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I made mistakes in my prayers!

Asalam alikum,

My name is Shaikh Sohel Ahmmer , 24, from India. Alhumdulilah Allah tala has blessed me in everyway. I am so blessed and I have more then what I even desired.

However, I have found out that I was mistakenly reciting a few wrong words in my prayers.

For example, in Durud e Ibrahim, I was reading "ALLAH humma saale aala Muhammad wa aala aale Muhammad" instead of "aala aali." Also, in last dua, instead of "innaka annta," I was reciting "inna annta."

I am so sad about the mistakes I was repeating in every prayer. I don't know since when! Alhumdulilah, thanks, I got to know this.

Please suggest me what to do in this situation...I have no idea how many times I did mistakes in my prayers. I don't know what to do and I need advice .

Asalam alikum,


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  1. Walaikum Salaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
    Allah doesn't hold you accountable for what you don't know. Say Astighfir'Allah after every Salah, now you know the correct way apply it and pass on what you learned. Make voluntary prayer, dhikr and thank Allah for teaching you. Everyone makes mistakes, once the knowledge has come to you, you correct your mistake, seek forgiveness and try not to repeat it. Teaching what you learn helps. Remember Allah is Often Forgiving Most Merciful

  2. Just say sorry to Allah and for get about it. because you did not do it intentionally. Your were ignorant about it.

  3. Thanks for posting my question and thanks to the people who andwered.

  4. Brother, these are very minor mistakes and did not change the meaning of your dua in any way. Don't worry about it and just say it correctly from now on.

    Wael Editor

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