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Am I in love with a celebrity?

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I know this might sound a bit funny, but I think I have fallen in love with a singer. He's a famous singer that I recently found out about, and ever since I found out about him, I just can't get him off  my mind.  I read about his life and his background, now I know I shouldn't be listening to music in the first place but I just needed to try out his songs after reading about him. He's a non-muslim, drug addict, drinks and sleeps with multiple girls.

I know that this is crazy and I know its sick. I would never accept his as the way he is right now, but deep down inside judging by his words wallah I believe that he's a good guy, he just needs Allah in his life. His life is full of misery and unhappiness he just drinks and parties all day, he know's its wrong but he thinks just because he's addicted that there's no way out.

I can't stop thinking about him, I feel that me and him have something in common we have both had struggles in our lives, different ones, but real struggles. The only difference is I found Allah while he found drugs and haram life to rescue him. I honestly always pray for Allah to guide him into Islam, I feel like he can change for the better.

And the worst thing that kills me inside is when other people talk about him, he's very famous and a lot of people listen to his songs and talk about him compliment him, I hate that! I hate when the girls talk about him! It just makes me feel like they're taking away something I own, for some reason I have a strong sense of over protectiveness over him and he doesn't even know I exist!

I do try to forget about him but I can't STAND IT WHEN GIRLS TALK ABOUT HIM ON TV OR EVEN SOCIAL MEDIA it burns me! I'm trying to forget him but people keep reminding me he exists! I'm only 19, and I've never had a boyfriend or anything but this seems like its beyond a crush, and its really driving me nuts. Honestly I just wanna rescue this guy and keep him sober.

I need to know if I am truly in love with this person? If I am what should I do,  should I move on with my life and keep praying for his guidance? Please give me some advice I feel like I'm losing my sanity over him...


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  1. Dear sister, its just an infatuation and not the emotions. Be practical and try to get over him. You are too young and such things happen in such ages. So, concentrate on your studies and daily life.

  2. Shaitan/devil is whispering on your ears----
    Sorry have to run away from the feeling you have on him. You are still young, there are a lot of better chances for your future happiness-SO DO NOT PLAY WITH YOUR FUTURE .

    That is a little advice that I can do for you.

  3. you really have that much time to think about some random famous singer, who probably wouldn't give 2 flying cares about you? Not trying to be mean, but don't let satan get the better of you , instead of listening to his music listen to Islamic lectures or Islamic naats so you can fall in love with islam.

    • Thats the thing I actually have more free time than busy time, I haven't started uni yet. Its not that easy to forget him when people and even TV commercials remind you he exists. Its like I forget him some reminder keeps popping from somewhere. He's human he makes mistakes, who knows maybe one day Allah will guide him into Islam.

      • Try watching different tv channels, or better yet if its possible stop watching tv for a few months

        Try volunteering or applying for a job

        Try finding a hobby like gardening or reading

        If nothing helps , make a list of all the singers good vs bad attributes and then try detecting what is it the most about the qualities that attract you. After you may be able to laugh it off because you will realize that you yourself have those qualities or many other individuals do too and its nothing to be in awe about.

        Or maybe you can try spending more time with family and friends

  4. Sister ,

    Don't listen to music . Divert your mind to some other activities .This is a temporary crush and will go off soon ..

    Why don't you join some Islamic center as you says you have lot of free time ..

  5. My dear sister,

    It's just a crush. You have to limit your media intake my dear.

    Slow down on consuming music, tv, movies, and reading up on this fellow and just separate reality from fantasy.

    He is just a singer, nothing special. You don't know him, so you can't be jealous of anything. You can't love someone you don't know. You are just obsessed. It's not healthy Hun. It's phase, but it's not healthy at 19 years old.

    You are now an adult, this is a reminder for me as well.....we are adults, we are accountable for our actions. Spend your time wisely, do good. Get a job, volunteer, help your family at home, see if your siblings or neighbours need help. Spend your time learning and being a person of value. Go to the masjid see if you can teach anything if you are so bored and have time to obsesses.

