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Anyone struggling with a potential marriage?

Double rainbow and road aheadAsalaam aalaikum.

I was wondering if Maria M and Jewel were still around??

If so I would like you to read an update on my post back from 2011.

I came back online in 2019 to see if there were any additional comments/replies to my original post (out of curiosity), and then updated my current circumstance.

The reason I wanted to bring my story to light is so that others who are in a similar situation can find hope or be helped.

For anyone in a troubled situation or who may be unsure of a potential marriage, I may be able to share my experience and what I did to find a fit and suitable husband for myself. It took many years, lot of work and thinking but got there in the end Alhamdulillah.

Everyone's journeys and time it takes to get there is different, so it may not take as long for others.

For anyone who's interested in what had happened please follow the link below;

My husband is only concerned about his rights

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  1. Struggling here many years....I say many years... losing hope now.

  2. Sorry to hear this.

    May Allah make it easy on you and bring out the best in your marriage Ameen.

    Sometimes if it's really bad it's probably better to leave the marriage especially if your putting up with abuse.

    What's happening in your marriage?

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