we see are through haraam acts like dating and premarital relationships etc ...

    • Come on Bro! Take it easy please!

      I understand that a Devout Muslim will not date, however, I don't think it's true that all Devout Muslim men will be interested in a Devout Muslim girl than a Devout christian girl--in fact, many of these Devout Muslim men will not discriminate in such situations, but they will rather pray and leave the matter to God Almighty to choose for them.

      This sister here is many steps close to Islam already, and even if she does not revert to Islam, that's fine. Therefore please let's be careful, so that we do not discourage her through statements that are not entirely true.

      Though I can understand that, perhaps, you were trying to say that it's better for her to embrace Islam first. However, I don't think that is really necessary for now--some things may need to happen gradually.

  4. Assalamualikum!

    its an advise don't trust easily to any one
    before marry men are ...... and after marry they are totally change
    pray to Allah
    Insha'Allah you will get soon your life partner.

  5. I strongly advise you not to marry a muslim man. People have masks on and choose what suit them.

    Put your children and being a mother to your children first. Please do not be offended I know what you going through and for your own benefit marry only a Christan. Do not marry a muslim just because they are fearful or devoted not every muslim is like this TRUST me people are good at hiding things.

    There are good and bad people in this world. We are never alone god is with us. You dont need .a man to be loved you need to be strong and have faith within yourself and be happy. Its good to know you are interested in Islam but think it through and ONLY do this because YOU want to. Do not allow anyone to force you into accepting another religion. I repeat there are good and bad people in this world you have to make the right decisions for you. From all of this experience God has the power to show you whats best for you.

    • Salam I turned to Islam 3 years ago best choice of my life, I agree with you about people wearing masks. Not all are bad like you said, but still be cautious. Peace be upon you all. And Elizabeth I pray that soon InSha Allah you'll find the Muslim man you seek. Just remember that Allah has created everything in pairs, the male for the female and so on.

  6. Iam here Muslim guy

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