    Keep yourself busy as the previous posters had said, don't spend your time with rubbish music and tv, and movies. It fills your head with all kinds of junk, like trying to rescue a man you don't know. Like falling in love with someone whom doesn't even exist in your world. He is not real.

  6. Dear Sister,

    In addition to the advises given above I would suggest you should fill your heart with the recitation of Quran.

    If you decide to stop listening to music or if you are slowly trying to get away from listening to music then you should fill the void left in your heart with something else. It's not possible to leave the heart empty, so fill the emptiness with the love of Allah and Quran.

    You have to replace the bad with good.

    So you have to replace the music with the recitation of the Quran.

    Try to understand the Quran and understand the translation of what verses you are listening, it will have a very beneficial impact on your heart and soul.

    I would suggest watching videos of Nouman Ali Khan on Youtube where he explains the greatness of the Quran and the verses it contains.

    Also, pray once for Allah to give Hidayath to him and then stop making dua for him. What happens is, the more you make dua for him the more your desires in your heart and your hopes get high that you will marry him one day. If you continue praying for him then you will never get him out of your heart. You will never be free from an impossible desire and you will get stuck in fantasies and ultimately destroy your life.

    Make dua to Allah that He grants you a pious and a righteous spouse.

    May Allah Grant you Peace.

  7. i havs same for Justin Bieber lol

  8. Salam sister,

    Not to be rude sister but...
    This post is a gem, made me laugh out loud. You know it's a funny crush with a stranger that will never meet, but yet shaitans are pulling at your heart so hard. Just face it, you cant marry that type of man so its useless worrying about him. Make a dua for him and move on sister. You are 19 and it's time to grow up a little and get a part time job or something to occupy your time better than fan websites for celebrities.


    • salaam, dont worry sister Allah will help you, do dua to him, trust me your not the only one, i had a crush on a celebrity and used 2 do dua to marry him (lol), now it just sounds crazy, i know it feels like you would do anything for this person, but its just a phase and with Allah's help you will get over him, whenever you find yourself thinking of him, distract your thoughts. May Allah help us all, ameen, hope this helps

    • Hello brothers and sisters. I am a muslim girl and I am deeply in love with Justin Bieber. I feel that one day I will marry him and this is not impossible because Allah can make anything possible... but I just can't get him out of my head!! Please give me advice.
      Thank you

  9. I can't give u advice but I want to share that I'm having a similar problem sister, only my love is not that famous and is a girl and she is only 2 or three years older and is a very good girl she isnt muslim that's the only problem but she is so smart she will turn to Islam easily if I could get to her, I want to marry this woman she doesn't eat meat so I think she's vegan because she loves animals like her dad, who was the real famouse one and was good too but died in a car crash he is paul walker his daughter meadow walker is the one I trueley love I cannot get her out my mind at all so I pray allah brings me to her and shows her me who I am, she has easily turned my life around I am so good now I look at God I use to smoke I don't anymore and now I just want enough money to go to her she is in USA and I am in UK wich I hate but I think I could find her and I believe she would love me I believe we could start a good family and... This is the craziest part Ive been getting dreams of her for 3 years after her dad died I didn't know her then aswell she just appeared in my dreams so I searched her name which was mentioned in my dreams a few time by my self I called her in my dreams that's how I knew her name then realised her dad was my inspiration thsi could be a sign from Allah that we are meant to be, I love her so so so much she makes me do good and that's what she stands for pray for me please and give me a dua that will get me to her inshaallah. -thank you for reading.

  10. I can understand...even my story is somewhat similar as I have a strong crush on a member from the popular K-pop boy band BTS

    • Hey, I too have a crush on a BTS guy. And, it is not he first time it's happening. I have had crush on singers and actors in the past, Fortunately, I know how to get over a crush. It doesn't work for everyone so you need to know what works best for you. For me, watchig their songs or videos in loop works. It takes me only 2-3 months to get bored and find it dumb. Believe me, it helps me get these people out of my head. I have experienced it and it does help. However, it can have an opposite effect on some people

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