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Blackmailing with fake nudes


Hey all,

I'm 17 year old Pakistani girl. I became friends with an internet stranger a couple of years ago. He was so nice to me and all; we chatted for hours and became really good friends.

One day he confessed his feelings to me, but since my parents have already decided whom I'll be marrying, I told him no. He was so heartbroken and sad he didn't talk to me for days.

I have a lot of selfies in my Facebook and I never thought anyone would use them against me. I don't know how, but somehow he edited my pictures and turned them into nudes. They didn't look quite real, but still I am afraid of how he wants to use them against me.


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  1. What are you worried about, the photos will never look real!

    Anyway, in most countries its a crime what he is threatening to do. Just report him to the police, but before that get as much details as you can about him ie his photos, mobile number, his close friends and his family members so he is easily traceable.

    Don't worry about the fake nudes, no one will believe them.

    You need to gather the evidence and tell this guy you will report him to the police and his family/friends so everyone knows what a filthy piece of garbage he is. 99% of the time he will back off.

  2. This is a big wake up call for you. You seem very immature at 17. Your parents choose whom you’ll marry and you go and make friendship with a guy online. Glamorizing your face and body and putting it up on Facebook can not only bring attention but can harm you. About your question, report to the police, not sure how much they can help you depending on where you live.

  3. Assalaamualaykum AllahisGreat1,

    First off, I want to remind you that according to Islam, you have a choice in who you marry. You do not have to blindly go with your parents' choice. Give their choice a chance to the degree that is permissible in your parents company or in public, but remember that you have the right to say either yes or no to marrying him.

    As far as this perpetrator you are describing, remember that there is wisdom in everything that Allah allows to happen or facilitates. Things are not always as bad as they seem. In this case, I think that the biggest lesson for you is to not care what people think about you. Even if some people see these amateur photos and mock them, they most likely will not be in your location or even know you, so you will have limited damage from the situation. If it's easy for you to go the police, go to the police. If not, just let him do whatever. Your concern is with what your Creator thinks about you.

    I wish you all the best and Inshallah all of this will be ok for you. Rest easy dear.



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