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My confidence level in myself once I wear a hijab

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Salaam and hi to all reading this.
I have been thinking of wearing a hijab for quite some time, I admit I am the kind of girl that wears a lot of short dresses and shorts most of the time. I am married and a mom. My husband is more than happy and blessed to hear me wanting to wear a hijab. But deep down I am afraid, I'm afraid my "change" would only be temporary. I'm afraid I won't be strong enough to keep this together. How do I make sure that doesn't happen?

Past few weeks, I have been changing how I dress, from shorts to long trousers and Insyaallah I have tried my best to make sure I pray when I have to. I feel happy and excited when browsing through hijab tutorials and reading here and there about other people taking this step also. I believe my husband, family and friends will be there to support me in whatever I do, I'm just uncertain of myself.

Please help


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  1. Good .Start wearing Hijab and you will feel it normal after few days .

  2. Exactly, say Bismillah and start it. Have faith in Allah, He brought you to it he will take you along..

  3. Salam.Its time to obey Allah. Dont wait .youll be waiting .....waiting and most cases it doesnt happen.WHY? foundation of Iman is so weak...Enviroment around you and who you associate with......And most of all haram foods entertainment will destroy you unknowingly.You see there is an invisible enemy by your side at all times.He doesnt want you to do GOOD.He whispers creating doubt in deen people and how you percieve the world.His aim is to take you away from the rememberance of Allah and send you to hell!!(fact)The muslims are so weak born from wedlocks and other disobedient haram acts.The teachings an exampleof prophet Muhammad are crystal clear for humanity and it is are job to teach others by being a upright muslim but we cant even help ourselves !!Let me give you some wise advice and to the readers out there.SUCCESS IN BOTH OF THE WORLDS IS ONLY IN OBEYING THE COMMANDMENTS OF ALLAH THROUGH THE TEACHINGS OF MUHAMMAD (PBUH)THOSE WHO CHOOSE A LIFE OF DESIRE FUN GAMES IN THE DIOBEDIENCE OF ALLAH WILL GET THERE HARD LIFE IN THIS WORLD!THEY WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED ALWAYS STRESSED MAD ANGRY MOODY GREEDY HORNY ETC...ALL BECAUSE ALLAHS CREATION OBEYS ALL EXCEPT FOR THE HUMANBEING HE HAS THE FREE WILL.........IT IS SAID THAT THE ANGELS CURSE THE WOMEN WHO DO NOT COVER THERE HAIR....AND DRESS MODESTLY.....BY THE WAY 5 TIMES SALAH IS NOT AN OPTION IT IS AN ORDER FROM ALLAH! We have time sister to correct our intentions renew are faith ...learn and keep learnig get involved with sisters at mosque .help the people poor weak ...give charity regularely learn auran it is a protection from shaitan approaching you Send your kids at age 5 to madressah fulltime and let them have solid foundations in deen and then persue the best education to serve humanity for the sake of Allah .You will be a very blessed parent because he or she will be the ones making dua for you when you departed from this world...

  4. Asalaam Walaikum Sister.

    Alhamdulillah its beautiful that you want to take the step and more beautiful your family is supportive. You are in a very blessed situation as there are many women whos Husbands or parents do not allow them to wear Hijab, so grab the opportunity you have with both hands.

    Don't worry too much if you wear it one day and then you take it off ... At the start it can be hard, it can sometimes take time, but have faith in Allah and keep trying to wear it asmuch as you can ... trust me one day you will wake up and think "Thats it! Your never walking out without Hijab" orrr you might say it after the first day (Insha'Allah that is yhe case - this will give you an idea of how strong or weak your imaan is)

    Make du'a and Allah will make it easy for you ... Also to note ... I promise you the love between you and your family will increase the Imaan of the Family will rise and there will be more Barakah in what you and your family do. The blessings are endless and people think its just a cloth - yet we know as Muslims its far greater than that.

    May Allah SWT guide you and your family to Jannat Ul Firdous - Ameen.

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