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Dream Interpretation: They Had Come to My Home With a Marriage Proposal


Sallam , bro and sisters

I am 24 years old and am currently working . I have sincerely loved a close friend of mine for the past 4 years. We both have decided that I sent proposal to her house this year and preferbaly this month. I have been praying alot and I have asked Allah pak everytime for her hand in marriage.

Last night I saw a dream in which her family ( parents and siblings except her ) came to my house for my proposal . They were asking questions of all sorts especially of how much houses we own etc . I am very tensed in dream and they say that they will tell their answer in a time .

Apart from dream the girl belongs from a different caste as she is a Pashto and I am Punjabi . I want to know what does this dream mean and usually the boy's sides goes to girls side for proposal where as in this dream it is the opposite?

kindly guide me to the best of islamic dream interpretation .


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  1. You have been thinking a lot lately about marrying this girl and proposing to her, and you are worried about the "caste" difference (which is a hindu custom, not a muslim one, by the way).

    As such, your dream is a version of your thoughts. It is not a divine message from Allah trying to tell you something. Most of the time, our dreams represent whatever we are thinking about on a conscious or subconscious level.

  2. Hi , I have quetion, I searched proposal through matriomnial site. nd i got nd we met each other, after long time, and I felt he is intrested in me, and one day night i saw a dream, that he is observing me and after some time he fell down, what this dream indicates, we are from same caste but sub cast is different. Is there any chances that i can marry him. can u pls reply for my dream

    • Bhavyashri, we cannot interpret your dream. Just pray, and do what you think is best. Also, I don't know if you are Muslim, but we have no castes in Islam. I know some Muslims have a caste system, but it is wrong and un-Islamic. No one is better than anyone else except those who are righteous and conscious of God.

      Wael Editor

      • Thank u for u reply, i am not muslim, when i was searching dream interpretation, i got u r website link, and so i wanted to know wht this dream says,

  3. I had a dream of a marriage proposal from some unknown person to which I rejected

  4. Assalam alaikum
    I got a dream recently that a imam and his friends has come with a marriage proposal to my home and are really looking forward for answer ( by the way I have been getting many marriage proposal since January. Plz interpretate this one.

  5. There are three type of dreams;

    Dream from shaytaan
    True Dream
    and a dream known as (Hadith an nafs),things you keep thinking about

    It seems like since you are thinking about this person often, it falls under the third category. Allah knows best.

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