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What should one do if the wife has done adultury

If a wife spent her 20 years with her husband with dedication and faith. After 20 years she fall in love with another man she use to know before marriage. She wanted to make sacrifice for her 4 children but she could not continue to forget her lover. Mind it they both are true muslims and say 5 prayers and tahajjud. The husband knows everything and try to give good guidance to her, but she is so involved that she just wanted to leave evrything for him. In this situation what does the husband do when she is never with him even when she is beside him. What does quran and islam says about this relationship. I have clues which shows that they also develop illict relationships. Their point is that everything happens with God's Will and maybe he wants to do this at this time.
I will really appreciate if I get some guidance in the light of Quran and Sunnah.

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  1. forgive her..

  2. Whilst I agree with Bee's response to forgive her.... forgiveness can only happen if the wife has truly repented and stopped her affair and contact with this other man. If she is unwillingly to let go of that illicit affair, be it involving adultery or just an emotional affair... then forgiveness will not change anything.... unless you want to forgive her and then take step to end the marriage peacefully and go towards, talaaq, divorce.. .etc...

    I have been through the same thing and still with my wife... but I had to resort to contacting the lover and ultimately my wife's family in order to stop the self destruct path she had chosen... the lover was already married with 4 children... etc.

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